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Dan FerroAugust 23, 2004pink: from the "cooked" series
Mel AndringaAugust 24, 2004Jury Duty
Chris MartinAugust 25, 20041400R24 Club Chair
Melinda TheismanAugust 26, 2004Incident
Peter FeldsteinAugust 27, 20041165
Jeff EasleyAugust 28, 2004Cabinet with straight legs
Will HildebrandtAugust 29, 2004Palace Baths
J.R. CambellAugust 30, 2004Antonplant Kimono
Dan AttoeAugust 31, 2004Indiscriminate Love
Peter ThompsonSeptember 01, 2004Table at Connally's
Suzanne B. AunanSeptember 02, 2004Old Capitol
Matthew KluberSeptember 03, 2004Firewire Picture: Deeper Into Movies
Ina LoewenbergSeptember 04, 2004from the From Farm to Subdivision series
David DahlquistSeptember 05, 2004Arabidopsis Genomic Rug
Judith EastburnSeptember 06, 2004Levens Hall, Cumbria
Bunny McBrideSeptember 07, 2004<no title>
Sue HettmanspergerSeptember 08, 2004Chimera series
Daniel WeissSeptember 09, 2004Reader
Tom StancliffeSeptember 10, 2004Dikhotomia (work A and work B)
Jay ChestermanSeptember 11, 2004untitled color photograph
Doug SheltonSeptember 12, 2004Unlimited Possibilities
Rachel Marie-Crane WilliamsSeptember 13, 2004Wisdom and Wild Hares
Gail ChavenelleSeptember 14, 2004Con Brio
Alex BrownSeptember 15, 2004Castle
Jim ShrosbreeSeptember 16, 2004e9 (transx)
Michael GroesbeckSeptember 17, 2004Web of Life
Gillian Brown and Inga FrickSeptember 18, 2004each/other
Mary Kline-MisolSeptember 19, 2004The Lady and The Dragon
Marcia Joffe-BouskaSeptember 20, 2004Auriferous
Jill J. JensenSeptember 21, 2004Buzzin' In
Jane RobinetteSeptember 22, 2004Imagine
David KammSeptember 23, 2004Pages from a Small World
Anonymous Incarcerated WomenSeptember 24, 2004detail from Women of Strength mural
Robbie SteinbachSeptember 25, 2004Angel on the Ponte Vecchio
Emily MartinSeptember 26, 2004Slices
Marilyn AnninSeptember 27, 2004Striving for Perfection
Karen ChestermanSeptember 28, 2004Lotus
Jan Zelfer-RedmondSeptember 29, 2004Notebook VII
Jill SchriftSeptember 30, 2004Homage to Anhur II
Mark PetrickOctober 01, 2004Sidewalk Poster Display, Ram Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 1999 from the series an India -- Photographs by Mark Paul Petrick, 1998-2002
Sarah Grant-HutchinsonOctober 02, 2004Detail: Iowa State University Day Care Center installation
Vicki AdamsOctober 03, 2004Random Collection
Robert AtwellOctober 04, 2004Sat, Aug 23, 2003, 12:32PM
Terri Parish McGaffinOctober 05, 2004Chicago
Laurayne RobinetteOctober 06, 2004Waterways
John PrestonOctober 07, 2004Broken Storm
Sara Slee BrownOctober 08, 2004Three Bottled Treasures
Janet Hart-HeinickeOctober 09, 2004Experimental Skyline
Joe HallOctober 10, 2004Pink to Blue: 410 Web Pages with Color and Sound
Deanne Warnholtz WortmanOctober 11, 2004(K2H) or The Song Of The Woman In the Red Dress
Marie C. CookOctober 12, 2004Silhouettes by Marie #1
Chris FletcherOctober 13, 2004Recovery Room
Jenna MontgomeryOctober 14, 2004the 47 Aimless Men Series: Manny
Denis RousselOctober 15, 2004Detail 3, Blood Experiment 1
Kelly McLaughlin and Joe TekippeOctober 16, 2004installation detail (gelatin screen), Interfascia
Jessie FisherOctober 17, 2004Killing Wall
Scott SeebartOctober 18, 2004Cave
Kim AmbrizOctober 19, 2004Boca del Caballo
Terry RathjeOctober 20, 2004How Can You Be Serious?
Kate CarrOctober 21, 2004Untitled Branch
Julie LeonardOctober 22, 2004al pha bet
Robert ButlerOctober 23, 2004Untitled: IX-XI
Lael SaleOctober 24, 2004Wall Blob I
Melissa NewmanOctober 25, 2004Caterpillar
Astrid Hilger BennettOctober 26, 2004Seeking Scarlet
Elaine BeckOctober 27, 2004still from the video Flat Black
John BeckelmanOctober 28, 2004Narrow-Necked Bottle
Joseph MillerOctober 29, 2004Configuration 191/200 from the Sim City 200 Suite
Greta SongeOctober 30, 2004Pom Pink
Catherine ColeOctober 31, 2004Alternative Space (detail)
Aaron WilsonNovember 01, 2004Worser
Neva SillsNovember 02, 2004Deer Feed
Gillian BrownNovember 03, 2004It's About Time(detail)
Jim SnitzerNovember 04, 2004<no title>
Anne SlatteryNovember 05, 2004Mobile/Planted (Part 3),
Darrell Taylor with Deanne WortmanNovember 06, 2004Fall Line
Diana BehlNovember 07, 2004record landing
Nadija MustapicNovember 08, 2004Topologies of the Inside (view of the outside and the projection)
River BranchNovember 09, 2004Untitled 3,
Ingrid LilligrenNovember 10, 2004Dee's Sniffer
Brandon BucknerNovember 11, 2004Presents
Peggy JesterNovember 12, 2004Art Figures in Motion (turning)
Jessica AlanizNovember 13, 2004One Orange Rose
Teresa PaschkeNovember 14, 2004Clouds Know No Boundaries
Nichole MauryNovember 15, 2004How I Learned My ABCs: W is for Waterlogged
T. J. LechtenbergNovember 16, 2004Folded Bracelet
Mark NeucollinsNovember 17, 20041096 (as of Oct. 16, 2004)
Andrew Evans and Wes HighNovember 18, 2004Watch Me
Lydia M. DiemerNovember 19, 2004Rabbit (detail)
Belindah MutukuNovember 20, 2004Mother, Worker, Educator
Ken WalkerNovember 21, 2004Untitled Marine: (Paperwork)
Shawn ReedNovember 22, 2004untitled
Jason MooreNovember 23, 2004An Offering
Jeanine Oleson and Ellen LesperanceNovember 24, 2004Off the Grid (Florida VII)
Samuel JohnsonNovember 25, 2004Serving Bowl
Lance EdmondsNovember 26, 2004Let's Get Pacific (detail)
Mgbore OkoreNovember 27, 2004<no title>
Paula BrandelNovember 28, 2004Barn
Mary Merkel-HessNovember 29, 2004Kalo
Michael PerroneNovember 30, 2004Pennsylvania (detail)
Christopher MillerDecember 01, 2004Warm Front Looking North
Sandra DyasDecember 02, 2004Maya, Rolly World, near Bellvue, Iowa
Adam KruegerDecember 03, 2004The Hole Project
Lee Emma RunningDecember 04, 2004Bathtub
Arbe BareisDecember 05, 2004Apple, Horn, Vase
Darrell Taylor / Habeas CorpusDecember 06, 2004A History of Yes
Olga LomshakovaDecember 07, 2004Velasquez Diptych
Crit StreedDecember 08, 2004The Geography of Drawing
Jeremy ChenDecember 09, 2004Quietly They Go
Annadora KhanDecember 10, 2004Moonlight
Marcia WegmanDecember 11, 2004Cornfield and Barn
April KatzDecember 12, 2004From
James RenierDecember 13, 2004Second Chances
Michael CloseDecember 14, 2004train
Lauren CookDecember 15, 2004Altitude Zero
Bruce MorrisonDecember 16, 2004Spring Run,
William PerglDecember 17, 2004Boat Buoy Island
Jane RobinetteDecember 18, 2004Palace of the Fields
Michael GroesbeckDecember 19, 2004Cross Pollination
Jim ShrosbreeDecember 20, 2004TWN TWR (detail)
Gail ChavenelleDecember 21, 2004Musicians
Dan FerroDecember 22, 2004prairie: from the “cooked” series
Mel AndringaDecember 23, 2004Footballs/Baked Potatoes
Dan AttoeDecember 24, 2004Christmas Ornament
Melinda TheismanDecember 25, 2004Ascent
Sandra DyasDecember 26, 2004HOPE, Hope, Maine
Chris MartinDecember 27, 2004Dragonfly Floor Lamp
Katherine ParkerDecember 28, 2004Apartment interior
Will HildebrandtDecember 29, 2004Barcelona Alley
J.R. CambellDecember 30, 2004Digital Shadows
Peter ThompsonDecember 31, 2004East Side 2
Robbie SteinbachJanuary 01, 2005Three Graces
Jay ChestermanJanuary 02, 2005Boy with Umbrella
Matthew KluberJanuary 03, 2005Firewire Picture: Deeper Into Movies
Jessica AlanizJanuary 04, 2005Leaf
Teresa PaschkeJanuary 05, 2005Detritus: Composition III
Aaron WilsonJanuary 06, 2005Parlor
T. J. LechtenbergJanuary 07, 2005Circle Teapot
Paula BrandelJanuary 08, 2005redformhorn
Chris FletcherJanuary 09, 2005Spaceship Workshop
Robert AtwellJanuary 10, 2005Thu, Jan 22, 2004, 10:37PM
Julia LeonardJanuary 11, 2005Fifty-two words
Terry RathjeJanuary 12, 2005Even in The Driest Hole
Vicki AdamsJanuary 13, 2005Passages
Kate CarrJanuary 14, 20052.5 miles (detail)
Concetta MoralesJanuary 15, 2005We Stick Together: Home/At Sea/Preserving Freedom, detail: At Sea, mosaic triptych at Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, Waterloo, IA
Robert ButlerJanuary 16, 2005Unintended Likeness of La Virgen de Guadalupe
Marcia Joffe-BouskaJanuary 17, 2005Sentinels
Hanus of PragueJanuary 18, 2005untitled (signature logo)
Sara FletcherJanuary 19, 2005Birds
Kristin QuinnJanuary 20, 2005Punchinello
Thomas KnauerJanuary 21, 2005four inches of ego: or why everyone should be more like me [the only soldiers would be toys]
Jay Ryan, Rafael Salas, Lydia DiemerJanuary 22, 2005<no title>
Ryan Standfest, Kristen Martincic, Aeree HanJanuary 23, 2005<no title>
Vibeke Schroeder, Jon Lee, Rob ButlerJanuary 24, 2005<no title>
Nicole Timmin-Bormann, Leo Lee, Mike SudmeierJanuary 25, 2005<no title>
Nichole Maury, Jon Glazier, Jon MahnkeJanuary 26, 2005<no title>
Nathan Mckee, Matt Clark, Neva SillsJanuary 27, 2005<no title>
Kevin Heisner, Melissa Newman, Chris KerrJanuary 28, 2005<no title>
Catherine Cole, Melissa Newman, Melissa GrubbsJanuary 29, 2005<no title>
Lyndia Diemer, Min Song, Steve KrakowJanuary 30, 2005<no title>
Doug HansonJanuary 31, 2005platters
Susan ColemanFebruary 01, 2005Above River
Michael ClinardFebruary 02, 2005video still from "Spurkatory"
Shumpei YamakiFebruary 03, 2005untitled vessels
Shelagh GambleFebruary 04, 2005Transparancies
Carol MacomberFebruary 05, 2005Prairie Cord Grass 2
Joleen DentlingerFebruary 06, 2005Quiet Times
Lily MicHaudFebruary 07, 2005Floris folia (slide from Spiritual Anatomy)
William LiebFebruary 08, 2005Posting the Future
Therese MurdzaFebruary 09, 2005ochre I
S. Bailey JacobsonFebruary 10, 2005Dartboard
Louise KamesFebruary 11, 2005Source
Thomas AprileFebruary 12, 2005VCCA Labyrinth
Anthony PlautFebruary 13, 2005Weekly Counter Clock Wise
Aoife CassidyFebruary 14, 2005Lemon Yellow Orange Giant Tip
John FenderFebruary 15, 2005Getting Fat On Your Own Fear
Jeffery ByrdFebruary 16, 2005Raft of the Medusa
Marc MoultonFebruary 17, 2005Trumpet
Laura YoungFebruary 18, 2005Still Life With Baguette
Deborah BoardmanFebruary 19, 2005Picturing Death Project
Richard ColburnFebruary 20, 2005Gaylne Repairing His Fences
Matt MoyerFebruary 21, 2005Filter Device
Julia CiaccioFebruary 22, 2005Inner Explosion
Cherie SampsonFebruary 23, 2005Fresh Water-Root Hut
Chad CooneyFebruary 24, 2005Geoff as a Ghost
David BoelterFebruary 25, 2005IVIXMMIII
Laren LelandFebruary 26, 2005furniture march
Lyndia DiemerFebruary 27, 2005exquisite corpse: 60 artists, 20 pieces, 1 show
Steve StraitFebruary 28, 2005Wind Harp 1 (acoustic environmental sculpture)
Joshua HaringaMarch 01, 2005Wal-Mart Study #2
Kangying GuoMarch 02, 2005Sight - Happiness of copy
Richard H. DuttonMarch 03, 2005Seasons, Winter
Sharon Burns-KnutsonMarch 04, 2005Chickens Shopping in Oaxaca and My Boys Fighting in a Rowboat
Diane NaylorMarch 05, 2005Peaches
Aaron TuckerMarch 06, 2005Liberty is Glass
Kathleen Van HyfteMarch 07, 2005The Juggler
Mary Snyder BehrensMarch 08, 2005Trammel Box (Vest)
Shawn SkabelundMarch 09, 2005Pioneer Spirit
Roy R. BehrensMarch 10, 2005Vision of Grace
Jon WinetMarch 11, 2005The Globe
Aoife CassidyMarch 21, 2005Autumn Leaf
Vanessa PartridgeMarch 22, 2005Balloons
David TholeMarch 23, 2005Glow Ball
Missy FauserMarch 24, 2005Heuristic Vortex
Bailey Jacobson & Katherine ParkerMarch 25, 2005Fabulous
Benjamin ChaitMarch 26, 2005Window-autumn
Maria HernandezMarch 27, 2005Iconic Medallion
John SchirmerMarch 28, 2005Evolution
Kathy ThorMarch 29, 2005Imp Man
Warren StaalMarch 30, 2005Stille Nacht
Stephen SilvaMarch 31, 2005Lonetree
Catherine AdamsApril 01, 2005The Fruit
Aaris SherinApril 02, 2005Shadow Pot 2
Lila Borg RohrerApril 03, 2005Zeus Pitches the Sun Into Place
Margaret StrattonApril 04, 2005Presentations House, from the series: "Women's Bathrooms"
Julie Quick-AlcornApril 05, 2005Chippewa
Douglas EckheartApril 06, 2005Harvest Aglow
Andrew CrooksApril 07, 2005Poppy Field (Indoors)
Justine ZimmerApril 08, 2005Catherine
Doug RussellApril 09, 2005Necessary Reductions 16
Anne PerkinsApril 10, 2005Autumn Leaves #2
Dani HenkeApril 11, 2005Untitled
Corrine SmithApril 12, 2005Posture Series #31
loana MamaliApril 13, 2005Hibiscus
Larry MendenhallApril 14, 2005Superior Morning
Margaret R. PolsonApril 15, 2005Untitled
Tina DeliaApril 16, 2005Enmeshed
Kee-Ho YuenApril 17, 2005Brooch
Tom WegmanApril 18, 2005Beaded Spool
Elizabeth ShriverApril 19, 2005Three Sectional Vase
Louise RauhApril 20, 2005Fire Poppy
Elena YeoApril 21, 2005Unseen Path
International Collage Research And Production TeamApril 22, 2005<no title>
Susan WhiteApril 23, 2005Anatomy of Sharing
Craig DietrichApril 24, 2005Charing Cross
Cathy PalmerApril 25, 2005Violations, Deviations, Exceptions
George WalkerApril 26, 2005Sail on series
Ed NoveshenApril 27, 2005Woman
Donald ColinApril 28, 2005Scarlet Fold Fan
William NowyszApril 29, 2005Iowa Landscape
Bekah AshApril 30, 2005Red Chair Girl
Gene AndersonMay 01, 2005Bang/Flying Mobile
Alicia A. BrownMay 02, 2005Beautiful Love
Alexander BojadschanMay 03, 2005Toy
Judy O. GrayMay 04, 2005I Wish I Were A Cowboy
Gretchen CaracasMay 05, 2005Summer Painting
Adam FlemingMay 06, 2005Stump
David FlemingMay 07, 2005July Fourth Tulips
Abdala FayeMay 08, 2005Where Am I Standing
Manuel CoradinMay 09, 2005Bottle Making Machine
Naomi Kark SchedlMay 10, 2005Two Trees = Five Doors
Keith AchepohlMay 11, 2005Beach Seen 262
Charles BarthMay 12, 2005Atras Decada Hombre Fuerte Hay Una Mujer Mas Fuerte
Larry ZoxMay 13, 2005Blue & White
Amy WorthenMay 14, 2005Iowa Alphabet Q
Blair BenzMay 15, 2005Untitled (42)
Carola WincentiMay 16, 2005Blue Line
Gary BowlingMay 17, 2005Study: April 1, 2004
John VruwinkMay 18, 2005Gather Up the Fragments Form #8
Byron Yron BurfordMay 19, 2005Two Showgirls
Suzanne SkonMay 20, 2005Wild Lupine
Mary Koenen ClausenMay 21, 2005Two Angels
Jeanine Coupe RydingMay 22, 2005Targets
Pat EdwardsMay 23, 2005Some Trees
Dan PowellMay 24, 2005black & white photograph
Carlos FergusonMay 25, 2005Series #1, Untitled I
Joseph PatrickMay 26, 2005Glow
Sarah GrantMay 27, 2005Arrangement
Gary OlsonMay 28, 2005Untitled XXXXVIII
Bill InnesMay 29, 2005Trees By The Water
Dan McnamaraMay 30, 2005Circus Scene I
Genie PatrickMay 31, 2005Late Light
Dan MasonJune 01, 2005Seaward Hill IV
Mark PetersonJune 02, 2005Structures II
Sheryl EllinwoodJune 03, 2005The Birth of Faith
Betty FitzsimmonsJune 04, 2005Untitled X
Timothy FrerichsJune 05, 2005Chestnut (4)
Jane GilmorJune 06, 2005Blind Backpack
Steve HerrnstadtJune 07, 2005Sacred Trust Badlands (207)
Mac HorneckerJune 08, 2005Falling Rocks
Thomas Jewell-VitaleJune 09, 2005Sottomare
Karen Kurka JensenJune 10, 2005Brule Peaks
Jack WilkesJune 11, 2005Instrument of Sound
Jules KirschenbaumJune 12, 2005Meditations On Death S Mallarme
Thomine WilsonJune 13, 2005Feminine Touch web-rhinestone
Katherine LockJune 14, 2005Restored
Bobbie McKibbinJune 15, 2005Steaming Pool 3-Yellowstone, Wyoming
Barbara FedelerJune 16, 2005Toward Elkader
Wendy RolfeJune 17, 2005Isadora with Black Birds
John LiJune 18, 2005Dancing
Priscilla SteeleJune 19, 2005Spring Amaryllis #2
Michael BrangoccioJune 20, 2005Calling
William BarnesJune 21, 2005Study For Love Notes II
Richard BlackJune 22, 2005Genesis Two: Sodom/Gomorrah
Tilly WoodwardJune 23, 2005Double Hand Grass Sunflower
Ellen WagenerJune 24, 2005One October Sunset
Ken SmithJune 25, 2005Black Locust
Dennis DykemaJune 26, 2005Monet's Dream: Part 3
Dave GordinierJune 27, 2005Red Mountain On The Salt River Reservation
Gary HornJune 28, 2005Untitled 8
Steven LauterwasserJune 29, 2005O'Hara's Bridge II
Cornelis RuhtenbergJune 30, 2005Heaven, Transfiguration
Carol MacomberJuly 01, 2005Northern Sea Oats
John FenderJuly 02, 2005Programming War
Marc MoultonJuly 03, 2005Whisk
Aaron WilsonJuly 04, 2005Archetype, detail from the installation Parlor
Peter FeldsteinJuly 05, 20051172
Mark PetrickJuly 06, 2005Ayyappan Pilgrims at Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Anamika HolkeJuly 07, 200560 HZ (214)
Carola WincentiJuly 08, 2005Deepscape
Jules KirschenbaumJuly 09, 2005Toy Series: Plane
Jill SchriftJuly 10, 2005Homage to Sati II
Robert AtwellJuly 11, 2005Thu, Apr 22, 2004, 7:22PM
Terri Parish McGaffinJuly 12, 2005Showmen
Sara Slee BrownJuly 13, 2005Solitary Conch
Joe HallJuly 14, 2005Untitled, Intermedia: live and on tape
Will MentorJuly 15, 2005Mini Capsee
Richard KelleyJuly 16, 2005Ship Graveyard
Joe BielJuly 17, 2005Strike
Brandon BucknerJuly 18, 2005Finding Home
Julius SchmidtJuly 19, 2005Untitled (B-03-01)
Bill HamiltonJuly 20, 2005Collaboration #!
Shannon KennedyJuly 21, 2005Diptych
Larassa KabelJuly 22, 2005Welcome
Gary KomarinJuly 23, 2005English Bob
Thomas C. JacksonJuly 24, 2005Stella of Chief Carpenter Amunnakhte 2
Luther UtterbackJuly 25, 2005Woman
George WalkerJuly 26, 2005Big Bird
Jay VigonJuly 27, 2005(image from) Masked Men and Little Monsters
Pete GocheJuly 28, 2005Abandoned by the sacrament of consumption, we adorn the empty crib with translucent screams
Karen StrohbeenJuly 29, 2005Rabbits
Bill LuchsingerJuly 30, 2005Lady in a Window (1)
Mitchell SquireJuly 31, 2005Untitled 1-4 (Bulk Law Enforcement Targets, Shot Through)
John AndrewAugust 01, 2005The Repetitions #1
Phillip ChenAugust 02, 2005Prairie Breaker
Ryan Jennings ClarkAugust 03, 2005Window Series I: Untitled #4
Janel SwangstuAugust 04, 2005Untitled #16A
Fred TruckAugust 05, 2005Mr. Milk Bottle in His Balloon Dream
Vivian TorrenceAugust 06, 2005Ariel (Shakespeare's Tempest Series)
Michael Peter CainAugust 07, 2005Seed of the World Forming Process #37
Charlotte CainAugust 08, 2005All Is Well, Very Well (hands)
Bill HamiltonAugust 09, 2005Fino, oil on canvas
Laurel FarrinAugust 10, 2005Practice I
Gary KomarinAugust 11, 2005Normandy in Red
Thomas c. JacksonAugust 12, 2005Funerary Brick, Han Dynasty
Luther UtterbackAugust 13, 2005Child
George WalkerAugust 14, 2005Mediterranean Series
Jay VigonAugust 15, 2005(image from) Masked Men and Little Monsters
Pete GocheAugust 16, 2005Exhumed from the obscurity of light, we await the emergence of silence (crysalis)
John AndrewAugust 17, 2005The Repetitions #20
Julius SchmidtAugust 18, 2005Untitled (B-71-08)
Joe BielAugust 19, 2005One Eye (Rag in Mouth)
Brian AndreasAugust 20, 2005<no title>
Richard KelleyAugust 21, 2005River of Life, oil on canvas
Marilyn DavisAugust 22, 2005<no title>
Nate EvansAugust 23, 2005view inside wood-fired kiln
Hallie EvansAugust 24, 2005wood-fired ceramic pitcher and cups
Shannon KennedyAugust 25, 2005Untitled
Earlene GiglieranoAugust 26, 2005woven baskets
Dan LechayAugust 27, 2005<no title>
Amy DobrianAugust 28, 2005A New Heart
Michael RobertsAugust 29, 2005<no title>
Jim KasperAugust 30, 2005Untitled
Carl HomstadAugust 31, 2005<no title>
David LuckSeptember 01, 2005Untitled
Larry WeloSeptember 02, 2005An Unusual Destiny
Randy RichmondSeptember 03, 2005Protected #1, archival digital pigment print, 20" x 15" (framed)
E. Douglas WunderSeptember 04, 2005<no title>
Janel SwangstuSeptember 05, 2005Untitled #5A
Ryan Jennings ClarkSeptember 06, 2005Archive/ Archetype
Phillip ChenSeptember 07, 2005Flower Water
Will MentorSeptember 08, 2005Wide Screen Plot
Fred TruckSeptember 09, 2005Cartoon Bomb
Stephen MaxonSeptember 10, 2005<no title>
Doris ParkSeptember 11, 2005<no title>
Connie RobertsSeptember 12, 2005Sandwich Purse with Potato Chip Strap
Hank GoodmanSeptember 13, 2005Untitled
Jim KasperSeptember 14, 2005Untitled
Megan BernerSeptember 15, 2005Oaxaca, Mexico
Hanus Of PragueSeptember 16, 2005Salvation in Five
Sara FletcherSeptember 17, 2005Family
Kristin QuinnSeptember 18, 2005Bemsha Swing
Thomas KnauerSeptember 19, 2005chimera: brad pitt's abs
Joleen DentlingerSeptember 20, 2005Lewis Home
William LiebSeptember 21, 2005Hello
Helen GundersonSeptember 22, 2005#029
Therese MurdzaSeptember 23, 2005blue 1
Tony WinchesterSeptember 24, 2005untitled red pot
Mary WeisgramSeptember 25, 2005untitled pitcher and teapot
Sharon NeffSeptember 26, 2005<no title>
Marsha MyersSeptember 27, 2005<no title>
Bob AndersonSeptember 28, 2005<no title>
George LoweSeptember 29, 2005<no title>
Steve PetersonSeptember 30, 2005<no title>
Wyatt LaneOctober 01, 2005<no title>
Jim KernsOctober 02, 2005<no title>
Nancy BriggsOctober 03, 2005<no title>
Suzanne B. AunanOctober 04, 2005Happy Halloween
Schlabaugh & SonsOctober 05, 2005untitled pendulum clock
Randy FergusonOctober 06, 2005<no title>
Richard HansonOctober 07, 2005untitled
Vernon Skip WillitsOctober 08, 2005untitled flower from Steel Perennials collection
Peggy and Steve KittelsonOctober 09, 2005untitled kaleidoscope
MARTI FreundOctober 10, 2005untitled kaleidoscope
Shawn NelsonOctober 11, 2005<no title>
Sarah NelsonOctober 12, 2005untitled glass plate
Jessica WhiteOctober 13, 2005The Present
JK Creative WoodOctober 14, 2005Lazy Susan
Charley GrothOctober 15, 2005Sock Rock
Warren StaalOctober 16, 200521 Jinn
Andrew CrooksOctober 17, 2005Roadside
Richard H. DuttonOctober 18, 2005Seasons, Late Summer
Lily MichaudOctober 19, 2005Untitled
Terry RathjeOctober 20, 2005Wheel of Misfortune
Rob ButlerOctober 21, 2005Untitled: XXX
Joseph MillerOctober 22, 2005Configuration No. 088
Wonjae LeeOctober 23, 2005Form III
Bill WohlfordOctober 24, 2005Grampa's Violin
Amy Clarke MooreOctober 25, 2005Tell Tale Apple
Mary VandergraftOctober 26, 2005untitled hand painted silk banner
Tom SheppardOctober 27, 2005Sunset
Susan ColemanOctober 28, 2005Revival
Marvin ConradOctober 29, 2005Vault from Bath Abbey
Katherine ParkerOctober 30, 2005Sugar Boy
Tricia CoulsonOctober 31, 2005Circles #1
Kangying Guo and Katherine ParkerNovember 01, 2005untitled
Bill LuchsingerNovember 02, 2005Yellow Bike
Karen StrohbeenNovember 03, 2005Amsterdam Shoe Store
Beth NoblesNovember 04, 2005Trouble
Chad CooneyNovember 05, 2005Black Mountain Tree
Dani HenkeNovember 06, 2005Optimus Prime
Missy FauserNovember 07, 2005Somatic Foot
Julia CiaccioNovember 08, 2005Untitled
Jessica AlanizNovember 09, 2005One Rose
Larassa KabelNovember 10, 2005The Littlest
Mary Merkel-HessNovember 11, 2005Windblown
Sheryl EllinwoodNovember 12, 2005Renewal
Richard KrogstadNovember 13, 2005Sole Survivor
Jocelyn ChateauvertNovember 14, 2005Marsh
David PulsNovember 15, 2005<no title>
Shawn ReedNovember 16, 2005untitled mask
Scott Charles RossNovember 17, 2005Journey V
Dan PowellNovember 18, 2005Nafplion, Greece
Ken SmithNovember 19, 2005Revealed Root 2
Meiji ZhangNovember 28, 2005Lap Chair
Tammy PetroNovember 29, 2005Bada Bop
Byron BurfordNovember 30, 2005Victory
SticksDecember 01, 2005untitled wooden tea tray
Mauricio LasanskyDecember 02, 2005Amish Boy
Steve ShockDecember 03, 2005<no title>
Russell KarkowskiDecember 04, 2005untitled wooden table
Sharon Burns-KnutsonDecember 05, 2005UNTITLED XXXVIII
Bruce MorrisonDecember 06, 2005Broken Kettle Winter
Vinicius Rebello LimaDecember 07, 2005Space Experience #1
Katherine ParkerDecember 08, 2005Still in Center
Mel AndringaDecember 09, 2005Footballs/Baked Potatoes
Laurayne RobinetteDecember 10, 2005Co-Tangent
Annadora KhanDecember 11, 2005Dream Riddle
David KammDecember 12, 2005Harp
Chris FletcherDecember 13, 2005Shallow Stage
Dan FerroDecember 14, 2005dance: from the "cooked" series
Blair BenzDecember 15, 2005Untitled (015)
Gretchen CaracasDecember 16, 2005Invernedero #2
Sara FletcherJanuary 16, 2006Duet
Shelagh GambleJanuary 17, 2006Typical
Amy LeachJanuary 17, 2006When Trees Dream of Being Trees
Janet Hart-HeinickeJanuary 18, 2006Apartment in Soho, NY
April KatzJanuary 19, 2006Between
Mary Kline-MisolJanuary 20, 2006Garden of Live Flowers
Matt MoyerJanuary 21, 2006Bolted Wedges
Michael PerroneJanuary 22, 2006Hedge
Shawn ReedJanuary 23, 2006Square Knife
T. J. LechtenbergJanuary 24, 2006Folded Ring
James RenierJanuary 25, 2006Thinkers
Diane NaylorJanuary 26, 2006Clock
Crit StreedJanuary 27, 2006The Geography of Drawing
Jan Zelfer-RedmondJanuary 28, 200600697a-Untitled (blue)
Cathy PalmerJanuary 29, 2006Only Way Out Is Through
Megan BernerJanuary 30, 2006Typing
Bill HamiltonJanuary 31, 2006Hot Popcorn (Iowa State Fair)
S. Bailey JacobsonFebruary 01, 2006Collecting
Anamika HolkeFebruary 02, 2006Time
Pat EdwardsFebruary 03, 2006Red Car, Green Bush
Vivian TorrenceFebruary 04, 2006Hand No Rope (Shakespeare's Tempest Series)
Thomas Jewell-VitaleFebruary 05, 2006San Zen
Dustin Dow MasonFebruary 06, 2006Fairwell
Laurel FarrinFebruary 07, 2006Practice II
Betty FitzsimmonsFebruary 08, 2006Spacial Conundrum #3
Jane GilmorFebruary 09, 2006Wishing Fountain
Thomas C. JacksonFebruary 10, 2006Untitled No. 43
Dennis DykemaFebruary 11, 2006Where the Sky and Ground Appear to Meet: Forecast on the Horizon
Timothy FrerichsFebruary 12, 2006L5 Flower 3
Audrey CroppFebruary 13, 2006Trees
Fred TruckFebruary 14, 2006Rubber Heart
Charles BarthFebruary 15, 2006Diego y Frida por Siempre
Amy WorthenFebruary 16, 2006Prospettiva Divina
Richard BlackFebruary 17, 2006August Song Three
Mary Koenen ClausenFebruary 18, 2006Voitures Paniers
Bill InnesFebruary 19, 2006Simple Landscape
Sarah GrantFebruary 20, 2006Stephen's Racquet
Cornelis RuhtenbergFebruary 21, 2006Seated Young Woman
Debra L. HutchisonFebruary 22, 2006Burning the Caterpillars
Michael BrangoccioFebruary 23, 2006Act 3
Diana PennyFebruary 24, 2006Biddy: A Childhood Memory
Genie PatrickFebruary 25, 2006Turn Through
Floyd SandfordFebruary 26, 2006Vernazza, Cinque de Terra
Amy WhiteFebruary 27, 2006Blink
Sook-Young KimFebruary 28, 2006Busy People, Busy Night
William FordMarch 01, 2006Distance Learning Circuit Rider
Carolyn S. BriggsMarch 02, 2006from the story The Killing Station
Tilly WoodwardMarch 03, 2006Bird on Hand
Dan MasonMarch 04, 2006Coastal Hill II
John BeckelmanMarch 05, 2006Small Vase
John McBrideMarch 06, 2006Is Grant Wood's Iowa True?
Hayley BarkerMarch 07, 2006Cindy Meets Her Match
Elizabeth DuffyMarch 08, 2006Sweet Baby Anne
5 Oct. 2003
Jeanine Coupe RydingMarch 09, 2006Quilt Maps
Jim O'LoughlinMarch 10, 2006The Zone
Nan LundeenMarch 11, 2006Companion and Mathilda Lundeen
John PrestonMarch 12, 2006Dickenson's Pasture—265th St Sec.26 Liberty Twnsp
Michelle BenoitMarch 13, 2006Installation view
Brian ChambersMarch 14, 2006Beech-Nut, a story,
intrare per unam ianuam et ex per alia*
Nicholas DowdMarch 15, 2006Dry Gold
Suzanne SkonMarch 16, 2006Chrysallis Aerius 9: Drawing Series
Curtis BauerMarch 17, 2006Landscape: Galicia with Two Figures
Amze EmmonsMarch 18, 2006Free Parking II
Mani RaoMarch 19, 2006Junket
Barbara FedelerMarch 20, 2006Roadside Scene
Terry SavoieMarch 21, 2006Ventriloquist
Danielle TaylorMarch 22, 2006untitled drawing
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Claire KeanApril 07, 2006Tap Tap, Knock Knock
Pete GocheApril 08, 2006At will, the body kneels in mortal intercourse as its shadow lies beneath
Mary IberApril 09, 2006Shoveling or How Long to Delay Shoveling?
Joshua HuyserApril 10, 2006Untitled
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after Annie Dillard
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Floyd SandfordMay 15, 2006Like Two Old Trees
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Robert BernerMay 17, 2006The New High-Tech Telephone Number of the Muse
(With Thanks to Donald Justice)
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Margaret HornMay 20, 2006Cat and Mouse Game
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Ezzat GoushegirMay 23, 2006Gang Lu Bought Two Guns
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Hamlin GarlandMay 29, 2006from Under the Lion's Paw
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Lee Emma RunningJune 07, 20064) Rabbit Hunt, detail
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Annice FrederickJuly 11, 2006Roman Evening
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Danielle RanteJuly 16, 2006Wall Installation #4 (flowers), detail
Sabit Madaliev, translated by Russell ValentinoJuly 17, 2006Three Poems
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Adrienne Ho, translating a poem by SulpiciaJuly 19, 2006<no title>
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Carla AurichJuly 21, 2006Untitled
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Sarah SmelserAugust 03, 2006Globular Bodies
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Olga BalemaAugust 06, 2006Potato Cellar Installation
Stephen ShermanAugust 07, 2006Certificates
Anne BeffelAugust 08, 2006Red
Genevieve KaplanAugust 09, 2006Clear enough to lead us all into daylight
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Chad ChmielowiczAugust 11, 2006In the Morning of the Day
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Kurt FolchAugust 14, 2006The Lovers
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Meredith Glasson-DarlingAugust 20, 2006Once Upon a Table: The Tale of the Life of a Spoon
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Translated from Bengali by Prasenjit Gupta
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Translated by Anna Barker
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Cody BushOctober 08, 2006Ti Food
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Partaw NaderiOctober 25, 2006Lucky Men
Jody BoyerOctober 26, 2006Untitled (Man on Wire)
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Ulfert WilkeOctober 28, 2006009
Elias SimpsonOctober 29, 2006Processions
Nicole TimminsOctober 30, 2006Map
Kodi ScheerOctober 31, 2006Three Minutes
The Moving CrewNovember 01, 2006The Boat Parade
The Moving CrewNovember 02, 2006Passport-Home
Toby DimmittNovember 03, 2006El cisne negro
Matthew Hopson-WalkerNovember 04, 2006Free Range Raised, Speared, and empty handed
Jack WilkesNovember 05, 2006Fine Line
Grace Van VoorhisNovember 06, 2006Las palabras vacas
Douglas TrevorNovember 07, 2006From "Fellowship of the Bereaved"
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Kerry EganNovember 09, 2006from Chapter 23 of Fumbling
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Tealia EllisNovember 11, 2006Condo Addition Construction
Janet LauroeschNovember 13, 2006Our Taboo
Zack GauckNovember 14, 2006Never Closed
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David DunlapNovember 17, 2006<no title>
Julie ClausNovember 18, 2006Divers
Karina Cutler-LakeNovember 19, 2006Find & Manipulate
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Rachel HallasNovember 21, 2006Abstract 3
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Katherine McLeod SearleNovember 28, 2006Generational Decay: Three Women
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Andy DouglasDecember 04, 2006Articles of Faith
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Zine MachineDecember 23, 2006<no title>
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April NewmanDecember 26, 2006The Bedroom
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Tarlochan OberoiDecember 29, 2006#519
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Violet LuccaDecember 31, 1969Victoria's Secret
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Joan MitchellJanuary 04, 2007Iowa Woman Speaks as Goddess of Meteorology
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Ameena HusseinJanuary 20, 2007from An Ordinary Death
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Uriel QuesadaJanuary 23, 2007from Spoken Portrait,"
Maria Celeste MarinJanuary 24, 2007Signage 10 restrooms
Wanita ZumbrunnenJanuary 25, 2007A Piece of a Rainbow
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Erin JacksonJanuary 28, 2007Mike
Marilynne RobinsonJanuary 29, 2007from Gilead
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The Shumaker ProjectJanuary 31, 2007<no title>
Ignacious R. WentlingFebruary 01, 2007Bullseye
Ann StruthersFebruary 02, 2007The End of the Day
Molly KafkaFebruary 03, 2007Three Steer Skulls
Kurt VonnegutFebruary 04, 2007Algren Meets Donoso
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Marilyn ChinFebruary 10, 2007Summer Sleep
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Ross KoonFebruary 14, 2007Contraption
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Ethan CaninFebruary 17, 2007from The Palace Thief
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T.C. BoyleFebruary 21, 2007from The Tortilla Curtain
Holly WelkerFebruary 22, 2007Victory
Janet AhrensFebruary 23, 2007Mountain Ridge
Lowell JaegerFebruary 24, 2007Contractions
Ambar de Kok-MercadoFebruary 25, 2007Arm Farm
Robert RehderFebruary 26, 2007Free Fall
Jessica FullerFebruary 27, 2007In My Head
Mary Jane WhiteFebruary 28, 2007Good Riddance to Those Years
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Kyle McCordMarch 02, 2007white
Lucia NevaiMarch 03, 2007from Interment
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Erin MaurelliMarch 05, 2007Humechanicsform II
Matthew Alan BovardMarch 06, 2007The Palm
James SmithMarch 07, 2007Arrogated Ephemeron
Keith RatzlaffMarch 08, 2007Crying Angel
Jan WeissmillerMarch 09, 2007The Yards Reason
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Judy BalesMarch 21, 2007Maryland Avenue Bicycle Bridge, Phoenix, Arizona
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Lisa SchoenfielderMarch 24, 2007Living Room
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Josh EklowMarch 27, 2007Please Call Stella
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Clare LanaghanMarch 29, 2007Winter
Harold GravesMarch 30, 2007Untitled (To Lorca)
Joshua HaringaMarch 31, 2007Abecedarian
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Kyler PatersonApril 08, 2007Frozen Falls
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Jennifer ProctorApril 10, 2007Alternative Forms of Energy
Adam FanningApril 11, 2007Iowa
Suzanne ChouteauApril 12, 2007Winter
Patricia KowalokApril 13, 2007Afternoon Sun
Amelia Marshall RandApril 14, 2007for those of us who know
Richard di FattaApril 15, 2007Sparrows
Perry RossApril 16, 2007An Alcohol-Free Event
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Nancy PriceApril 20, 2007Safety Pins
Gordon KellenbergerApril 21, 2007Country Roads
Lyz BaranowskiApril 22, 2007Fowl Failure
Heidi NeffApril 23, 2007Don't Burst My Bubble
Megan BernerApril 24, 2007Cultivate
Meredith Hines-DochtermanApril 25, 2007Moving Day
Salma SalamaApril 26, 2007Rain on a Dead Child
James KasperApril 27, 2007<no title>
Mary ConwayApril 28, 2007Last Requests
Michael BaggarlyApril 29, 2007Another Day Closer
Dan CoffeyApril 30, 2007Channeled
Dale DivokyMay 01, 2007Flipping Koi with Gold Waves
Janie Breggin BravermanMay 02, 2007Silk
Breanne HunterMay 03, 2007Untitled
Kristina DallmannMay 04, 2007Thick Skin
Sarah BeatyMay 05, 2007Association
Grant TraceyMay 06, 2007from "Artists and Angels"
John Wilson SwopeMay 07, 2007from "Listing to the Right"
Jessica WhiteMay 08, 2007<no title>
Vince GoteraMay 09, 2007Ghost Dance
The Maia QuartetMay 10, 2007February 22, 2007 Clapp Recital Hall performance of Movement IV of "Allegro brioso" from String Quartet No. 11 by Vagn Holmboe, 1976
Jennifer HughesMay 11, 2007The last time there was chaos
Ron SandvikMay 12, 2007from "Cold Chicken"
Adam W. BrownMay 13, 2007Mechanism/Creation Myth
Francis ZaanderMay 14, 2007Untitled
Sara LondonMay 15, 2007Spoon and Tree
Elizabeth HonlMay 16, 2007<no title>
John CasteenMay 17, 2007Murmur
Connie HerringMay 18, 2007Story Tellers
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Mikhail BurnsteinMay 20, 2007Bliss 1
James McKeanMay 21, 2007from "Bound"
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Wanda D. EwingMay 23, 2007Hair-do
Peter WaldorMay 24, 2007Insurance (for Jerry Waldor)
Mary SlowikMay 25, 2007from "Teeth"
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Blanche ForgyMay 27, 2007Eighty
David HeffnerMay 28, 2007Katrina
Becky SoglinMay 29, 2007Soon
Brooke BudyMay 30, 200718.2.07 par Olivier Moineau
Romulus CraftMay 31, 2007Leaf Vase
Ryan WintersJune 01, 2007Beige
Bruce MooreJune 02, 2007Aging's Dreaded Symptom
Joshua PodollJune 03, 2007God in the Age of Man
Kara E. SchmadekeJune 04, 2007Building a Temperate Forest: A Fourth Grade Teacher's Reflection
A Vague SoundJune 05, 2007I Got What I Wanted (From You)
Kay Fenton Smith and Carol Spaulding-KruseJune 06, 2007from Zakery's Bridge
Kay Fenton Smith and Carol Spaulding-KruseJune 07, 2007from Zakery's Bridge
Nancy L. PuringtonJune 08, 2007Water Lily VI
Kay Fenton Smith and Carol Spaulding-KruseJune 09, 2007from Zakery's Bridge
Danielle JohnsonJune 10, 2007Untitled
Jay StrattonJune 11, 2007Rain
Kay Fenton Smith and Carol Spaulding-KruseJune 12, 2007from Zakery's Bridge
Cristina IorgaJune 13, 2007<no title>
Kay Fenton Smith and Carol Spaulding-KruseJune 14, 2007from Zakery's Bridge
Todd PapkeJune 15, 2007Images
Andrew RosenJune 16, 2007Ghost Bear
Vicki L. ChristensenJune 17, 2007Rambo's Wake
The Milkmaid GalleryJune 18, 2007<no title>
Sue Day-Scales WallaceJune 19, 2007It All Comes Full-Circle
Allyson BoneJune 20, 2007Giddyup
Carrie PollackJune 21, 2007Education of the girl-child book #1, page 7
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Jennifer MyersJune 23, 2007The Baiji's Last Swim
Steven G. VickersJune 24, 2007Untitled
Robin ThroneJune 25, 2007Finding Redemption in Vinje, Iowa
Rob OstheimerJune 26, 2007The Ecstasy of Truckin' with Tom
Bill WolfJune 27, 2007Trees
Blanca DatuinJune 28, 2007Desert Wind
Christine Coombs ZouliasJune 29, 2007Yellow Hibiscus
Amy PoagueJune 30, 2007Kaleidoscope Repair, Volume One
Frank BurnhamJuly 01, 2007Nocturnal Emission #2
Leslie BellJuly 02, 2007A Nickel for the Buffalo
Connie PetersonJuly 03, 2007Dog-Walk Shadow
Dave MoriceJuly 04, 2007The Rain
Jake DilleyJuly 05, 2007Holes
Hilary MosherJuly 06, 2007The Houseboat
Robin BraunJuly 07, 2007Untitled
Nathaniel LetcherJuly 08, 2007autumn fate
A. Hoobie SchottJuly 09, 2007Sacred and Profane
Paul DiehlJuly 10, 2007Breakfast Poem
Britta UrnessJuly 11, 2007TO-GETHER
Peter MuirJuly 12, 2007Footprints
Peter SmallJuly 13, 2007Reduce, Reuse, and Repent
Karen TerpstraJuly 14, 2007Gina's Capital
Stephen Merkel-HessJuly 15, 2007Haiku Duet
Erica DuffyJuly 17, 2007Tube 2
Thomas DeanJuly 18, 2007Prairie Heart
Robert CraigJuly 19, 2007Prairie View
Intermedia Artists in CommunityJuly 20, 2007How to Cross the Street
Vivian BuchanJuly 21, 2007Injustice
Julie PurwinJuly 22, 2007Velvet Rain
Serena StierJuly 23, 2007Martha Graham Evening
Noah DoelyJuly 24, 2007Untitled
Rick ZolloJuly 25, 2007For Shame Upon Reflection
John Gaps IIIJuly 26, 2007French Mime
Jane AshleyJuly 27, 2007feng shui
Steven WiseJuly 28, 2007Fan
Lois MuehlJuly 29, 2007Others
Tim BrownJuly 30, 2007Endlessly in Love
SkursulaJuly 31, 2007Beekeeper
Will de BloisAugust 01, 2007One Dwarfed by Another
Jim BenedictAugust 03, 2007For the Road to Salvation
Justin NostralaAugust 04, 2007Red Clover
Claudia NagyAugust 05, 2007<no title>
J.D. GriggsAugust 06, 2007Night Garden
Allan LiuAugust 07, 2007Wintry World
Richard KelleyAugust 08, 2007Visiting the Ruins
Carianne MackAugust 09, 2007Altered Navigation
Louis HoAugust 10, 2007I'm Falling Strangely
Deanna CramerAugust 11, 2007Untitled
Nancy LindsayAugust 12, 2007Mastell's Trail
Robbie HansonAugust 13, 2007Awkward Words
Jose AssoulineAugust 14, 2007Valpariso Yellow Cable Car Building
Leah de MattaAugust 15, 2007The Crow's Loss
Josey GaleAugust 16, 2007The School Bell
Anthony PontiusAugust 17, 2007The Golden Fawn
Cameron CookAugust 18, 2007The Hundred
Douglas RussellAugust 19, 2007Shimmer #2
Frank HansenAugust 20, 2007Les...Way Les
Jason TiemeyerAugust 21, 2007Bacon
Marc MoultonAugust 22, 2007Epic (detail)
Alex Shinnick-GordonAugust 23, 2007Goldfish
Jeffrey ThompsonAugust 24, 2007The Great Ultraman
Nathan ArmstrongAugust 25, 2007I Want That Toy
Tilden BroemserAugust 26, 2007Here This is Your Mouth CHEW
Miles HeinrichsAugust 27, 2007When I Learned to Write in Cursive
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Lindsey ConleyAugust 29, 2007PIllows
Tom WeingeistAugust 30, 2007Dublin, Ireland
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Abby PetersonSeptember 02, 2007Paper Sky
Ada CassellSeptember 03, 2007Gambling
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Sophie NeemsSeptember 11, 2007An Open Armed Vergo
Mille GuldbeckSeptember 12, 2007Articulated Spaces V
William BlairSeptember 13, 2007Fireline
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Anne SweltSeptember 16, 2007Untitled
Yiyi LiuSeptember 17, 2007Narcissus
Glen EpsteinSeptember 18, 2007Stardust
John LawSeptember 19, 2007Nice Shot
Carlos Samuel Broderson RodriguezSeptember 20, 2007Perspective of a Feline
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The Iowa GalleryJanuary 22, 2008The Daily Palette on the Iowa Gallery
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S VirenJanuary 28, 2009I Am What I Eat
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Cheryl YoungerFebruary 28, 2009title unknown
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Anne BeffelMarch 21, 2009Painted Room
John LiMarch 22, 2009Untitled
Tom MillerMarch 23, 2009Illness
Julie StaubMarch 24, 2009Manhatten Skyline From Brooklyn
Ian BennettMarch 25, 2009Panel from LEAP YEARS by Ian Bennett (ISBN 0-9743147-9-X)
Rita McCordMarch 26, 2009Penless
Tad RichardsMarch 27, 2009The Final Act
Daniel A. LoweryMarch 28, 2009Miniskirt
Tim GeerlingsMarch 29, 2009Reconstructavism
Debra L. HutchisonMarch 30, 2009James River Bridge
Tharin SchwinefusMarch 31, 2009Running on Empty
Ken SmithApril 01, 2009Rose II
Linda EgenesApril 02, 2009(The Heart of Amish Life), an excerpt from Visits with the Amish
Vivian TorrenceApril 03, 2009Woman's Dream
Jesse AlbrechtApril 04, 2009Duality
Russ BaileyApril 05, 2009First Station of 4 631. 1993
Georgia CookApril 06, 2009Secrets Found in a dictionary of roadside plants by Marian Edsall
Jay VigonApril 07, 2009untitled
Juliet KaufmannApril 08, 2009Air
Margaret StrattonApril 10, 2009Carved Heart
Charles A. Jr. FachApril 11, 2009Ceramic Sculpture #3
Hartini Eleni BahrApril 12, 2009Beckoning
Ann ZerkelApril 13, 2009Kora in My Garden
Hamlett DobbinsApril 14, 2009untitled (for dbd)
Dax BayardApril 15, 2009Mrs. Wood's Jungle
Jane RobinetteApril 16, 2009Remover of Obstacles
Dale PhelpsApril 17, 2009Confucius, My Inner Advisor #2
Truly BallApril 18, 2009untitled, front
Diane NaylorApril 18, 2009Ellinwoodimus Luminas
Della J. BrownApril 19, 2009Sculpture #10
Cat RocketshipApril 20, 2009Polka Dots
Will GrantApril 21, 2009Panel from THE SCROUNGE WUZ HERE! by Will Grant (ISBN 0-9743147-6-5)
Robbie SteinbachApril 22, 2009Sister Tomasina, Marina di Pisa
Craig RempferApril 23, 2009untitled
Debra L. HutchisonApril 24, 2009In a City
Gek Choo YeoApril 25, 2009untitled
Joellen ArnoldApril 26, 20094 Untitled Silver Prints
Jamie BurmeisterApril 27, 2009Star Spangled Banner
Denis RousselApril 28, 2009from the Power of the Elements series
Jason UrbanApril 29, 2009Rattlesnake Rec Room
Kristin QuinnApril 30, 2009Begin the Beguine
Eric JohnsonMay 01, 2009from Children of the Sun (a children's book, in progress)
Dean AdamsMay 03, 2009Big Red Montana Cock
Ken SmithMay 04, 2009Blue Lake
Hua OuMay 05, 2009Hair Story
Vivian TorrenceMay 06, 2009The Philosopher's Stone
Ellen Birkett MorrisMay 07, 2009Paper Children
Dale PhelpsMay 08, 2009Calarmari Crash
Marla BaileyMay 09, 2009To Be Arranged, detail
Bruce A BienemannMay 10, 2009AEI
Will SmileyMay 11, 2009<no title>
Jay VigonMay 12, 2009untitled
Jenna HammerichMay 13, 2009from "A Good Place to Start"
Diane NaylorMay 14, 2009Bill Bentalot
Anne PiperMay 15, 2009Desperado
Joellen ArnoldMay 16, 2009Dido always just plays for herself
Janet AhrensMay 17, 2009Cathedral Two
Lindita ArapiMay 18, 2009Variations
Craig RempferMay 19, 2009untitled
H. Edgar HixMay 20, 2009Parable of Wheat and Tares
John Ira Thomas and Carter AllenMay 21, 2009Panel from MAN IS VOX: Paingels, Words by John Ira Thomas, Art by Carter Allen (ISBN 0-9743147-4-9)
Bill BeecherMay 22, 2009Untitled
Kim AmbrizMay 23, 2009Agrio
William AppelMay 24, 2009Black Riders
Debra L. HutchisonMay 25, 2009Dear Dog
Jennifer MallyMay 26, 2009Backyard Fairies
Denis RousselMay 27, 2009from the place I live in/ the place that lives in me series
Cat RocketshipMay 28, 2009Natural Habitat
John F. O'BrienMay 29, 2009The Gardens of Defeat: Oberhausen, Germany
Jeffrey FullamMay 31, 2009Repair Man
Richard PotterJune 01, 2009David M.
Kristin QuinnJune 02, 2009Exploring the Upper Air
Terry OfnerJune 03, 2009Not Quite Afternoon
Ken SmithJune 04, 2009Borderline
Rowena TorrevillasJune 05, 2009Mountain Sacrament: Offering
Kelly McLaughlinJune 06, 2009Eye Noir, 2004, detail w/ David Dunlap (photo by David Dunlap)
Kim-Ping YimJune 07, 2009We Don't Need a New Guardian!
Basabi DeJune 08, 2009Durga Puja
Vivian TorrenceJune 09, 2009Making Waves
Tania PryputniewiczJune 10, 2009Ritual at Dusk
Paul Jackson PollockJune 11, 2009Mural
Heidi BryanJune 12, 2009Night Garden
David RoutonJune 13, 2009Seated Woman
Rebecca Jo CrutchfieldJune 14, 2009Rooftops
Vrginia Rudasill MortensonJune 15, 2009Our Four-Mile Garden
Diane NaylorJune 16, 2009Oak Fairy
Rob HardyJune 17, 2009Naturalization
Sam GilliamJune 18, 2009Red April
Ruth G. SmithJune 19, 2009A Victory Garden. . .
Richard Di FattaJune 20, 2009Summergale
Daniel AttoeJune 21, 2009Floaters
William RudolphJune 22, 2009The Age of Heirlooms
John Ira Thomas and Jeremy SmithJune 23, 2009Panel from THE FAIRER SEX (Vol 2): A Tale Of Shades And Angels, Words by John Ira Thomas, Art by Jeremy Smith (ISBN 0-9766053-2-5)
Pamela BradleyJune 24, 2009Grandmother's Flower Garden
Craig RempferJune 25, 2009untitled
Judi HellerJune 26, 2009Untitled
Daniel AllisonJune 27, 2009untitled
Michael AlmondJune 28, 2009Steven's Place
Dale PhelpsJune 29, 2009Reclining Nude
Jegatheeswari NagendranJune 30, 2009A Ghostly Place
Stuart DavisJuly 01, 2009New York to Paris, No. 1
Connie SandersonJuly 02, 2009Eve
Orville RunningJuly 03, 2009The Strength of the Hills is His Also
Sandra WhiteJuly 04, 2009untitled
Patricia ScottJuly 05, 2009Fig. in Composition
Sharon SoderlundJuly 06, 2009Night Stalker
Richard Clifford Diebenkorn, JrJuly 07, 2009Ocean Park, No. 17
Susan Fantl SpivakJuly 08, 2009melons
Ken McCulloughJuly 10, 2009Arbor Mist
Jill BarnesJuly 11, 2009Austerity 4
Vincent DunnJuly 12, 2009title unknown
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Amy NolanJuly 16, 2009from "Writing Home," an essay
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M. Bridget O'MalleyJuly 19, 2009Piastitis
Mary Potter KenyonJuly 20, 2009Unexpected Grace
John BloomJuly 21, 2009Shocking Oats
Laura JacksonJuly 22, 2009Swampy Ground
Joe CrowleyJuly 24, 2009Hub City Home
Daniel A. CoxJuly 25, 2009Foot # 27
Ben UpchurchJuly 26, 2009White Jar
Jacob ZawaJuly 27, 2009Waning
Tim TrenkleJuly 29, 2009Amish
Marsden HartleyJuly 31, 2009E
Daniel WildbergerAugust 01, 2009ÕMy DreamingÕ
Tracy MosmanAugust 02, 2009untitled
Casey WestlakeAugust 03, 2009Pompeii
Marguerite WildenhainAugust 04, 2009Persian Man
Bonnie ManionAugust 05, 2009First Time, Last Time
Kathryn DuffyAugust 07, 2009Traffic
Marcos ValellaAugust 08, 2009untitled
John EnglebrechtAugust 09, 2009untitled
Ruby GerardAugust 10, 2009Butterfly in the Big Blue Sky
Frances BottorffAugust 12, 2009My Eyes
Claudia ChiaAugust 14, 2009Red Things
Ken WalkerAugust 15, 2009Gallery Walk
Jessica C. WhiteAugust 16, 2009They Will Love You More
Gracie RechkemmerAugust 17, 2009Camping
John BloomAugust 18, 2009Cattle Loading
Abhijay NimmakayaluAugust 19, 2009My Bunny
Billy SamuelsonAugust 21, 2009A Ben 10 Poem
John ManionAugust 22, 2009My Trans-Pony
Stephen L. MaxonAugust 23, 2009untitled
Sarah HonsonAugust 24, 2009Bubble Gum
Andrew RosenAugust 25, 2009Chase Scene (final)
Tony S. MendozaAugust 26, 2009Slap
Lori SteffensAugust 27, 2009Light Show 1
Thomas RigalAugust 28, 2009I Am
Yoong-Kyung OhAugust 29, 2009Harmony between yin & yang I
Tsung-Jen ChangAugust 30, 2009Structure # 11
Mary J. Vander WegAugust 31, 2009Dirty Socks
Marcia WegmanSeptember 01, 2009Grazing Cows
Pombie SilvermanSeptember 02, 2009Night
Frans WildenhainSeptember 03, 2009Large Green Clay Vase
Max BillsSeptember 04, 2009Mr. Potato Head
Bruce MaesSeptember 05, 2009The First Runner
Melissa NewmanSeptember 06, 2009Caterpillar
Isaac JensenSeptember 07, 2009Kristallnacht
John Paul SchaferSeptember 08, 2009Accord
Rebecca Ann SummersSeptember 09, 2009As the World Passes By
Barbara Hallman KissingerSeptember 10, 2009Christmas Past
Layla HannafordSeptember 11, 2009A Woman Named Sherman
Michael C. PottsSeptember 12, 2009Tree #2
Juanita D. StraitSeptember 13, 2009Body Press - 17
Malin CraigSeptember 14, 2009Off-Track
Micah BloomSeptember 15, 2009Mother and Child in Repose
Zora B. HurstSeptember 16, 2009Rain
Wesley OsamSeptember 17, 2009Cat Dreams
Lorelei Barth CoffinSeptember 18, 2009Honesty
Sara BellSeptember 19, 2009Pillars, Boats, and Columns
Joel PeckSeptember 20, 2009Discovery of Sorts
Andrea MasonSeptember 21, 2009From What I Hear
Max ReifSeptember 22, 2009Iowa Fantasia
anonymousSeptember 23, 2009A Rose of the Meadow
John BloomSeptember 24, 2009County Fair
Nora PetranSeptember 25, 2009Sweet Love
Della J. BrownSeptember 26, 2009Sculpture #9
Robert NicholasSeptember 27, 2009Carpenter from Oaxaca Portfolio
Max RasmussenSeptember 28, 2009Hazmat
Lori SteffensSeptember 29, 2009Light Show 2
Eliana HoffmanSeptember 30, 2009A Wish For You
Marcia WegmanOctober 01, 2009Threatening Storm
Alena MuellerOctober 02, 2009Poea Tree
Marcia WegmanOctober 03, 2009River Bend
Nathaniel GierOctober 05, 2009Point by Point
John Paul SchaferOctober 06, 2009Provider
Liana GabaldonOctober 07, 2009Ice
Barbara Hallman KissingerOctober 08, 2009Christmas Merrymaking
T'Shailyn HarringtonOctober 09, 2009My Funny Clue
David MarquezOctober 10, 2009Road to California (detail)
Thomas R. DrewOctober 11, 2009title unknown
Hailey CourtneyOctober 12, 2009Old Fashion Zzz's
Micah BloomOctober 13, 2009Linksys 54 Mbps Wireless-G
Colton BrownOctober 14, 2009Biking
Wesley OsamOctober 15, 2009Eyeball
anonymousOctober 16, 2009I Get The Girls
James OchsOctober 17, 2009Inquisition V
Denise MummOctober 18, 2009Untitled
Elizabeth SwartzendruberOctober 19, 2009Who Are You
Sara Slee BrownOctober 20, 2009Found Again
anonymousOctober 21, 2009The Artist
John E. Vander SteltOctober 22, 2009Chuck, Frank, & Joe
Lauren CarmenOctober 23, 2009Snow Day
Jamie BolingOctober 24, 2009Bird
Angieszka LigendzaOctober 25, 2009If There . . .
Andrew KehoeOctober 26, 2009Everglades
Barbara BianchiOctober 27, 2009For the Occassion
Anas H. El TuhamiOctober 28, 2009Footsteps
Lori SteffensOctober 29, 2009Light Show 3
anonymousOctober 30, 20097th Period Español
Terri L. WarpinskiOctober 31, 2009title unknown
Robert ButlerNovember 01, 2009Untitled
Zach WilliamsonNovember 02, 2009The Rhythm of Life
Margaret HunnighakeNovember 03, 2009Concerts in Red, Second Movement
Taylor GartonNovember 04, 2009Spider's Web
Jay CeronieNovember 04, 2009unknown
Barbara Hallman KissingerNovember 05, 2009Mother Goose of Yesteryear
Tareq AbuissaNovember 06, 2009The Mathematician
Michael TeresNovember 07, 2009Easter
Elaine DeBuhrNovember 08, 2009Pouring Vessel
Alex RyanNovember 09, 2009l'homme
John Paul SchaferNovember 10, 2009Oil on canvas with mixed-media collage on canvas
Kelly ArndtNovember 11, 2009Family Reunion
David L. FairclothNovember 13, 2009An Etching
Tim StoccoNovember 14, 2009Rite of Spring
Nancy SamotisNovember 15, 2009Dialogue I
Justin LindholmNovember 16, 2009The Man Who Lived
Micah BloomNovember 17, 2009Escapee
Joanna Naomi TatmanNovember 18, 2009Flicker
Sara Slee BrownNovember 19, 2009Nouveau Again
Bruce MooreNovember 20, 2009Oh gross, this orange is moldy
Leslie StipekNovember 21, 2009Untitled.648
Wen-Shu LaiNovember 22, 2009Plexiglass Sculpture
Dan GogertyNovember 23, 2009The Frost'll Get 'Em
Lori SteffensNovember 24, 2009Light Show 4
Tricia LouvarNovember 25, 2009Still Life Under the Cola Sign
John E. Vander SteltNovember 26, 2009Rembrandt, Iowa
Jane BanningNovember 27, 2009Hard Harvest
Larry HolleyNovember 28, 2009Gourds
David OstromNovember 30, 2009Starry Sky
Barbara BianchiDecember 01, 2009Who Thought
Teresa McGuireDecember 02, 2009The way you make me feel
Tam Bodkin BrykDecember 03, 2009Nancy's Turn
Judy BalesDecember 04, 2009Star Flock
Jeremy B. JonesDecember 07, 2009El Choque
Judith Ann MoriartyDecember 08, 2009Dee Tassel
Rustin LarsonDecember 09, 2009Great River Road
Emerald GalleryDecember 10, 2009The Halo Project: Portrait of a Community
Jennifer LongtineDecember 11, 2009Rain
Paul DiehlDecember 14, 2009Track
Christopher MerrillDecember 16, 2009For a Child
John E. Vander SteltDecember 17, 2009Weyer Motor Co.
Robert DanaDecember 18, 2009This Truth
Ann ZerkelDecember 21, 2009Snow Emergency
Sara Slee BrownDecember 22, 2009Sullivan Moon
Stephen KuusistoDecember 23, 2009Candido o el Optimismo
Barbara BianchiDecember 24, 2009Venus Visits Notre Dame
Charlotte L. WalkerDecember 25, 2009Come to the War Protest Rally!
Karen PekelneyDecember 26, 2009HaHa
Shelby Lee AdamsDecember 27, 2009title unknown
Dave MoriceDecember 28, 2009Salad of the Bad Cafè
Marvin BellDecember 30, 2009Eggheads, Nerds, Bookworms, Longhairs, Highbrows, Geeks and Brainiacs
Jill WheelerDecember 31, 2009On Marriage
Teresa McGuireJanuary 01, 2010Hope
Alan ShoerJanuary 02, 2010A Tornado Will Be Coming Through Our...
Tam Bodkin BrykJanuary 05, 2010Here's to You
David CampionJanuary 06, 2010Sandbags
Lisa RobertsJanuary 08, 2010Vows Kept
Eleanore LeeJanuary 09, 2010Untitled (Ethan and Ethan)
Margaret Beth AlonsoJanuary 10, 2010Mi Amor
Kelly MatthewsJanuary 11, 2010the comfort of concrete
Frank O. Gehry & Associates and Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck ArchitectureJanuary 12, 2010Iowa Advanced Technologies Laboratory
Janie Breggin BravermanJanuary 13, 2010Path
Thorwald ThorsonJanuary 14, 2010Ventura High School Auditorium and Gymnasium
Kathryn HallJanuary 15, 2010Lost
Janet AhrensJanuary 16, 2010Triangle Hinge One
David MacDermottJanuary 17, 2010Going Home
Barbara J. KalmJanuary 18, 2010Second Prize
Frank Lloyd WrightJanuary 19, 2010Jack Lamberson House
Carol TyxJanuary 20, 2010Shedding
Smith & Gutterson and Smith & GageJanuary 21, 2010State Historical Memorial and Art Musem
David DuerJanuary 22, 2010After the Deluge
Matt FreedmanJanuary 23, 2010Inverted Figures
E. Moore AndersonJanuary 24, 2010Vers La Flamme
David HamiltonJanuary 25, 2010At Bat
Crites & McConnell and Brooks Borg & Skiles, Architects-EngineersJanuary 26, 2010C.Y. Stephens Auditorium
Jean Murphy RudeJanuary 27, 201016th Avenue, Cedar Rapids
Michael Broshar, FAIA and Brad Leeper, AIAJanuary 28, 2010Lou Henry Elementary School
Joel R. MaastersJanuary 29, 2010Contrails
Gretchen BeckJanuary 30, 2010Found
Joellen ArnoldJanuary 31, 2010Dido always plays just for herself.
Pete BalestrieriFebruary 01, 2010<no title>
Tam Bodkin BrykFebruary 02, 2010Sheila's Lily
Claudia BischoffFebruary 03, 2010Mirage
Tom SouthardFebruary 05, 2010redemption
Shumpei YamakiFebruary 06, 2010Cups Monyou #2
Dean AdamsFebruary 07, 2010Montana Orange Thrust
Ligia Ana GrindeanuFebruary 08, 2010A Digital World
Walter Burley GriffinFebruary 09, 2010Joshua G. Melson House
Claudine HarrisFebruary 10, 2010Blue Jeans
Proudfoot & Rawson, Sours & ThomasFebruary 11, 2010Des Moines National Bank
Karoline A. JarrFebruary 12, 2010Prime Number Haiku and Equation
Daniel WildbergerFebruary 13, 2010Desertification
Harrison BrooksFebruary 14, 2010title unknown
Stephen Merkel-HessFebruary 15, 2010Puddle Wonderful
Proudfoot & BirdFebruary 16, 2010St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Jeff NesheimFebruary 17, 2010Tangerines
Thomas C. JacksonFebruary 18, 2010Deep Fried Twinkies
Lisa M. BradleyFebruary 19, 2010Unanswered Prayers
Steve EricksonFebruary 20, 2010Untitled 636
Jeanette KirishianFebruary 21, 2010Nuclear Family
Trent OrrisFebruary 22, 2010Simile
Alison McGoffFebruary 24, 2010Multitasking
Teri FontFebruary 26, 2010"Katrina, if you'd told me. . ."
Matthew ButlerFebruary 27, 2010Elixer of Blasphemy no.8
Hector Rafael CamposFebruary 28, 2010The Unknown Artist 635
Eric James SundermannMarch 01, 2010About a Man
Proudfoot Bird & RawsonMarch 02, 2010Equitable Building
Elaine MattinglyMarch 03, 2010AFTER
RDG Bussard DikisMarch 04, 2010Agronomy Hall
Barbara HaasMarch 05, 2010Glacier-ito
Marcy EdelsteinMarch 07, 2010Untitled
Anneliese TisdaleMarch 08, 2010Phillipe
Holabird & RootMarch 09, 2010Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Station
Theresa AddisonMarch 10, 2010Hot Dish
Saarinen Swanson & Saarinen Architects and Brooks Borg, Architects-EngineersMarch 11, 2010Des Moines Art Center
Thomas AgranMarch 12, 2010Near Fort Dodge
Robert D. CockeMarch 13, 2010Sidewalk
John M. MathewsMarch 14, 2010Punch Bowl and Handbuilt Bottle
Tsung-Jen ChangMarch 15, 2010Structure #1
Eero Saarinen & AssociatesMarch 16, 2010Charles Medbury Hall and Oreon E. Scott Chapel
Juanita D. StraitMarch 17, 2010Body Press - 17
Terumi FogertyMarch 18, 2010The Renewal
Stuart CollinsMarch 19, 2010Two Stack Series No. 3
Michelle GrossmanMarch 20, 2010Shoes
Michael GubkinMarch 21, 2010Seduction
Bhaskar PulikalMarch 22, 2010Rest Area Stories - Spoon River
William LiebMarch 23, 2010Letting Go
Don GropmanMarch 24, 2010To the Pig Station with Nikita Khrushchev
Cherie CourterMarch 25, 2010King's Pointe #2
Jeanette MillerMarch 26, 2010An excerpt from The Older Woman
Mary ZeranMarch 27, 2010Panel #3
Floyd R. KempMarch 28, 2010Bowl with Cover
mLee SorensenMarch 29, 2010Asbury Road
Jose SierraMarch 30, 2010untitled
Xingzhi ChenMarch 31, 2010Daydreaming in Geology 103
Mitch EvelethApril 01, 2010Still Standing
Joe CrowleyApril 02, 2010Jubilee
Felix A. SanchezApril 03, 2010South
Matthew GreenwellApril 04, 2010Primary Colors
Kate ObertApril 05, 2010The Velcro Effect
Lainey BeckApril 06, 2010Falling Snails
Betsy Zmuda-SwansonApril 06, 2010Red Bud #2 Brown
Roohi AhujaApril 07, 2010Entropy Control
Melanie BravermanApril 09, 2010I woke up thinking of the county fair
Edward W. JonesApril 10, 2010Conception of an Artist
Emmanuel Okechukwu OditaApril 11, 2010MFA Thesis Painting
Kaethe SchwehnApril 12, 2010The Summer Before
Thomas AgranApril 13, 2010Near Great Bend Kansas
Josh BaldApril 14, 2010Twelve and Mortal
Amy BernhardApril 16, 2010Westfield
Daniel K EdlerApril 17, 2010Bottle with Numbers
David A MiddlebrookApril 18, 2010Ceramic Sculpture #5
Marian Mathews ClarkApril 19, 2010On Being Thin
Cherie CourterApril 20, 2010Fourth of July Triptych
Matthew RohrerApril 21, 2010Poem
William LiebApril 22, 2010Edward Hopper
Fanny HoweApril 23, 2010Imagine All the People
Richard FieldApril 24, 2010<no title>
Karina Cutler-LakeApril 25, 2010My New Job is Surrounded by Water
Yvette ThomasApril 26, 2010Missing Metaphor for Time
Jose SierraApril 27, 2010Entre Tejida (series)
Lyn LifshinApril 28, 2010Michelle's Citrine Dress
Anita Baedke-PluckerApril 29, 2010Reflections
Sasha SteensenApril 30, 2010Wintery Weather and Job Slaughter
Teresa KonechneMay 01, 2010The Farm Show
Nancy SamotisMay 02, 2010Dialogue III
Matthew ZapruderMay 03, 2010Sad News
Mitch EvelethMay 04, 2010Cabin on the Hill
Susan GlaspellMay 05, 2010A Jury of Her Peers (an excerpt)
Anita Baedke-PluckerMay 06, 2010Bridge Between East and West - Okoboji
Molly BrodakMay 07, 2010Lake-Like
Michelle AcuffMay 08, 2010As A Child
Matthew GreenwellMay 09, 2010Day Table
Samuel AmadonMay 10, 2010North of Providence
Lainey BeckMay 11, 2010Warm Shallow Sea
Robert BoswellMay 12, 2010The Right Thing (excerpt)
Melissa J. DelbridgeMay 14, 2010Hurricane Creek (excerpt)
Eric GorderMay 15, 2010Figure
Frank J. WickMay 16, 2010Portrait
William MatthewsMay 17, 2010Negligence
Thomas AgranMay 18, 2010South of Iowa City
Frederic WillMay 19, 2010Excerpt from "Rivers"
Cherie CourterMay 20, 2010Fourth of July Parade
Nate McKeenMay 21, 2010Excerpt from "Wild Kingdom"
Kim AmbrizMay 22, 2010Carousel
James EdelenMay 23, 2010Cheeseburger
Kodi ScheerMay 24, 2010Excerpt from "Gross Anatomy"
William LiebMay 25, 2010Formramid (a pyramid of forms)
Joe Alan ArtzMay 26, 2010Corner Table
Jose SierraMay 27, 2010Chochise B-line
Adam J. EdelmanMay 28, 2010'till 2:00 AM
Grant PetrelliMay 29, 2010Left Handed Tea Pot
Olabayo OlaniyiMay 30, 2010Sacred form
Tim HappelMay 31, 2010Untitled
Mitch EvelethJune 01, 2010Almost Made It
Mary Jedlicka HumstonJune 02, 2010Untitled
Anita Baedke-PluckerJune 03, 2010One with Nature
Lois MuehlJune 04, 2010How to Reach 90
Richard FieldJune 05, 2010Yellow rocker
Eric NelsonJune 06, 2010Untitled
Daniel Lee DalyJune 07, 2010Laurelville
D. J. MoserJune 09, 2010Time's Up
Lainey BeckJune 10, 2010Relational Operations
Tom SouthardJune 11, 2010playing the man card (secret revealed)
Chris AllenJune 12, 2010House on Iowa II
John DriesbachJune 13, 2010Domestic Thrills
Robert WachalJune 14, 2010Summer
Maggie VandewalleJune 15, 2010The Brush Pile
Kate JochumJune 16, 2010One More Thing Before You Go (Ars Poetica)
Allison Lee ColtonJune 17, 2010Journey Of A Child
Mark StellingaJune 18, 2010Confused Little Kid
E. Moore AndersonJune 19, 2010Unicorn Beetle
Eric L. MooreJune 19, 2010Untitled
John ReuterJune 20, 2010untitled
Marvin BellJune 21, 2010Heading Home (from Port Townsend, Washington)
M. S. RyanJune 22, 2010Eventide
Dede DancingJune 23, 2010Community
Micah BloomJune 24, 2010434 Hawkeye Drive - Little Snoopy
Julie ClausJune 25, 2010Shape-shifter
Concepcion HennesseyJune 26, 2010Title Unknown
Harrison BrooksJune 27, 2010Title Unknown
Jenn LaskowskiJune 28, 2010Impromptu Tea Party
Chuck RichardsJune 29, 2010Rollercoaster
Dave MoriceJune 30, 2010The Run-Around
Judith EastburnJuly 01, 2010Framed Tree, Sweeden
Ilse BendorfJuly 02, 2010When You Ask About What Came Before
Craig SatterleeJuly 03, 2010we continue slowly...
Bruce FleischerJuly 04, 2010title unknown
Dianna PennyJuly 05, 2010Old Pianos (excerpt from "River Town Chronicles")
Maggie VandewalleJuly 06, 2010Chattanooga Bits
Nicole RitcheyJuly 07, 2010Spring
Allison Lee ColtonJuly 08, 2010Joyce
Abhijay NimmakayaluJuly 09, 2010Go Green Tango
Qun ZuoJuly 11, 2010april
Kaytlin BinnsJuly 12, 2010My Colorful Summer
M. S. RyanJuly 13, 2010Summer's Eve
Seth Isley ArmstrongJuly 14, 2010Books
John BuckJuly 15, 2010The Times
BrookeJuly 16, 2010Random Poem
Cody BushJuly 17, 2010Watching You Watching Me
John DriesbachJuly 18, 2010Ship of Fools
Kiefer TjarksJuly 19, 2010The Music Stand
Lonna KellerJuly 20, 2010Protective Drinking Elements
Thomas AgranJuly 20, 2010Passing the Buck
Natalie HolmesJuly 21, 2010My Special Melody
Chuck RichardsJuly 22, 2010Sleepover
Abigail MerrillJuly 23, 2010The Show
Rachel Anne LundbergJuly 24, 2010oil lamp
Louise RauhJuly 25, 2010Beth's Basket
Madison MolinaJuly 26, 2010My Special Hideout
Maggie VandewalleJuly 27, 2010Vista
Serena CollinsJuly 28, 2010The Bat's Fight
Ruby GerardJuly 29, 2010When Will the Beats Beat?
D. Jesse DamazoJuly 30, 2010Adventure
Ruby GerardJuly 30, 2010When Will the Beats Beat?
Ruby GerardJuly 30, 2010When Will the Beats Beat?
Ruby GerardJuly 30, 2010When Will the Beats Beat?
Dana NobleJuly 31, 2010vessel pin
Aurora De ArmendiAugust 01, 2010Yo/You
Faith BourgeacqAugust 02, 2010My Soccer Team
Linda LewisAugust 03, 2010Trying Out Alter Egos
Muriel BrownAugust 04, 2010The Swing
Bekah AshAugust 05, 2010Dancing Shoes #1
Hilah KohenAugust 06, 2010Conflagration
Micah BloomAugust 07, 2010Dominoes
Eric L. MooreAugust 08, 2010Untitled
Reese HillAugust 09, 2010The Swans
M. S. RyanAugust 10, 2010The Owl Moon
Janet SkiffAugust 11, 2010Fountains on the Ped Mall
Syed AhmadAugust 12, 2010Water & Moods Reflections 2
Rene PaineAugust 13, 2010New Snow
Charmaine BanachAugust 14, 2010Blood Thinner Than Water
John ReuterAugust 15, 2010Untitled
Emilie ClarkAugust 16, 2010Jazz
Thomas Magdi AwadAugust 17, 2010Along The Way - Series #5
Alison McGoffAugust 18, 2010Unteachable Moments
Soo In BaeAugust 19, 2010The Pond VII
T.M. LindseyAugust 20, 2010Snow Globalization
Craig SatterleeAugust 21, 2010we expect someone to say...
Charmaine BanachAugust 22, 2010Article 5
Welcome Back!August 23, 2010<no title>
Bekah AshAugust 24, 2010Two Girls #6
Allison HeadyAugust 25, 2010Bat in the snow at the edge
Mark BakerAugust 26, 2010Fractured Column
Gregory DelzerAugust 27, 2010Kiss, Interrupted by Pizza Guy
Harrison BrooksAugust 28, 2010Title Unknown
Josh BlackAugust 29, 2010Air-Fresh
Syndy CongerAugust 30, 2010Snowbirds
Syed AhmadAugust 31, 2010Water and Moods Reflections 1
Kathryn HallSeptember 01, 2010Snow
Elaine BallSeptember 02, 2010Embrace
Jill BalmerSeptember 03, 2010Origin
Bruce FleischerSeptember 04, 2010title unknown
Lisa RobertsSeptember 06, 2010No Secrets
Mary E BlakeSeptember 07, 2010175 Glass
Ann ZerkelSeptember 08, 2010Off-Peak
T. Watson BorgaardSeptember 09, 2010The Happy Woman and her New Purple Shoes
Dan CampionSeptember 10, 2010The Ivy
Qun ZuoSeptember 11, 2010still life
Cody BushSeptember 12, 2010ataxia
Stephen Merkel-HessSeptember 13, 2010January 2010
Thomas Magdi AwadSeptember 14, 2010Along The Way - Series #4
Ruth MannaSeptember 15, 2010Character
Joy BolsterSeptember 16, 2010038
Justin Alan CoxSeptember 17, 2010Ghost Buck
Lonna KellerSeptember 18, 2010Protection brooch #2 - hidden leaf
Craig SatterleeSeptember 19, 2010we head south...
Bill LyonsSeptember 20, 2010Winking at the Mouse
Tony BrownSeptember 21, 2010Kat on the Fence Post
Wren AlmitraSeptember 22, 2010Released
Mark BakerSeptember 23, 2010Ladder
David DuerSeptember 24, 2010The Seventeen-Year Cicadas in the Sycamore Tree
Dana NobleSeptember 25, 2010lamp
Monica CorreiaSeptember 26, 201010 Million Orphans
Vic CamilloSeptember 27, 2010Waiting for the Towncrest Bus
Diane BruceSeptember 28, 2010Foggy River
Carol TyxSeptember 29, 2010Red Tomato Rain
John KloppSeptember 30, 2010Venus Descending
Judy BrownOctober 01, 2010Shy Girl: My Childhood in Small Sentences
Eun-Kyung SuhOctober 02, 2010Wall Cabinet IV
Frank J. WickOctober 03, 2010agriculture
Vic CamilloOctober 04, 2010Barbara Asch Camillo
On her 68th birthday
Tara ShuklaOctober 05, 2010Fling
Helen JiangOctober 06, 2010The Grass Yard (excerpt)
Nina Vetrova-RobinsonOctober 07, 2010Summer in Iowa
Tad RichardsOctober 08, 2010PASTORAL
Meredith LynnOctober 09, 20101:19 (Singing Video), December 2009
Louise RauhOctober 10, 2010Untitled
Tony YuOctober 11, 2010Sculptor
Savita BettaglioOctober 12, 2010Red Earth
Austen MattinglyOctober 13, 2010MAMMOTH
Tony BrownOctober 14, 2010Celebration of the Balloons
Riley RegennitterOctober 15, 2010Where I'm From
Bruce FleischerOctober 16, 2010title unknown
Genevieve LawrenceOctober 17, 2010Your Face Through Your Face
Ransom Saivon JohnsonOctober 18, 2010Haiti's Heartbreak
Mark BakerOctober 19, 2010Six Figures
Eva ReynoldsOctober 20, 2010My Day
Elizabeth ShriverOctober 21, 2010Spherical Swirl Lantern
Shirley WangOctober 22, 2010The Diary
Andrew D. MoellerOctober 23, 2010Painting III
Andrew D. MoellerOctober 24, 2010Helping a Fellow Artist Performance
Diamond EstesOctober 25, 2010Falling Snow
Bruce WaltersOctober 26, 2010Vultus
Ana MerinoOctober 27, 2010Nanas De La Greyhound
Diane BruceOctober 28, 2010Western Iowa
Maia DeGraziaOctober 29, 2010My Dog Rosie
Teresa MoralezOctober 30, 2010Duck, duck; sinwg, sway; yes, no, maybe
Joyce HoOctober 31, 2010Monolog
Evan D'AlessandroNovember 01, 2010Poseidon
John KloppNovember 02, 2010Edge of Day - Palm II
Julianne MaxwellNovember 03, 2010I Used to Be
Tara ShuklaNovember 04, 2010Fall
Omar Muhammad Jr.November 05, 2010Skipping
Heidi CastoNovember 06, 2010Anesthesiologist
Andrew CastoNovember 07, 2010Cassack
Akshay SoniNovember 08, 2010Kristallnacht
Nina Vetrova-RobinsonNovember 09, 2010Napping
Kate WolfeNovember 10, 2010The Apple Chucker
Paul MonskaNovember 11, 2010Sun Break
Aaron T. CoxNovember 12, 2010The New World
Elizabeth HonlNovember 13, 2010detail of Internal/External Struggle
Jones OlsenNovember 14, 201011:59 at the Latest
Emily Joan SchartzNovember 15, 2010June
Mary ZeranNovember 16, 2010<no title>
Kiara SmidtNovember 17, 2010Moving
Robert AlexanderNovember 18, 2010Vision Quest
Claudia ChiaNovember 19, 2010Please Listen to Me, Mommy!!
Joyce HoNovember 20, 2010Untitled
Teresa MoralezNovember 21, 2010How to extract a tooth at home
Zora HurstNovember 22, 2010You know what, I am furious.
An Ode to Nature's Lady
Jim MaynardNovember 23, 2010Venture into Fantasy
Nina BernatNovember 24, 2010CHALKY CHALKBOARDS
Nina Vetrova-RobinsonNovember 25, 2010Green Vase with Flowers, Moscow Suburbs
Maddie MoriyamaNovember 26, 2010Autumn
Kathleen Grace McGowanNovember 27, 2010Stephanie
Zoe HawkNovember 28, 2010Braiding
Emily BuckNovember 29, 2010Summer
Jun-Hee LeeDecember 01, 2010Icicles
Paul MonskaDecember 02, 2010Anticipation of Spring
Lucas FroeschnerDecember 03, 2010Bird Blind
Josh BlackDecember 04, 2010Inter-gritty
Joshua Ryan EklowDecember 05, 2010Josh Eklow's Nightmare
Luis Fernando SaezDecember 06, 2010A Beautiful Night
Emmaline Barrett RhodesDecember 08, 2010Six Dogs
Silvia TinelliDecember 10, 2010I Like...
Dana NobleDecember 12, 2010creamer
Luca ChackalackalDecember 13, 2010Friends
John KloppDecember 14, 2010October Snow, (after Mike S. Ryan)
Adam WolfeDecember 15, 2010The Cotton Lie
Jarrett PurdyDecember 17, 2010Pistachio
Hannah HerrDecember 20, 2010When the World Ends
Cora Bern-KlugDecember 22, 2010What Is Life?
Ryan BrennanDecember 24, 2010Cancelled
N. F. K.December 27, 2010Trash Metal
MichaelDecember 29, 2010Information Age
John E. ArcherDecember 31, 2010Lemon Meringue
Charmaine BanachJanuary 02, 2011broke
Rustin LarsonJanuary 03, 2011Winter
Ken ChawkinJanuary 05, 2011Five Haiku
Gene AndersonJanuary 06, 2011Appearing Figure
Charlie HopkinsJanuary 07, 2011Morning and Evening
Suzanne ChouteauJanuary 08, 2011Impossible Dreamer
Douglas BarkeyJanuary 09, 2011Untitled
Guesly MichelJanuary 10, 2011Reminiscing
John ChehakJanuary 11, 2011Pathway
Leah WallerJanuary 12, 2011Birth of a Poem
Craig MillerJanuary 13, 2011Chair
Para SteinmannJanuary 14, 2011Arnheim Aftermath*
Nanci ErskineJanuary 15, 2011Reading the Paper
Jill EricksonJanuary 16, 2011Branded Prawn
Donna DavisonJanuary 17, 2011<no title>
David VersluisJanuary 18, 2011Digital Gyotaku
(Gyotaku is the Japanese art of fish-printing)
Sharalyn PlilerJanuary 19, 2011To a Young Waiter
Margaret PolsonJanuary 20, 2011Aster Plant with Purple
Freddy Niagara FonsecaJanuary 21, 2011The Language of the Trees
Karen GanzJanuary 23, 2011Untitled
Ludovico D'AngeloJanuary 23, 2011Untitled #2
Roger PelizzariJanuary 24, 2011The Beginning of Real Time
Josie MooreJanuary 25, 2011Dracula
Diane KolmerJanuary 26, 2011Moments
James BeardenJanuary 27, 2011Orange Terrain
R. Steve BensonJanuary 28, 2011MIDWESTERN STRETCHES
(after Donald Justice)
Lynn CurtisJanuary 29, 2011Casting a Bell
Tamipe KuraharaJanuary 30, 2011Untitled
Debbie JohnsonJanuary 31, 2011Nothingness
Young Joo YooFebruary 01, 2011The Apple Tree III
Mary Ellen ShaughanFebruary 02, 2011SPRING-TIME IN IOWA
Bonney GoldsteinFebruary 03, 2011Leaving on the 6:15 on a Saturday Night
Sam ErwinFebruary 04, 2011Time
Olabayo OlaniyiFebruary 05, 2011Masking masquerade
Doug HansonFebruary 06, 2011Were One
Cole BauerFebruary 07, 2011The Secrets of Iowa
Michael BrangoccioFebruary 08, 2011Empty Nest
Mark HanleyFebruary 09, 2011An Old Chevy Flatbed
Jan Zelfer-RedmondFebruary 10, 2011Untitled XXXVIII
Glenn FreemanFebruary 11, 2011The Poet Stares Too Long at Picasso
Andrew BiermannFebruary 12, 2011Untitled
Yu-shen ChaoFebruary 13, 2011Spinning Triangles
Michael MeyerhoferFebruary 14, 2011THE INDIANA BLUES
Roy BehrensFebruary 15, 2011William Blake
Rebecca ChristianFebruary 16, 2011My Temple
Patricia HancockFebruary 17, 2011Untitled 6
Sarah KoschFebruary 18, 2011He Said, She Said
Yu-shen ChaoFebruary 19, 2011Triangles in Glass
Nita KehoeFebruary 20, 2011Sealed with a Kiss
Charles CrawfordFebruary 21, 2011Of Potholes and Leather and Construction-Site Workers
Josie MooreFebruary 22, 2011Boxed In
Monsheeka WFebruary 23, 2011What do you see?
James BeardenFebruary 24, 2011Pinnacle (Terrains series)
KristinaFebruary 25, 2011At the Age of 14
Michael BaggarlyFebruary 26, 2011Untitled (in process)
Reggie StevensFebruary 27, 2011I am the Dog
YvetteFebruary 28, 2011Letting Go
Alexander VermillionMarch 01, 2011Lacerata Thanlan
EricaMarch 02, 2011This Piece of Chocolate Cake
Patricia HancockMarch 03, 2011Untitled 4
RitaMarch 04, 2011My sister Rose
Liu KuanchunMarch 05, 2011The 1, the 2, and the many
Tom HarnackMarch 06, 2011Untitled
DonnettaMarch 07, 2011Coming Out of the Attic
Bonney GoldsteinMarch 08, 2011Any Way You Want It
Tina SMarch 09, 2011For Mom
Alexander VermillionMarch 10, 2011Scarabaeidae Cuprum Chalybs
SabraMarch 11, 2011Two Poems
Tim KirkMarch 12, 2011Arch & Tower 1
Andrew BiermannMarch 13, 2011Untitled
EricaMarch 14, 2011Journals
Rachel WilliamsMarch 16, 2011The Fork
Meghan TreasureMarch 17, 2011Continuation
Dick StahlMarch 18, 2011Watching Our Garden Burn
Robert SundermanMarch 19, 2011Flat Sculpture
Jayne HilemanMarch 20, 2011Ladder
Isabel LeviMarch 21, 2011Forever
Meghan TreasureMarch 22, 2011Continuation
Kelsey BerrymanMarch 23, 2011Excerpt from "Hanusha"
Michael BrangoccioMarch 24, 2011Age of Enlightment I
Nita KehoeMarch 26, 2011In case of emergency break glass
Bonney GoldsteinMarch 28, 2011It's a Busy Summer's Day (227)
Jan Zelfer-RedmondMarch 29, 2011Untitled
Jan Zelfer-RedmondMarch 31, 2011Untitled II
Alexander VermillionApril 01, 2011Culicidae Texere
Alicia A. BrownApril 04, 2011Persepolis
William BarnesApril 08, 2011HUSH
Debra SmithApril 11, 2011Releasing Form Two
Michael BrangoccioApril 12, 2011Age of Enlightment III
Laurel FantauzzoApril 13, 2011When I Had a Hernia in My Hometown
Richard BlackApril 14, 2011Small Worlds: Lu-Lu
Wendy XuApril 15, 2011Two Poems
Yu-shen ChaoApril 17, 2011Pupa
George EstreichApril 18, 2011Textbook
Sara BakerApril 19, 2011Lumbar Puncture*
April 20, 2011<no title>
Hilton KoppeApril 21, 2011Witness
Josephine EnsignApril 22, 2011Excerpt from "Gone South" *
Andrew BiermannApril 23, 2011Untitlted
Yvette FranzApril 24, 2011Penchant
Andrew JosephsApril 25, 2011Sound on Sounds on Silence: An Iowa Rain
Larry WeloApril 26, 2011Dream House
J. D. LewisApril 27, 2011This is Not Yet Written, as the French Say
Haley TatomApril 28, 2011'T Were Blessed to Have Seen
Joshua UnikelApril 29, 2011Funhouse
Michael BaggarlyApril 30, 2011Untitled
Lina FerreiraMay 02, 2011from Refranology
Joan Potter ThomasMay 03, 2011The River
Paul LindholdtMay 04, 2011from "Wrangling with Rodeo"
Shelley BrucarMay 05, 2011Interesting Color for a Blackbird
Barbara HambyMay 06, 2011from "Invasion of the Haoles"
MARILÈNE Phipps-KettlewellMay 09, 2011from "Dogs"
Kathie BriggsMay 10, 2011On November Winds
Eric G. WilsonMay 11, 2011from My Business Is to Create: Blake's Infinite Writing
Astrid Hilger BennettMay 12, 2011The Beauty of Innuendo
Julie HansonMay 13, 2011Use the Book
Lindsey BealMay 14, 2011digital text with digital prints, handbound
Yu-shen ChaoMay 15, 2011Hood
L. S. KlattMay 16, 2011Husbandry
Amelia BirdMay 18, 2011Holes
Fred PlattMay 20, 2011MILTON the OPTOMETRIST
Nita KehoeMay 21, 2011...OurNew Unisex Lip Line, Smart Cookie, Custom Blended Colors for the Faculty at the U of I
Tom HarnackMay 22, 2011Teapot 4
Miriam TovalevineMay 23, 2011Excerpt from "After a Month"
Matthew ClarkMay 24, 2011Our Little Jimmy Can Do Anything If He Puts His Mind To It
E. KeeneMay 25, 2011From Blowback
Caryn Mirriam-GoldbergMay 27, 2011The Dreaming Land
Lindsey BealMay 28, 2011Reproduction(s) Installation
Inae ChoiMay 29, 2011eggs
Dana GageMay 30, 2011From Bitter Root Vol. III
Christopher MerkleMay 31, 2011Pentateuch: Numbers 9:15-23
Jessica HeselschwerdtJune 01, 2011Arbor Hospice, Room 243
(A Sestina)
Heather BrammeierJune 02, 2011The Lion Hunt
Barry BensonJune 03, 2011Two Poems
Lindsey BealJune 04, 2011Reproduction(s) To-Go: A Pocket Guide to Contraceptions
Serena J. FoxJune 06, 2011Two Poems
M. Shawn CrahanJune 07, 2011Wise One
Alok SachdevaJune 08, 2011Vision of Ganesha
Robert CraigJune 09, 2011Daredevil
Joe CrowleyJune 10, 2011Walk, Don't Run
Inae ChoiJune 12, 2011Repetition-Lines
Christopher MerkleJune 14, 2011Pentateuch: Exodus 7:24
Richard VaughanJune 15, 2011An Open Letter to Gravity
March 19, 2011
M. Shawn CrahanJune 16, 2011Mattress in Use
Amelia BirdJune 17, 2011Holes
Yu-shen ChaoJune 18, 2011First Island
Inae ChoiJune 19, 2011Sprout Series 2
FatmaJune 20, 2011Eggplant Salad
AnnaJune 22, 2011Cactus Salad/Ensalada de Nopales
LauraJune 24, 2011Shrimp Salad/Ensalada de Camarones
Russ BaileyJune 26, 2011Fourth Station of Four
IsabelJune 27, 2011Gallina Pinta
Christopher MerkleJune 28, 2011Pentateuch: Genesis 40:16-22
BellaJune 29, 2011Black Bean Soup with Pork Ribs
Brian RobertsJune 30, 2011Sunset Elevator
AzoozJuly 01, 2011Sudan Iowa Casserole
AumJuly 04, 2011Thai Stir-Fry
AmnaJuly 06, 2011Aboda Dessi
EricJuly 08, 2011Ground Cherry Jam
Nita KehoeJuly 09, 2011In the Bosom of Time
Tom HarnackJuly 10, 2011Untitled
Art StrongJuly 11, 2011Delila
Paul HunterJuly 12, 2011Eternity F
Larassa KabelJuly 13, 2011Braids - One Nimbus
Heidi CastoJuly 13, 2011The Animals We Become
Peet RobisonJuly 14, 2011<no title>
T. Watson BorgaardJuly 15, 2011Life Is Good
Derek AndesJuly 16, 2011Untitled (Space Camp, a collaboration with Josh Eklow)
Lindsey BealJuly 17, 2011The Venus Series
Nicolette WardJuly 18, 2011Sweet Pea Valley
Nancy LindsayJuly 19, 2011Cottonwood
Rebecca KaplanJuly 20, 2011Excerpt from "A Chronology of High School Dances"
Alex Ryan BauerJuly 22, 2011In the Lace
Josh BlackJuly 23, 2011Inexperienced
Erin CarnesJuly 24, 2011Untitled from Digesting Dystopia Series
Catie MaloolyJuly 25, 2011Excerpt from "Punching Bag"
James Anthony BeardenJuly 26, 2011Woman with Fan (Purple)
Robert RookJuly 27, 2011The Silent Counter
Christian WestermannJuly 29, 2011Fried Chicken
Jillian ChapmanJuly 31, 2011Dear Hart Series
Mitchell HrubyAugust 01, 2011Tears in Hell; A Ghost Story inspired by Eric Clapton
Emily N. BrinkAugust 03, 2011Goodbye to all that
Amanda RossmillerAugust 05, 2011A Memory
Cheryl ChildressAugust 06, 2011Untitled II from an American Dream
Lindsey BealAugust 07, 2011The Venus Series
Arthur Small, Jr.August 08, 2011A Shattering of Illusions
John KloppAugust 09, 2011Spring Farm
Barbara J. KalmAugust 10, 2011Telltale signs
Paul HunterAugust 11, 2011Jubilate G
Noah DoelyAugust 11, 2011from the series "The Man and the Moon " diptych
Bill FordAugust 12, 2011Starlings
Susanna CrumAugust 13, 2011Camera Obscura Pack
Derek AndesAugust 14, 2011Home is Where the Heart Is (Collaboration with Katie Grace McGowan)
Christopher MerrillAugust 15, 2011On the Joy of Faith
Dave MoriceAugust 17, 2011The Situation
David DuerAugust 19, 2011The Story of a Marriage
Joshua DaileyAugust 20, 2011#1
Yu-shen ChaoAugust 21, 2011Tunnel III
David HamiltonAugust 22, 2011The Tao of Crow
David W. GebhardAugust 24, 2011I Greet You Fellow Passenger
Denise TiffanyAugust 26, 2011House on North Gilbert
Josh BlackAugust 27, 2011Life is still Beautiful
Erica DammanAugust 28, 2011Drinking Station
Drusilla R. MandulakAugust 29, 2011The Dead
Gene AndersonAugust 30, 2011Kinetic #13
Gwen LeslieAugust 31, 2011Her Button Box
Glenda DrennenSeptember 01, 2011Fish Dinners
Jennifer B. PierceSeptember 02, 2011Inventory
Lauren DavisSeptember 03, 2011Touch
Douglas DeggesSeptember 04, 2011untitled
Jill BalmerSeptember 05, 2011Once
Sharon SaduskySeptember 06, 2011Lakes Map
Julie ClausSeptember 07, 2011Shepherd
Sharon SaduskySeptember 08, 2011Okoboji Store
Kathryn HallSeptember 09, 2011June
Susanna CrumSeptember 10, 2011Churchill Downs and its Observers
Jillian ChapmanSeptember 11, 2011Dear Hart Series
Kelly Scott FranklinSeptember 12, 2011La Lluvia
Paul HunterSeptember 13, 2011Study for Margin A
Lisa RobertsSeptember 14, 2011Perfect
Lois MuehlSeptember 16, 2011Discovery
Erin CarnesSeptember 18, 2011Untitled from digesting Dystopia Series
Mark MaxwellSeptember 19, 2011Affirmation
Martha SchutSeptember 21, 2011spring coffee
Marvin BellSeptember 23, 2011The Dog in the Window
Erica DammanSeptember 25, 2011Mimicry, Iowa Prairie
Mary Merkel-HessSeptember 26, 2011Sudoku
Nikki BurianSeptember 28, 2011"When did you choose to be gay?"
Patricia BoelensSeptember 30, 2011Braced for Life
Scott LindgrenOctober 03, 2011Perfect Dreams
Stephen Merkel-HessOctober 05, 2011Grey Dawn
Lee IbenOctober 06, 2011Sunset
Thomas W. CaseOctober 07, 2011the Bullfrog Dreams of Flying
Lindsey BealOctober 09, 2011The Venus Series
Usha R. BalakrishnanOctober 10, 2011Healing in a Thousand Ways
Marcia WegmanOctober 11, 2011Woods, Water, Sky
Jackson WillsOctober 12, 2011From Inter Umbras Arborum, a Pastoral Phantasm-agoria
Steve BarkerOctober 13, 2011Refuge
Justin HydeOctober 14, 2011How I Learned
Joshua DaileyOctober 16, 2011#2
Lee PosnaOctober 17, 2011Theseus
Judy Zoelzer LevineOctober 18, 2011Homeless
Jeanne ShoemakerOctober 19, 2011Sonny Criss
Benjamin PercyOctober 21, 2011The Rubber-band Gun
Josh BlackOctober 23, 2011Inexperienced
Steve McNuttOctober 24, 2011Excerpt from SUV vs. Bike, SUV Wins
Bob PlantenbergOctober 26, 2011Excerpt from 7-Eleven
Alan FelsenthalOctober 28, 2011A net in which
Hope PlansOctober 29, 2011Book Prop
Hope PlansOctober 30, 2011Chloe Vesel
Joshua KryahOctober 31, 2011We Are Starved
Astrid Hilger BennettNovember 01, 2011Balance
Melissa GinsburgNovember 02, 2011Squab
Cloyde SnookNovember 05, 2011Bowl
Cloyde SnookNovember 06, 2011casserole
Ryan Van MeterNovember 07, 2011excerpt from Discovery
William BarnesNovember 08, 2011FAR AWAY 5
Antonio GamonedaNovember 09, 2011From Descripción de la mentira
Translated from the Spanish by Sara Gilmore
Haley IsderNovember 10, 2011Le Sigh
Kendra GreeneNovember 11, 2011Equivalents
Abigail SandbergNovember 12, 2011Bike Tire Chair
Jillian ChapmanNovember 13, 2011Dear Hart Series
Matt JanechekNovember 13, 2011Comp. Dance
Craig MoreauNovember 14, 2011Estherville, Iowa
From Chelsea Boy
Michael BarnesNovember 15, 2011The Calling
Trent McMahonNovember 16, 2011Imogene
Chuck BarthNovember 17, 2011El Santo Con Mascaras
S.M. KoschNovember 18, 2011Pity the Bed Its Forced Embrace of the Human Form
-After Matthea Harvey
Laren LelandNovember 19, 2011static:flow
Laren LelandNovember 20, 2011variable surface
Salomat VafoNovember 21, 2011"The Swing"
Adapted by Tim Denevi (originally translated from the Uzbek by Kosim Mamurov)
John BeckelmanNovember 22, 2011Rich with Birds and Fruit
Kat WilliamsNovember 23, 2011Loess
Michael BondNovember 24, 2011Central Park
Marit BergNovember 25, 2011Excerpt from Somewhere a Blind Man's Dreaming
Rachel Anne LundbergNovember 26, 2011Defiance 1
Rachel Anne LundbergNovember 27, 2011Since Nigeria
Sharon Burns-KnutsonNovember 29, 2011<no title>
Jane ChukasDecember 01, 2011Trunk Show
Christine BucktonDecember 03, 2011A Heavenly Pair
Joshua DaileyDecember 04, 2011untitled
Christine BucktonDecember 04, 2011Silent Night
Haley IsderDecember 06, 2011Maraschino
Stan FellowsDecember 06, 2011March 14, No. 1
Karen Kurka JensenDecember 07, 2011Rivers of My Homeland 2
Barbara BianchiDecember 08, 2011Awoke in Wonder
Genji OnishiDecember 09, 2011Damn Superficial
Jacob LancasterDecember 12, 2011the Death of a Moth
Sharon BoomaDecember 13, 2011NO NEED TO GO
Chelsea CoxDecember 14, 2011General
Nancy WylandDecember 16, 2011God's Rite on Palm Island
Josh RolnickDecember 18, 2011Excerpt of "The Herald"
From Pulp and Paper
Connie RobertsDecember 20, 2011Orpheum Theater
Jessie FisherFebruary 04, 2012Killing Well
Rachel Marie-Crane WilliamsFebruary 05, 2012Wisdom and Wild Hares
Jay ChestermanFebruary 06, 2012Boy with Umbrella
Aaron WilsonFebruary 07, 2012Archetype, detail from the installation Parlor
Bill WohlfordFebruary 08, 2012Grampa's Violin
Debra L. HutchisonFebruary 09, 2012Burning the Caterpillars
James RenierFebruary 10, 2012Thinkers
Aliona HairetdinovaFebruary 11, 2012The Corporate
Joan MitchellFebruary 12, 2012Iowa Woman Speaks as Goddess of Meteorology
Heidi NeffFebruary 13, 2012Don't Burst My Bubble
Kimberly JohnsonFebruary 14, 2012The Doctrine of Signatures
Daniel LuchmanFebruary 15, 2012OHRIA___PECHES
Dave HousleyFebruary 16, 2012from Ryan Seacrest Is Famous
Brittany SavolainenFebruary 17, 2012untitled
Cat RocketshipFebruary 18, 2012If I Wasn't Sewn On
Mary J. Vander WegFebruary 19, 2012Dirty Socks
Sara Slee BrownFebruary 20, 2012Sullivan Moon
Mary ZeranFebruary 21, 2012Panel #3
Anita Baedke-PluckerFebruary 22, 2012One with Nature
Bruce WaltersFebruary 23, 2012Vultus
Xingzhi Mara ChenFebruary 24, 2012Seasons
Christopher RenoFebruary 25, 2012The Bicycle
R. K. CourtneyFebruary 26, 2012I'm Sorry
Bao PhamFebruary 27, 2012Golden Hair Vamp
John CoyneFebruary 28, 2012Athena
Uta KrapfFebruary 29, 2012Still in Motion
Vince GoteraMarch 01, 2012Leviathan
Allison CroatMarch 03, 2012There Were Giants
Valerie MillerMarch 04, 2012Daisy
Maria Belina S. ManalangMarch 05, 2012Nada Importa
Susan C. MaakestadMarch 06, 2012Twisted Cataract
Kendra GreeneMarch 07, 2012Turned to Stone
Jordan Acker AndersonMarch 08, 2012Gesture Through Time
Jaqueline DavidsonMarch 09, 2012Once Was And Ever Will Be
Jaroslava SobiskovaMarch 10, 2012Unavoidably Clearer
JosÉ OrduÑaMarch 11, 2012Black and White
Ulfert WilkeMarch 12, 2012DD021 Fragments from Nowhere
Lisa JohnsonMarch 13, 2012No Such Thing as a Neutral Container
Kathy ThorMarch 14, 2012Goat In Blue Dress
Chui Yee TangMarch 15, 2012Tension Lamp 1
Eun-Young LeeMarch 16, 2012Time 1
Karin L. SchminkeMarch 17, 2012Package Metamorphosis #11
Chelsea JacobsMarch 18, 2012Mud Babies
Brian LynchMarch 19, 2012This is the way, Step Inside
Britta UrnessMarch 20, 2012Desired end-states
Craig MoreauMarch 21, 2012Estherville, Iowa
Shannon SargentMarch 22, 2012Mad Musician
Eric LoveladyMarch 23, 2012Teapot
Conifer SmithMarch 24, 2012Red Spiral Journey
Stacey MummMarch 25, 2012Untitled
Allan SchwartzMarch 26, 2012Title unknown
Ryan StandfestMarch 27, 2012Futility Apparatus
Gregory Ann SmithMarch 28, 2012The Journey Is the Destination
Youghee YimMarch 29, 2012Dialogue with Tony-2
John MartinekMarch 30, 2012Red Threshold
Sang-Jin KimMarch 31, 2012Untitled
Terrence WiklundApril 01, 2012Figure One
David TallitschApril 02, 2012Sight Gag
Patricia ChaseApril 03, 2012Witnesses for the Defense
Tom PaiementApril 04, 2012Siren
Leslie HollisApril 05, 2012#9
Saadet OzbudakApril 06, 2012#120 Mosque
Benjamin SpeareApril 07, 2012Pangrati
David MarquezApril 08, 2012PS-6 Untitled
Sunghee YoonApril 09, 2012Nest
Emily MelanderApril 10, 2012When the Moon Blew Through There the Grass Blew Loose
Tommy TaylorApril 11, 2012untitled
Brad KriegerApril 12, 2012Kaching
Sarah Sheets-McKeagApril 13, 2012Title Unknown
Jean SchroederApril 14, 2012Untitled
Debra RippApril 15, 2012End of the Alphabet # 3
Isaac SullivanApril 16, 2012Beach Sunset
James V. CostanzoApril 17, 2012Title Unknown
Steven KemenyffyApril 18, 2012Ceramics Sculpture
Susan TimmApril 19, 2012She Accepted
John HansenApril 20, 2012Inertia
Akiyoshi OsumiApril 21, 2012Untitled #3
Won Jae LeeApril 22, 2012Octopus Lighting Fixture
Renee Vander SteltApril 23, 2012Untitled 634.1993
Sherry MedovichApril 24, 2012Old El Paso Cans
Dan C. WilliamsApril 25, 2012Night to Come
Terry-Barth GuglerApril 26, 2012Unknown
Natasha OverholtzerApril 27, 2012Budding Artist Teapot
Angela RegasApril 28, 2012Untitled
Anindita DuttaApril 29, 2012Behind the Veil- "Gambit"
Youngsoon ChonApril 30, 2012Gee, She Loves Me Too Much
Matthew Hopson-WalkerMay 01, 2012For the People by the Folks
Joshua HaringaMay 02, 2012Door Stop
Aruttapol RuangkanjanasesMay 03, 2012Untitled #11 (The Bur)
Alisha CamusMay 04, 2012Untitled (Two Piece Green)
Jordan GadapeeMay 05, 2012Enough - 2:47 pm
Satomi KawaiMay 06, 2012Floating in a Square II
Scott DolanMay 07, 2012Reader
Gilberto Andres SalinasMay 08, 2012MFA Clearance Environment
Kristen NecessaryMay 09, 2012Read Books
Robin JevabyMay 10, 2012Pink Sonata
Karin MoriMay 11, 2012The Altruist
Mariah DekkengaMay 14, 2012Untitled
Wilbur Thornly BruceMay 15, 2012Untitled II
Nicole PietrantoniMay 16, 2012This Land is My Land
Wendeline Alicia LacinaMay 17, 2012Untitled
John EngelbrechtMay 18, 2012Untitled
Thomas W. CaseMay 19, 2012For a Friend in an Asylum in California
T.J. LechtenbergMay 20, 2012Cameron's First Teapot
Hilary CimentMay 21, 2012Frozen
Josh EklowMay 22, 2012Amboy Crater
Sam YoungMay 23, 2012Circle Sidewalk 2 Mars
Scott SeebartMay 24, 2012Leech Gatherer
Alison McGoffMay 25, 2012Apology to Our New Neighbors
Yuko TanakaMay 26, 2012Narrative Woman 2
Abby MerrillMay 27, 2012On the Stairs
Henry HigginbothamMay 28, 2012Untitled
William FordMay 29, 2012At the Iowa City Jazz Festival
Gianna CommitoMay 30, 2012times pass
Jonathan KimberMay 31, 2012I Barely Knew Her
Heidi RatanavanichJune 01, 2012hear here radio 96.6FM
Lennis MooreJune 02, 2012Home Place II
Jacob MurraJune 03, 2012The Monster Under the Bed
Dean AdamsJune 04, 2012Bronze Bird
Danny FobianJune 05, 2012Pigs
James OchsJune 06, 2012Anatomy of an Artist Conceiving an Idea
Dan CampionJune 07, 2012The Macroscope
Lindsay Elizabeth WarrenJune 08, 2012from History Without Guilt series
Liz KinderJune 09, 2012Urban Chic
Lisa RobertsJune 10, 2012Fifty-five degrees in December
Anna Marie PavlikJune 11, 2012Mongswa, the Animal that Eats Twigs
Parker ProtaskyJune 12, 2012School Begins
T. Watson BogaardJune 13, 2012The Happy Woman and Her New Purple Shoes
Jeff NesheimJune 14, 2012Backroad After Dark
Dena TollefsonJune 15, 2012Autumn Sky
Martin GibbensJune 16, 2012Mourning Commute
Nicole T. BormannJune 17, 2012Illinois Farm
Pareen MhatreJune 18, 2012Chess
Brian AndreasJune 19, 2012Side by Side
Sayan BhattacharyaJune 20, 2012Math
Samuel SholkoffJune 22, 2012The Greatest Magician
Matthew DercoleJune 23, 2012The Lesser Vehicle
Marcos ValellaJune 24, 2012Tromz
Arbe BareisJune 25, 2012Let No Man Put Asunder
Jacob AjiJune 26, 2012Sid the Squid
Julie ClausJune 27, 2012Narcissus
Michael RobertsJune 28, 2012Two Selves
Jill BalmerJune 29, 2012Full of Grace
Hassan AhamedJuly 02, 2012True Tale of Immigration
Mary Merkel-HessJuly 03, 2012February
Ashton DuncanJuly 04, 2012Y-gen
Rene PaineJuly 05, 2012What Makes Us Visible
Sumner CoddJuly 06, 2012Polar Bear Hunt
Kierstin ScrogginsJuly 07, 2012from Daydream
Ryann SparrowJuly 08, 2012Slow Motion Undergrad
Victoria SherJuly 09, 2012Rebis
Amylia GraceJuly 10, 2012What Remains
Lisa K. RobertsJuly 11, 2012First Kiss That Wasn't
Arthur Small Jr.July 12, 2012No Smoking
Matthew SchmidtJuly 13, 2012Grow
Emma Myers-VerhageJuly 14, 2012Monday
Vivien HoJuly 15, 2012Daze
Martin BellJuly 16, 2012Morning in America
Rachel FischerJuly 17, 2012Dreamland
Mike Lewis-BeckJuly 18, 2012Voice of Water
Adeline Jane GoekenJuly 19, 2012Ruby
Rayne FoleyJuly 20, 2012Owls
Aidan MckayJuly 21, 2012Blue Sky
Tim HappelJuly 22, 2012untitled
Siobhn GordonJuly 23, 2012[Enter Fall]
Bill LyonsJuly 24, 2012Flutterdance Bang
Christopher MerrillJuly 25, 2012Acedia
David DuerJuly 26, 2012Tryst
Edward NoblesJuly 27, 2012For A Lost Friend
Janie Breggin BravermanJuly 29, 2012The Love Lives of Rocks
Shirley WyrickJuly 30, 2012Twittering Trees
Hannah RublaitusJuly 31, 2012Obesity
Caroline HouseAugust 12, 2012Polar Bears Going Hungry
Inok KalkwarfAugust 13, 2012Genealogical Record Book
McCall KaineAugust 14, 2012Frogs
James PheganAugust 15, 2012On a Path
Rachel FischerAugust 16, 2012Dreamland
Adrianne BaytonAugust 20, 2012Dogon Creation Myth
Zora HurstAugust 21, 2012contemplations (with toast)
Joshua PodollAugust 22, 2012Rancho Orange
Vismitha VuppalaAugust 23, 2012Snakes in Nature Haiku
Cristina IorgaAugust 24, 2012Travelling Inward 10
Melissa FurnessAugust 25, 2012I wait for you
Yuseph BraderAugust 26, 2012Crepes
Sydney MarksAugust 27, 2012Nature Sings to Me
Mariah DekkengaAugust 28, 2012Untitled
Laura LiAugust 29, 2012By the Riverside
Ethan D'AlessandroAugust 30, 2012<no title>
Neva SillsAugust 31, 2012At The Falls
Kim AmbrizSeptember 01, 2012Dos Perros
Danielle RanteSeptember 02, 2012Fall, Land (Float)
Lael SaleSeptember 03, 2012Velvet and Headers
Denis RousselSeptember 04, 2012Sissy's Pride
Amze EmmonsSeptember 05, 2012Vague Moment
Kelli SpenglerSeptember 06, 2012Featherbath
Elise KendrotSeptember 07, 2012The Occasion
Erin JacksonSeptember 08, 2012I Am Not A Chicken
Ethan FoxSeptember 09, 2012Consumerism
John ManionSeptember 10, 2012Towards the Ideal
Carol Veth SkySeptember 11, 2012Sun Painting
Paul DenhoedSeptember 12, 2012Mandala Box
Jiha MoonSeptember 13, 2012Going Home
Tealia EllisSeptember 14, 2012Housing Addition
Akiyoshi OsumiSeptember 15, 2012Seascape
Ginny PaulsonSeptember 16, 2012You Can Notice
Aurora De ArmendiSeptember 17, 2012El mar, aqui en mi memoria
Antonia Lopes-RoundSeptember 18, 2012Dog Days
James BrennemanSeptember 19, 2012Untitled
Paul DiehlSeptember 20, 2012Crows
Gordon KellenbergerSeptember 21, 2012Purple Barn with Shadow
Allison TiptonSeptember 23, 2012I Keep on Losing Things
Ryan StandfestSeptember 24, 2012Ham Fisted Family: Father
Doug HansonSeptember 25, 2012From Tranquillity Base
Michael GubkinSeptember 26, 2012Two Heads
Andrew CastoSeptember 27, 2012Glisten
Lonna KellerSeptember 28, 2012Woven Protection #2 - Enclosed
Nicole TimminsSeptember 29, 2012Memory Objects
Jill BarnesSeptember 30, 2012Ghostbird
David Van AllenOctober 01, 2012Title Unknown
Diana BehlOctober 02, 2012ten-sense
Hai-Pei ChuOctober 03, 2012Stair Accordion
Tom HarnackOctober 04, 2012Screwing Myself
Joshua HuyserOctober 05, 2012Untitled
Cheryl ChildressOctober 08, 2012Untitled V from an American Dream
Reginald MorrowOctober 09, 2012Sixth Floor Please
Peter AxelsenOctober 10, 2012Sentinel
Erin MaurelliOctober 11, 2012Natural Flow
Adam BurkeOctober 12, 2012The Naked Show
Emerson AndrishokOctober 13, 2012Family Tree
Heidi BoettcherOctober 14, 2012Ross
Debra ConklinOctober 15, 2012Untitled
Michael HagerOctober 16, 2012Coda: Reflections of You
Patrick LallyOctober 17, 2012Bottle
Eric OurenOctober 18, 2012Muse
Rita LambrosOctober 19, 2012Afternoon Meditation
Jared WilliamsNovember 08, 2012Rocky Sad Emotion
Vera RanguelovaNovember 09, 2012Cosmetics
Binh NguyenNovember 10, 2012Draw, Stage 1
John O. SmithNovember 11, 20128
Laurie HallNovember 12, 2012Unsuspecting
Gale Ross MitchellNovember 13, 2012Vase and Bowl
Jeanette KirishianNovember 14, 2012Nuclear Family
Michael MejiaNovember 15, 2012Title Unknown
Liu KuanchunNovember 16, 2012The 1, the 2, and the Many
Taro IikeNovember 17, 2012Gap Lamp
Vera RanguelovaNovember 22, 2012Food
Jared WilliamsNovember 23, 2012The Forge
Laurie HallNovember 24, 2012c space
Robert BrodensenNovember 25, 2012Teapot II
Brian AlvesNovember 29, 2012The Heart is Like a Fist
Reggie AmosNovember 30, 2012Untitled
Shelby Lee AdamsDecember 01, 2012Title unknown
Jesse AlbrechtDecember 02, 2012Empathy
Hartmut AustenDecember 03, 2012untitled
Michael McAreavyDecember 04, 2012"Hymn to Adversity" The Racetrack, Death Valley National Park, CA
Amy BernhardDecember 05, 2012Excerpt from "Storm Chasers"
Christina McClellandDecember 06, 2012Touchstone
Olivia DunnDecember 07, 2012"Amber Waves of Grain"
Joshua AndersonDecember 08, 2012Spooning Folly
Steven AndrewsDecember 09, 2012Figure Drawing #2
Jaime KnightDecember 10, 2012In the Morning Brightness
Jacob LancasterDecember 11, 2012<no title>
JoAnn SchnabelDecember 12, 2012Spring Fling
Katharine MongerDecember 13, 2012Untitled Essay
Mary LaubeDecember 14, 2012Untitled, from the "Altar series"
Lynda AndrusDecember 15, 2012Pinwheels
Ron AndersonDecember 16, 2012Untitled
Mark HanleyDecember 17, 2012"Freedom had come"
Ellen SiebersDecember 18, 2012Telescope or a Microscope IV
Victoria JohnsonDecember 19, 2012"Don't Buy Asparagus When There's Snow on the Ground"
Bruce MorrisonDecember 20, 2012Broken Kettle Winter
Rebecca ChristianDecember 21, 2012"Fallout"
Barbara Hallman KissingerDecember 22, 2012Christmas Merrymaking
Dan AttoeDecember 23, 2012Christmas Ornament
Marvin ConeDecember 24, 2012Design for Christmas Card (Merry Christmas: Marvin & Winnifred Cone and Doris Elaine)
Marvin ConeDecember 25, 2012Design for Christmas Card (Merrie Christmas: Marvin, Winnifred, & Doris Elaine Cone)
Marvin ConeDecember 26, 2012Design for Christmas Card (Greetings from the Cones)
Richard H. DuttonDecember 27, 2012Seasons, Winter
Michal "Maggie" MilsteinDecember 28, 2012"Southbound Birds"
William AppelDecember 29, 2012Praegnatio
Joanna AxtmannDecember 30, 2012Future Exit
Rachel HallasDecember 31, 2012Abstract 3
Patrick J. ReedJanuary 01, 2013Untitled (Decorah #1)
Dani HenkeJanuary 02, 2013Optimus Prime
Karolyn SherwoodJanuary 03, 2013"One Smart Puppy"
Heidi Wiren BartlettJanuary 04, 2013Unit of Work: Migration, White Monarch indoor and outdoor documentation, Drawing performance
Marla BaileyJanuary 05, 2013In the Belly of a Whale
Justin AngelesJanuary 06, 2013Elephant composition
Erick BruckerJanuary 07, 2013"No Fair, Koala Bear"
Caleb GentryJanuary 08, 2013P.O.E.
Amanda HerreraJanuary 09, 2013Rediscovering What Has Long Been Forgotten
Jake AlleeJanuary 10, 2013Quatrefoil Vase
Jared ZimmerlineJanuary 11, 2013You See California
Chieko AraiJanuary 12, 2013Blue lady
Nancy Irene BartuschJanuary 13, 2013Untitled
Marvin ConeJanuary 14, 2013The Return
Marvin ConeJanuary 15, 2013Waiting for the Parade
Marvin ConeJanuary 16, 2013Enigma
Marvin ConeJanuary 17, 2013Houses that Jack Built
Marvin ConeJanuary 18, 2013Achmed
JJ FiegelJanuary 19, 2013<no title>
Adrienne BaytonJanuary 20, 2013Collage II
Lucas ShepherdJanuary 21, 2013Frosting
Christine RebhuhnJanuary 22, 2013Traits and Cutting Edges
Lily Allen-DuenasJanuary 23, 2013empty like a bowl
Judy O. GrayJanuary 24, 2013South Africa Revisited, from the series "Looking on the Bright Side"
Jacob SchnormeierJanuary 25, 2013pulchritude
Mildred BeltreJanuary 26, 2013Untitled
Robert MeyerJanuary 27, 2013title unknown
Clary IllianJanuary 28, 2013Vase, n.d.
Clary IllianJanuary 29, 2013Bowl, n.d.
Clary IllianJanuary 30, 2013Tea Bowls
Raelyn WestonJanuary 31, 2013<no title>
Michael McAreavyFebruary 01, 2013"Get Comfortable with the Unknown" Sequoia National Park, CA
Dan BeckerFebruary 02, 2013Altar with Pepper
Miriam BennettFebruary 03, 2013Cracked Clay
Sydney CohenFebruary 04, 2013Untitled, from the series "Farther Travels from Further Away"
Kelsey BerrymanFebruary 05, 2013The Shiny Tree
Thomas PayneFebruary 06, 2013Bedford, Iowa
Farzad SalamifarFebruary 07, 2013from Le Suicide de Monsieur F.
John TaylorFebruary 08, 2013"Once or Twice"
Stephen BlackFebruary 09, 2013Sleeper
Kerri BlackstoneFebruary 10, 2013Mood Flower
Grant WoodFebruary 11, 2013Volund Shop Silver Pitcher
Grant WoodFebruary 12, 2013Corn Cob Chandelier for Iowa Corn Room
Grant WoodFebruary 13, 2013Market Place, Nuremberg
Deidra NoborikawaFebruary 14, 2013Amour
Grant WoodFebruary 15, 2013Spring in the Country
Roger BowmanFebruary 16, 2013Untitled
Melinda BarberFebruary 17, 2013Get it While You Can, Series 75
Benjamin GardnerFebruary 18, 2013thus we have done
Katie SkinnerFebruary 19, 2013Sylvana: My world's biggest fish
Mark McWhorterFebruary 20, 2013Teapot
Craig MoreauFebruary 21, 2013 * * *
Jean WeinerFebruary 22, 2013Winter Respite
Serina BrekkeFebruary 23, 2013Hanbok & Motiff
Mary E. BriggsFebruary 24, 20133 Cups & Saucers
Clare SimmsFebruary 25, 2013I Forgot . . .
Tim CastleFebruary 26, 2013Between The Stones
Sophie AmadoFebruary 27, 2013Brief Glimpse Into My Eyes
Abby TangFebruary 28, 2013I Took a Trip On a Gemini Spacecraft
Jaime KnightMarch 01, 2013An Impossible Pursuit
Alyse BurnsideMarch 02, 2013Woolworth's Day
John BrossMarch 03, 2013Title unknown
Jeffrey FlugMarch 04, 2013Teapot 7
Lucy MorrisMarch 05, 2013Excerpt from The Weight of What Happened
Sarah DeppeMarch 06, 2013Exhaling Dissolution
Barret BaumgartMarch 07, 2013I Miss the Metropolis
Carlene Dingman AtwaterMarch 08, 2013Three Apples
John BusseMarch 09, 2013Title unknown
Deborah BrooksMarch 10, 2013Breakfast Painting
Yun ShinMarch 11, 2013Shirt
Amy BernhardMarch 12, 2013excerpt from "Resort Home"
JoAnn SchnabelMarch 13, 2013High Tea
Jacob LancasterMarch 14, 2013Ice & Infection
Denice PetersMarch 15, 2013Into the Haze
James BuhlerMarch 16, 2013Red Arabesque
Tom WeingeistMarch 17, 2013Dublin, Ireland
Ellen SiebersMarch 18, 2013Tiny Castle
Ruth M. MethMarch 19, 2013Driftwood
Grant William ThyeMarch 20, 2013Springtime Sunset
Curt SwarmMarch 21, 2013Ma & Pa Gothic
Gemma de ChoisyMarch 22, 2013"Heavy Handed"
Joseph ByrneMarch 23, 2013Lamentation #2
Bruce CarterMarch 24, 2013Lediantra
Mieke EerkensMarch 25, 2013"Dredge"
Karlee MannixMarch 26, 2013One Day, Someday
Joshua WheelerMarch 27, 2013"Cool Hand Luke"
Meghan BeanMarch 28, 2013Absent Referent
Ingrid LilligrenMarch 29, 2013Accumulation
Carla AurichMarch 30, 2013Container #1
Abhijay NimmakayaluMarch 31, 2013My Bunny
Noah DoelyApril 01, 2013Untitled
MariÁngeles Soto-DÍazApril 02, 2013Abstract Numbers of a Revolution, installation at the Staging Gallery, UIowa
Hartmut AustenApril 03, 2013Wedge
Katharine MongerApril 04, 2013"Sinking"
Jennifer LawlerApril 05, 2013Textured and Hammered Stacking Sterling Silver Rings with Adornments
Chansi LongApril 06, 2013The Faces of Cinema—according to David Thomson
Ryan CaseyApril 07, 2013Lying Blue
Ann OlssonApril 08, 2013Bluebell Walk
Elizabeth Rhoads ReadApril 09, 2013V-Zip-It
Erick BruckerApril 10, 2013After the Fact
David LuckApril 11, 2013Crested Box
Rachel WhiteApril 12, 2013Our Lot
Shu Wun (Johnny) ChanApril 13, 2013TableONE
Mary F. CoatsApril 14, 2013Orb 1
{made} communityApril 15, 2013jewelry from the spring 2013 collection
A.J. HunterApril 16, 2013Mid-flight, Mid-west, Mid-drought
Lori Anne DavisApril 17, 2013Impressions of Blue
Nazlı İnalApril 18, 2013Why Be Happy
Judy ThompsonApril 19, 2013Redhead
Nathan ClineApril 20, 2013Old probe
Ling ChiangApril 21, 2013Lamp
Sarah DeppeApril 22, 2013Athirst
Regan GoldenApril 23, 2013Minnechoag Mountain: Saplings
Katie HargraveApril 24, 2013For and in consideration of the great love I bear: Does a tree have standing?, a project commissioned by ATHICA, the Athens Georgia Institute of Contemporary Art
Lisa JohnsonApril 25, 2013"home.land"
Kristen DeGreeApril 26, 2013Beneath the Pavement pt. 1
Victoria JohnsonApril 27, 2013"Don't Buy Asparagus When There's Snow on the Ground"
Seok ChngApril 28, 2013Black Sun & Drowned Sun
M. Randal OwensApril 29, 2013"Surfacing"
Carolyn KruegerApril 30, 2013Three Finger Bowls
Agnes ApicellaMay 01, 2013Sonoma Lake Sail
Hugh LifsonMay 02, 2013Il Mondo Nuovo: Barcarole
Kyle EspinosaMay 03, 2013Venus' Parade
Tom RuudMay 04, 2013May
Julia CiaccioMay 05, 2013Untitled
Thomas PayneMay 06, 2013West of Little Rock, Iowa
John TaylorMay 07, 2013Cold water
Leslie LeavenworthMay 08, 2013Zanzibars
Nell ReganMay 09, 2013"Iowa City Sestina"
Benjamin GardnerMay 10, 2013I have stopped questioning books and stars
Beth CollinsMay 11, 2013Untitled
Taryn Maureen McMahonMay 12, 2013I Like When You Take Care of Me
AleŠ Šteger/ Translated from the Slovenian by Brian HenryMay 13, 2013"Guilt at Lindenstrasse 9"
Peggy CyphersMay 14, 2013Dove
D.A. PowellMay 15, 2013See You Later
Lauren FlynnMay 16, 2013blue on walmart
Kathleen NorrisMay 17, 2013"Hotel Henri Michaux"
Kelly ClarkeMay 18, 2013Symbol Study #25
Maia Coven-ReimMay 19, 2013unknown title
Shelli FinchMay 20, 2013Days I Didn't See Coming
Craig MoreauMay 21, 2013"O, Whitman"
Vicki InghamMay 22, 2013Hidden Pasture
Kurt VonnegutMay 23, 2013"Algren Meets Donoso"
Robert ReevesMay 24, 2013Absentia
Amber O'HarrowMay 25, 2013Evolution
Donald David CraytonMay 26, 2013Abstracting the Negative
Hugh MartinMay 27, 2013"Foot Patrol"
Corrine SmithMay 28, 2013Shelter series #36-12
Chelsea DarterMay 29, 2013The Exhibit
John BrommelMay 30, 2013Love Lifts Lives
Peggy JesterMay 31, 2013Shadows of Man Falling
Emily Joan SchartzJune 01, 2013June
Yoko NoguchiJune 02, 2013Cow Delivering Eggs--Dedicated to Iowa Farmers and Cows
Kenny TanemuraJune 03, 2013"Beit Shemesh"
Jeffrey FlugJune 04, 2013Untitled, from exhibit "Home Sweet Home"
Terry HertzlerJune 05, 2013"Missionaries in the Cornfields"
Ignatius WidiapradjaJune 06, 2013Atlas
Stephen ParkerJune 07, 2013"Love"
Chris MartinJune 08, 2013Music Stand
Chris CloningerJune 09, 2013Phenomenon
Curt SwarmJune 10, 2013Who Won the Race (the tortoise or the snail)?
Nancy PuringtonJune 11, 2013Prelude, to a 500 Year Flood
Jirac DisslerovJune 12, 2013"Deleightful Pie"
Andrea FerrignoJune 13, 2013Expontaneous Eye
Andrea FerrignoJune 14, 2013Internal Rotation
Allison WelchJune 15, 201312
Susan FoleyJune 16, 2013Intuitive Cognition
Ron DurnavichJune 17, 2013Solitude
William FioreJune 18, 2013"The Public Room"
Barry RossJune 19, 2013Awakening
Jean ValentineJune 20, 2013"3 a.m. in New York"
Denice PetersJune 21, 2013A Summer's Welcome
Lawrence RobinsonJune 22, 2013Closing Time Series 1
Anna ClarkJune 23, 2013Tech/Na! Wall Mural
William FreedmanJune 24, 2013"Resolutions"
Carlene Dingman AtwaterJune 25, 2013River's Edge Fallen Tree
Jonathan TravelsteadJune 26, 2013"Lesson in the Sunday Comics"
Alexandra BaraoJune 27, 2013Field Notes
Jane BanningJune 28, 2013Chaff (part 1)
Jane BanningJune 29, 2013Chaff (part 2)
Chris MortensonJune 30, 2013Great Sand Dunes National Canyon
Mark McWhorterJuly 01, 2013One Day in July
David ShieldsJuly 02, 2013"Autobiography as Criticism, Criticism as Autobiography" (part 1)
David ShieldsJuly 03, 2013"Autobiography as Criticism, Criticism as Autobiography" (part 2)
Cherie CourterJuly 04, 2013Fourth of July Triptych
Jamie BurmeisterJuly 05, 2013Star Spangled Banner
Lori RaifeJuly 06, 2013Woman Jar
Rodolfo Salgado, Jr.July 07, 2013Distilling Apparatus
Margaret Beth AlonsoJuly 08, 2013I Give You the Moon and the Stars
Jon RyanJuly 09, 2013Bubble Ring
Hyun Jee SuhJuly 10, 2013Tornado Ring
Hope PlansJuly 11, 2013Emerging brooch
Este HartJuly 12, 2013Writing Paper
Amber O'HarrowJuly 13, 2013Ginger Leaf Necklace
Inae ChoiJuly 14, 2013Spring
Jennifer LawlerJuly 15, 2013Amethyst and Peridot Sterling Silver Trapezoid Ring
Eula BissJuly 16, 2013"Time and Distance Overcome" (Part 1 of 4)
Eula BissJuly 17, 2013"Time and Distance Overcome" (Part 2 of 4)
Eula BissJuly 18, 2013"Time and Distance Overcome" (Part 3 of 4)
Eula BissJuly 19, 2013"Time and Distance Overcome" (Part 4 of 4)
Tzu Chih HuangJuly 20, 2013Self Portrait
Sonya NaumannJuly 21, 2013The Dunce Series
Jack GilbertJuly 22, 2013"Late Friday Night in Summer Iowa"
Lori Anne DavisJuly 23, 2013To Break the Silence
Anne CarsonJuly 24, 2013"TV Men: Artaud"
Jeff HirstJuly 25, 2013ReBuilding Migration Patterns
Jeff HirstJuly 26, 2013Open Renewal
Emily Ann BowserJuly 27, 2013Untitled
Saly LeeJuly 28, 2013Untitled
Ingrid LilligrenJuly 29, 2013Canned Ham
Sappho (translated from the Greek by Peter Jay)July 30, 2013104a
Kristen DeGreeJuly 31, 2013Writing the Bear
Kyle EspinosaAugust 01, 2013Queen's Legs
Amy Namowitz WorthenAugust 02, 2013Terrace Hill with Peacock
Amy Namowitz WorthenAugust 03, 2013Apotheosis at Marston Hall
Laura IancuAugust 04, 2013Untitled
Elizabeth ShoresAugust 05, 2013A Place
Elizabeth ShoresAugust 06, 2013A Place
Elizabeth ShoresAugust 07, 2013A Place
Charles WrightAugust 08, 2013"Reply to Lapo Gianni"
Diane WilliamsAugust 09, 2013"The Helpmeet"
Elizabeth A. DavenportAugust 10, 2013The Approach
Christopher M ForsytheAugust 11, 2013History Lesson
Edward HirschAugust 12, 2013"Matisse"
Mille GuldbeckAugust 13, 2013Sun Storms
Mille GuldbeckAugust 14, 2013Territory I
Naomi WallaceAugust 15, 2013"The Conquistadores"
Fredrick WoodardAugust 16, 2013"En La Bodega"
William RileyAugust 17, 2013Untitled
Christopher MillerAugust 18, 2013Greencastle Ave. Bridge
Dick ShookAugust 19, 2013Bike Club
Dick ShookAugust 20, 2013Rock Paper Scissors
Edward FalcoAugust 21, 2013"Brooklyn"
Chelsea DarterAugust 22, 2013The Laundromat
Ina CumpianoAugust 23, 2013"Migraine"
Sean DoyleAugust 24, 2013A.M. 7
Belindah MutukuAugust 25, 2013Fish & N Design
Wesley OsamAugust 26, 2013Cat Dreams
Nathan ClineAugust 27, 2013Fingerware
Amber O'HarrowAugust 28, 2013Octopus Chair
Jason MessierAugust 29, 2013Monster Mash
Akiko MitaniAugust 30, 2013Dragon Chair
John ManionAugust 31, 2013Go Dora Go
Meiji ZhangSeptember 01, 2013Toilet Chair
Ann OlssonSeptember 02, 2013Purple Cow
Jorie GrahamSeptember 03, 2013"For Mark Rothko"
Anne ShawSeptember 04, 2013Stead (Territory)
Anne ShawSeptember 05, 2013Stead (Nomadic Garden)
Anne ShawSeptember 06, 2013Stead (Home Alone)
James KlecknerSeptember 07, 2013Justin
Hui-Yun WuSeptember 08, 2013Pineapple Ring
Selwyn PritchardSeptember 09, 2013"In The Woop-Woops"
Grant William ThyeSeptember 10, 2013Lake Red Rock Pasture
Marvin BellSeptember 11, 2013"A Goldfinch"
Ignatius WidiapradjaSeptember 12, 2013Entanglement
John BrommelSeptember 13, 2013Pulling Together
Jonas OlsonSeptember 14, 201311:59 at the latest
John DeasonSeptember 15, 2013Selling Lemonade on the Fifth Principal Meridian, Durant, Iowa
Karlee MannixSeptember 16, 2013Remember
Ron DurnavichSeptember 17, 2013Autumn Tree
Vicki InghamSeptember 18, 2013Pian Grande
Alicia A. BrownSeptember 19, 2013Reflections of Roussillon
Mara ColeSeptember 20, 2013Green Sorrow
Jinman JoSeptember 21, 2013The Struggle for Life
Guolin ZhaoSeptember 22, 2013Global Warming 1
Scot BunnellSeptember 23, 2013Station 25
Beppie WeissSeptember 24, 2013Fall Harvest
Kimberlee RoccaSeptember 25, 2013Splash III
Ken DubinSeptember 26, 2013Passage #5 from EMERGENCE / BURIAL / ... SERIES: 1979 - Present
Kristina PaabusSeptember 27, 2013from The Excess Series
Cheryl YoungerSeptember 28, 2013Title unknown
Sanghee YooSeptember 29, 2013A Performance
Phil LichtenhanSeptember 30, 2013Nest #812
Larry WeloOctober 01, 2013untitled street scene
Larry WeloOctober 02, 2013The Roadhouse
Steve MitchellOctober 03, 2013CG50 Russian Chrysocolla
Sharon FranceOctober 04, 2013Old Outhouse View
Ming YangOctober 05, 2013Napkin-ring (1)
Gek Choo YeoOctober 06, 2013Resonance
Cathleen GordonOctober 07, 2013Swimming Fish
William Ashby McCloyOctober 08, 2013Spirit of Self Sacrifice
Philip GustonOctober 09, 2013The Young Mother
Eve Drewelowe (Van Ek)October 10, 2013Monsieur Poinsett
Lee AllenOctober 11, 2013Corn Country
Alisa HolenOctober 12, 2013Cha-Cha
Greta SongeOctober 13, 2013Pepi and Lula
Marty MitchellOctober 14, 2013Early Fall, Quarry
Thomas C. JacksonOctober 15, 2013American Cipher 59
Robert DietrichOctober 16, 2013LooseTown
David B. HeusinkveldOctober 17, 2013Best Lily
David B. HeusinkveldOctober 18, 2013East Amana Cow Call
Justin SchortgenOctober 19, 2013Untitled
Alyss M. VernonOctober 20, 2013Begin Again no.6
Steven Holl ArchitectsOctober 21, 2013Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa
Steven Holl ArchitectsOctober 22, 2013Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa
Steven Holl ArchitectsOctober 23, 2013Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa
Julius CaviraOctober 24, 2013'Kiss' Study 3b
Julius CaviraOctober 25, 2013'Kiss' Study 1a
Mollie A. GoldstromOctober 26, 2013If I miss, I miss but little I
Tiffany KunklerOctober 27, 2013Gotcha!
J. W. LaughlinOctober 28, 2013Waterway
Esther Baker-TarpagaOctober 29, 2013Beautiful Struggle
Esther Baker-TarpagaOctober 30, 2013Chapstick Dance
Suzanne B. AunanOctober 31, 2013Happy Halloween
Janeice SilbermanNovember 01, 2013Golden
Matthew WeberNovember 02, 2013Industry No. 7
Rachel J. SingelNovember 03, 2013Seed Pods
Doris ParkNovember 04, 2013Diamond Back Terrapin
Mauricio LasanskyNovember 05, 2013Sol y Luna (Sun and Moon)
Lil PicardNovember 06, 2013Crossing
Grant WoodNovember 07, 2013Approaching Storm
Philip GustonNovember 08, 2013John's
Philip GustonNovember 09, 2013Any French Restaurant
Aaron A. LurthNovember 10, 2013Untitled
Joan Liffring-Zug BourretNovember 11, 2013Emma Big Bear (Last of her tribe, Marquette, Iowa)
Joan Liffring-Zug BourretNovember 12, 2013Man in Boat, Monet's Garden
M. S. RyanNovember 13, 2013The Road to the Suncatcher II
John SchirmerNovember 14, 2013The Secret
Elana HaglerNovember 15, 2013Analogion
Carrie MethenyNovember 16, 2013Chicklet Teapot and Cups
Allison WelshNovember 17, 2013untitled
Dan PerryNovember 18, 2013Alidade
Sandra DyasNovember 19, 2013Caroline Louise, near Andrew, Iowa, from the project Lost in the Midwest
Gail ChavenelleNovember 20, 2013Puppy
Wendi WendtNovember 21, 2013Road Home
Wendi WendtNovember 22, 2013City of Amber
Sarah Phyllis SmithNovember 23, 2013Untitled
Arden HendrieNovember 24, 2013Untitled
Ann RoyerNovember 25, 2013untitled
Ann RoyerNovember 26, 2013untitled
Mark StevensNovember 27, 2013The Violinist
Kathy KapitanNovember 28, 2013Thankful
Mel AndringaNovember 29, 2013Footballs/Baked Potatoes
Youngjoo YooNovember 30, 2013The Cloud in My Dreams
Joe MeineckeDecember 01, 2013Jar
James Anthony BeardenDecember 02, 20132Rhinos
Leslie LeavenworthDecember 03, 2013Habitat
Eric ShawDecember 04, 2013Dance with Me
Amanda MaciubaDecember 05, 2013Untitled Sprawl
Lori RaifeDecember 06, 2013Untitled
Ian EtterDecember 07, 2013Untitled
Kevin ChamberlainDecember 08, 2013Beginning
Garrett NobbsDecember 09, 2013Elecampane
Garrett NobbsDecember 10, 2013Tu Quoque Es
Anthony PlautDecember 11, 2013Em in the early modern room
Zora MurffDecember 12, 2013Youthful Offender 1
Zora MurffDecember 13, 2013Taylor School
Delbert JacksonDecember 14, 2013Pineapple Vase
Matthew J. BorgerDecember 15, 2013Real-Time Inhumanity
Kristina PaabusDecember 16, 2013from The Excess Series
ThÉrÈse MurdzaDecember 17, 2013and: also you (addendum 2)
Justin SchortgenDecember 18, 2013Trance-Lumines-Sense Installation
Dell B. Magnuson-SecorDecember 19, 2013Snow Path
Dell B. Magnuson-SecorDecember 20, 2013Snow Storm
Joshua DosterDecember 21, 2013Donkey Fever 8
Daniel AttoeDecember 22, 2013Cabin and Rack
Susan ColemanDecember 23, 2013Winter Pines
Jessica BeaganDecember 24, 2013Mother Christmas
Christine BucktonDecember 25, 2013Winter Wonderland
Nancy CrovettiDecember 26, 2013The Other Side of Christmas
Suzanne AunanDecember 27, 2013Amana Winter
Erin CarnesDecember 28, 2013Untitled from Digesting Dystopia Series
Cheryl RobinsonDecember 29, 2013golden Monee 2
Vince GoteraDecember 30, 2013<no title>
Rustin LarsonDecember 31, 2013Winter
Jim BusbyJanuary 01, 2014Stack Series- Triple Stack
Amanda JohnsonJanuary 02, 2014Flag Landscape
Amanda JohnsonJanuary 03, 2014World Landscape
Allison HoldenJanuary 04, 2014Children's Furniture Series
Karin WaskiewiczJanuary 05, 2014The Summit
Nell ReganJanuary 06, 2014"Iowa City Sestina"
Sandra DyasJanuary 07, 2014Sean Preciado Genell, Marco's Taxicab, Iowa City, Iowa, from the project Lost in the Midwest
Frank O. Gehry & Associates and Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck ArchitectureJanuary 08, 2014Iowa Advanced Technologies Laboratory
William FordJanuary 09, 2014At the Iowa City Jazz Festival
Suzanne AunanJanuary 10, 2014University of Iowa Medical Complex
Margaret KimJanuary 11, 2014Floating world
Robert SchefmanJanuary 12, 2014Vermeer in Bosnia
Len DavisJanuary 13, 2014A Thousand Words #9
Betye SaarJanuary 14, 2014Blow Top Blues: The Fire Next Time
Grant WoodJanuary 15, 2014Lilies of the Alley
Alison SaarJanuary 16, 2014Lost Boys
Mary ZeranJanuary 17, 2014Breathe Through This #1, #2, #3
Brendan N. BaylorJanuary 18, 2014Cache
Larry NidayJanuary 19, 2014Necklace
Laura Goldman WeinbergJanuary 20, 2014Blissful Colors
Steve MitchellJanuary 21, 2014Copper Bracelet 4CB
Glenda DrennenJanuary 22, 2014The Red Leaf
Glenda DrennenJanuary 23, 2014Beat Vigorously
Rene PaineJanuary 24, 2014New Snow
Zach CollinsJanuary 25, 2014Thunder in The Sand 2
Alyss M. VernonJanuary 26, 2014Untitled
Melynda Van ZeeJanuary 27, 2014Focus on the Light not the Shifting Shadows
Floriana HayesJanuary 28, 2014Pears
Elyse DemarayJanuary 29, 2014Sterling Oval Mask Pendant and Round Mask Sterling Pendant
Bill StamatsJanuary 30, 2014He found them in the clouds
Laura YoungJanuary 31, 2014Untitled #4
Salvatore Aleto Jr.February 01, 2014World of Nonsense
Joshua DailyFebruary 02, 2014indistinct
Dewey GarrettFebruary 03, 2014R/B
Mathew RudeFebruary 04, 2014Vase
Grant WoodFebruary 05, 2014Wrought Iron Candle Stand Lamp
Jack SlentzFebruary 06, 2014Amigos
Elisabeth MaurlandFebruary 07, 2014Lidded Bowl with Mackerel
Twyla BloxhamFebruary 08, 2014Fruit
Matt JanechekFebruary 09, 2014Plywood Chair #2
Anthony CastronovoFebruary 10, 2014Hybrid Collaboration
Anthony CastronovoFebruary 11, 2014After Trillium
Kate MarshallFebruary 12, 2014Tonight
Michelle CantwellFebruary 13, 2014Just Me
John BrommelFebruary 14, 2014Love Lifts Lives
Taylor YocomFebruary 15, 2014Domestic Glimpses (4)
Allison WelshFebruary 16, 2014untitled
Joni Reed CooleyFebruary 17, 2014Flowing Sapphire in the Snow
Michael BlandFebruary 18, 2014Hindsight
Michael BlandFebruary 19, 2014Masked
Michael BlandFebruary 20, 2014Bring It
Dan PerryFebruary 21, 2014Stanchion
Zach StensenFebruary 22, 2014Self-Similarity
Amy GoldsmithFebruary 23, 2014teenage jeans
Jim JoyceFebruary 24, 2014"A Minute on the Disposable Camera"
Art CiccottiFebruary 25, 2014orange and blue cane and murinni vase
Charlotte HamiltonFebruary 26, 2014Inertia
Amanda M BarrFebruary 27, 2014Diagonal Print Mugs
Al KratzFebruary 28, 2014Counsel
Samantha MitchellMarch 01, 2014Disparate Youth Necklace
Zoe HawkMarch 02, 2014Boarding School
Conger MetcalfMarch 03, 2014Boy with Salamander
Conger MetcalfMarch 04, 2014My Brother Malcolm
Conger MetcalfMarch 05, 2014Portrait of Marie-Claude
Conger MetcalfMarch 06, 2014Ragazzo Fiorentino
Susan ColeMarch 07, 2014Boat Insanity
Youghee YimMarch 08, 2014Mediation of wood
Jonathan JohnsonMarch 09, 2014New Surfaces II
Joseph DonkaMarch 10, 2014Shy
Joseph DonkaMarch 11, 2014Metropolis
Joseph DonkaMarch 12, 2014Moonglow
Janna BowmanMarch 13, 2014Patron windchime light
{made} communityMarch 14, 2014bowery rose collection
Marian WadeMarch 15, 2014Listen To Me
Ben UpchurchMarch 16, 2014Blender
Gerald WickhamMarch 17, 2014Ode to Irish Cows
Ariel MinerviniMarch 18, 2014Tickled Pink and Green with Envy
Ariel MinerviniMarch 19, 2014Regret
Mary Ellen ShaughanMarch 20, 2014SPRING-TIME IN IOWA
Arlyn NorrisMarch 21, 2014African Time
Katie HargraveMarch 22, 2014Communing with White Pines
Madison TravissMarch 23, 2014Wind Energy
Laura SweeneyMarch 24, 2014Old Geyser
Rachel BuseMarch 25, 2014Hagar
Mary Beth ShafferMarch 26, 2014IF
ThÉrÈse MurdzaMarch 27, 2014elevations 003-04
Michael CarrinoMarch 28, 2014Olivia
Travis HeadMarch 29, 2014Reflecting pool
Nathan MortonMarch 30, 2014Body/Fence 2
Jean MurrayMarch 31, 2014Towhees
Jean MurrayApril 01, 2014French Wall
Beppie WeissApril 02, 2014Spring Orchard
M. S. RyanApril 03, 2014Cicada Evening
Lisa HennerApril 04, 2014Childish Things
Allyson BoneApril 05, 2014Faceted
Jill KambsApril 06, 2014Boyfriend #3
Marian WadeApril 07, 2014The Narrow Path
Scott SjobakkenApril 08, 2014The Bee Is Me
Danielle GasparroApril 09, 2014Self-Directed Study
Danielle GasparroApril 10, 2014Sawdust
Danielle GasparroApril 11, 2014Calling
Stephen J. CromptonApril 12, 2014Jamestown Mall #1
Cheri LongApril 13, 2014Three Vases
Dean SchwarzApril 14, 2014Barn Storms
Dean SchwarzApril 15, 2014How Did a Ghost Become an Ikon, Mr. Ben?
Dean SchwarzApril 16, 2014A Portrait of Generations
Dean SchwarzApril 17, 2014A Very Bright Day
Dean SchwarzApril 18, 2014Gunnar Racing Chester
Alison FilleyApril 19, 2014Hollywood Acne
Angela RegasApril 20, 2014Untitled
Justin SchortgenApril 21, 2014Lifecycles (series) Installation
Carol BodensteinerApril 22, 2014Tackling Litter
Scott SjobakkenApril 23, 2014Oh The Humanity
Janna BowmanApril 24, 2014planters
Guldeniz D. MartinekApril 25, 2014<no title>
Chris FredriksenApril 26, 2014Remains of the Prow
Takusuke KawasakiApril 27, 2014Untitled
Patricia KimleApril 28, 2014Face beads
Melynda Van ZeeApril 29, 2014Germination
Heidi L. OligmuellerApril 30, 2014Refugee Reverie, a Haiku
Christiana ByrneMay 01, 2014Moss Ring
Jennifer RosnerMay 02, 2014The New Violin
Ben RubinMay 03, 2014Two Heads
Sarika SuglaMay 04, 2014All We'll Have Left [Reflection]
Tina DolenMay 05, 2014The Chill of Death
Elana HaglerMay 06, 2014Witnessing
Floriana HayesMay 07, 2014Red Marbles
Timothy TrenkleMay 08, 2014The Old Gangster
Elisabeth MaurlandMay 09, 2014Feathered Bird Platter
Simon LevinMay 10, 2014Teapot
Meghan NicholsMay 11, 2014Back and Forth
Judy BalesMay 12, 2014Folded Hat, art for the body
Bill StamatsMay 13, 2014He held their gaze
Robin JebavyMay 14, 2014Exalted
Joni Reed CooleyMay 15, 2014Beckoning
{made} communityMay 16, 2014san rafael street collection
Rachel L. LivedalenMay 17, 2014A Flutter and a Flop
Colin Sterling KingMay 18, 2014Casserole dish
Elyse DemarayMay 19, 2014Voices from the Past: Petroglyph 1
Diane KolmerMay 20, 2014Dancing in the Light
Laura Goldman WeinbergMay 21, 2014Flowers at Night
Mary SwansonMay 22, 2014Blue Pill
Lucy MorrisMay 23, 2014AT SPb (or St. Petersburg)
Marian WadeMay 24, 2014The Way It Was
Richard WenrichMay 25, 2014Untitled (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)
Michael CarrinoMay 26, 2014Victoria
Art CiccottiMay 27, 2014red, white, and blue murrini vase
Bernice SantiagoMay 28, 2014Banyan Tree
Amanda M BarrMay 29, 2014When It Rains
Rachel BuseMay 30, 2014Jungle
M. Alexis PikeMay 31, 2014Atomic Family: Nuclear #1
Robert CaputoJune 01, 2014Portrait with iPod Nano
Jean WeinerJune 02, 2014Moonlit Dance
Jean WeinerJune 03, 2014Studio Essentials
Magda Montiel DavisJune 04, 2014Stepping into Exile
JosÉ SierraJune 05, 2014Inca teapot
Joseph MurrayJune 06, 2014Colorado Wildflowers
Adam WolpaJune 07, 2014Our Lands and Valleys
Steven WiseJune 08, 2014Descent
Brian PrughJune 09, 2014The Echo of Your Own Blood in the Shell
Calee HimesJune 10, 2014monochrome in acrylic, #1
Michelle CantwellJune 11, 2014Lucid
Mitch EvelethJune 12, 2014Great Lake Days
Abigail CooperJune 13, 2014State of Mind
Steven G. VickersJune 14, 2014Re-Entry
Michael SmithJune 15, 2014Jar
Oliver Davis HoffmanJune 16, 2014Once Upon a Time
Mia Bella ChaymangJune 17, 2014Introduction of My Mom (aka Emily Ha)
Matthew Jacob MarracheJune 18, 2014Name Poem
Sasha Magdalena NierenbergJune 19, 2014Tan
Jeremy Paul NierenbergJune 20, 2014An Important Person to Me
Mary Kline-MisolJune 21, 2014Garden of Live Flowers
Jeffrey Lyn NicholsJune 22, 2014Mulebach Implosion
Marty MitchellJune 23, 2014White Roof, Summer
Christine Coombs ZouliasJune 24, 2014Yellow Hibiscus
Samantha CochraneJune 25, 2014How We Killed Sex and Everything Remotely Interesting
Annick SjobakkenJune 26, 2014Ceramics Studio, from the series I Really Need Some Personal Space
Annick SjobakkenJune 27, 2014Bed, from the series I Really Need Some Personal Space
Colin McDonaldJune 28, 2014Blossoming
Meredith LynnJune 29, 2014New Mouth
Jennifer MitchardJune 30, 2014Journey
Jennifer MitchardJuly 01, 2014A Man
Jennifer MitchardJuly 02, 2014Cher Ami
Marian WadeJuly 03, 2014Anger
Cherie CourterJuly 04, 2014Fourth of July Parade
Jeannette WieserJuly 05, 2014self portrait #6
Robert HudsonJuly 06, 2014Sagger Fired form
Janna BowmanJuly 07, 2014necklace
Tiffany KunklerJuly 08, 2014Black Ice
Patricia KimleJuly 09, 2014Sheltered pearl donut bead series
Leeyeon YooJuly 10, 2014Summer Dream
Margaret KimJuly 11, 2014Petal Bracelet
Angela WoitoJuly 12, 2014Untitled (After Fra Angelico)
Sheila SitterlyJuly 13, 2014Sisters
Christine HilbertJuly 14, 2014Keep Quiet So The Truth Can Be Heard
Christine HilbertJuly 15, 2014And then I saw me
Colt L. AmbornJuly 16, 2014Servile Sellout
Mark PetersonJuly 17, 2014Structures II
James Alan SorensenJuly 18, 2014Title unknown
James Alan SorensenJuly 19, 2014Title unknown
James Alan SorensenJuly 20, 2014Title unknown
Judy BalesJuly 21, 2014Yūgen, site specific installation
Adam GromotkaJuly 22, 2014Sprint's Invention: The Framily Plan
Tanner KingJuly 23, 2014Excerpt from Running Commentary
Cole RushJuly 24, 2014THIEF, an excerpt (video game review)
Devin Van DykeJuly 25, 2014Excerpt from LAST TRIP
Kathleen SamekJuly 26, 2014Serenity Vase
Gerald SwiggerJuly 27, 2014Untitled
Raquel Lisette BakerJuly 28, 2014When He Gets Weary: A Revision, part one
Raquel Lisette BakerJuly 29, 2014When He Gets Weary: A Revision, part two
Raquel Lisette BakerJuly 30, 2014When He Gets Weary: A Revision, conclusion
JosÉ SierraJuly 31, 2014<no title>
Christiana ByrneAugust 01, 2014Hives
Dean SpencerAugust 02, 2014The Balance of Life
Aaron RichardsonAugust 03, 2014Untitled
Iowa State FairAugust 04, 2014Fine Arts exhibits
Iowa State FairAugust 05, 2014Photography Salon
Iowa State FairAugust 06, 2014Fine Arts exhibits
Iowa State FairAugust 07, 2014Photography Salon
Iowa State FairAugust 08, 2014Fine Arts exhibits
Meghan KalilAugust 09, 2014Letter Series
Olga LomshakovaAugust 10, 2014Camo Swatches
Shelagh GambleAugust 11, 2014Typical
Jim JoyceAugust 12, 2014Have You Not Been Listening?
Lainey BeckAugust 13, 2014Falling Snails
Danielle GasparroAugust 14, 2014Divine Pistachio Ice Cream Pie
Mary SwansonAugust 15, 2014Mother and Child
Wendy LaingAugust 16, 2014Untitled
Lincoln PhillipsAugust 17, 2014Beams Lab, Biology Annex
Nicole Zoe MillerAugust 18, 2014All Tangled Up
Nicole Zoe MillerAugust 19, 2014The Bartender
Kate MarshallAugust 20, 2014Dreamer
Jeff AllenAugust 21, 2014Three Apples
Catherine RoseAugust 22, 2014Memoir: An Excerpt
Yi-hui HuangAugust 23, 2014Two Parallel timeline
Matthew J. BorgerAugust 24, 2014Shared Data Plan Shared Devastation
Claudia McGeheeAugust 25, 2014Tallgrass Midday
Jooweon ParkAugust 26, 2014Interview
Lauren TucciAugust 27, 2014Directions
Lauren TucciAugust 28, 2014Nurture
Arlyn NorrisAugust 29, 2014Pecans
Joseph NelsonAugust 30, 2014Balanced Beams (marquette)
Shelley CurtisAugust 31, 2014Torso
Samantha MitchellSeptember 01, 2014Whoopee Cushion Flask
Wesley OsamSeptember 02, 2014Eyeball
Charlotte HamiltonSeptember 03, 2014Eulogy to an Office Romance
Tiffany KunklerSeptember 04, 2014Dishware Bangles
June MelbySeptember 05, 2014<no title>
Julie SwansonSeptember 06, 2014Winged Pot
Cristiane Paganelli CunhaSeptember 07, 2014The Collection
Jessie FisherSeptember 08, 2014Double Valentine and Silenus Figure
Mitch EvelethSeptember 09, 2014Early Delivery
Jim JoyceSeptember 10, 2014The Joyces I Know
Jim JoyceSeptember 11, 2014The Many Joyces I Know, Part II*
Grant WoodSeptember 12, 2014Feeding the Chickens
Christopher RenoSeptember 13, 2014The Ramshackle Jungle
Thomas R. DrewSeptember 14, 2014Title unknown
Grant WoodSeptember 15, 2014The Doorway, Perigueux (Door at the Foot of the Stair)
Colt L. AmbornSeptember 16, 2014Cutting the Stallion
Grant WoodSeptember 17, 2014Midsummer
Jooweon ParkSeptember 18, 2014Mother I
Jooweon ParkSeptember 19, 2014Mother II
Suzanne Celine BradleySeptember 20, 2014Nesting Bowls
Carianne MackSeptember 21, 2014West
Joseph MurraySeptember 22, 2014Towards Evening
Kate MarshallSeptember 23, 2014Visitors
Jennifer RyanSeptember 24, 2014Where Is the Camera
Stephanie KoenigSeptember 25, 2014You Sung Too Soon #3
Stephanie KoenigSeptember 26, 2014And You're Quite the Little Collector
Terri L. WarpinskiSeptember 27, 2014Untitled
Josh A. Van StippenSeptember 28, 2014NanoSpheroid
Sarah CooteSeptember 29, 2014Controlled Deluge
GeneviÈve GallantSeptember 30, 2014Eska Summit
Abigail CooperOctober 01, 2014Anitha
Carol A. WhippleOctober 02, 2014Chasing Night Sky 2
Julie VermeerOctober 03, 2014Fall
Harold VellineOctober 04, 2014Title unknown
James PheganOctober 05, 2014Bedtime
Claudia McGeheeOctober 06, 2014Indigo Buntings at Wilson's Orchard
Mary LaubeOctober 07, 2014A Burial at Sea
Mary LaubeOctober 08, 2014even you, are full of soft burning goods
Blaise DukeOctober 09, 2014Speechless
Amelia Blair LangfordOctober 10, 2014Fly, Fly Away
Barbara JK NwachaOctober 11, 2014The Fool
Tyler W. CochranOctober 12, 2014Light Fixture 2
Hartmut AustenOctober 13, 2014Shadow Figure
Michael CarrinoOctober 14, 2014At the Lakeshore
David LeeperOctober 15, 2014Koi
Jared KraussOctober 16, 2014All Shi'a Have Tails
Claudia NortonOctober 17, 2014Slide
John BrossOctober 18, 2014Title unknown
Sook-Young KimOctober 19, 2014Untitled
Jim DoeringOctober 20, 2014Digestivo
Judy BoyleOctober 21, 2014Fireworks Flowers
Judy BoyleOctober 22, 2014Day at the Beach
Frances CannonOctober 23, 2014A Dance for Alchemy
Jon Michael VondrakOctober 24, 2014untitled
Jason L. RenaudOctober 25, 2014get low
Jenny L. BraunOctober 26, 2014Untitled (stiped stone)
Jim VermeerOctober 27, 2014Iridescences
Colin KosteleckyOctober 28, 2014Ceremonial
Kevin MollandOctober 29, 2014If These Walls Could Speak
Frances CannonOctober 30, 2014Disappearing Objects
Aoife CassidyOctober 31, 2014Autumn Leaf
Rich HerrmannNovember 01, 2014Iowa Landscape
Mary SaundersNovember 02, 2014Julia
Lori Biwer-StewartNovember 03, 2014Kindred Spirits
Lori Biwer-StewartNovember 04, 2014Papers Revenge
Rebecca ChristianNovember 05, 2014The Elegance of Slow Poisoning
Janet AhrensNovember 06, 2014Reaching
Elena CarterNovember 07, 2014Excerpt from the essay The Volcano Under the Snowcap
Yang MengNovember 08, 2014Chinese Proverb A contented mind is a perpetual feast
Philip LaberNovember 09, 2014Title unknown
Jeanette LambNovember 10, 2014Window, Des Moines
Taylor YocomNovember 11, 2014Au Pied, from the series Substrate
Taylor YocomNovember 12, 2014White Man Ruins the World
Hilde DeBruyneNovember 13, 2014Metamorphosis
Proudfoot Bird & RawsonNovember 14, 2014Equitable Building
Alexander J. HansonNovember 15, 2014Yellow Stripe
Jessica FullerNovember 16, 2014Suggesting Shadow of a . . .
Aaron ButcherNovember 17, 2014untitled
Mallory HellmanNovember 18, 2014FIX (Part 1)
Mallory HellmanNovember 19, 2014FIX (Part 2)
Mallory HellmanNovember 20, 2014FIX (Part 3)
Terry DooleyNovember 21, 2014High Trestle Trail Bridge at Sunrise
Ross J. MazzupappaNovember 22, 2014Waiting or Wasted
Jason LambNovember 23, 2014Four Corners Table
Leslie LeavenworthNovember 24, 2014Vintage View
Erin MarshallNovember 25, 2014Postcards (excerpt from a play)
Jesse BalmerNovember 26, 2014Jumping Cholla Atrax
Lisa JosephNovember 27, 2014beets
Pamela A. HouserNovember 28, 2014Gage, Chicago, Illinois
Scott ThompsonNovember 29, 2014Title unknown
Kyle A. K. PeetsNovember 30, 2014Untitled (steps)
Peggy JohnstonDecember 01, 2014Ammonite
Peggy JohnstonDecember 02, 2014Meerchin
Rachel Z. ArndtDecember 03, 2014Quickly
Cindy SkeieDecember 04, 2014Porcelain Berries
G.V. de ChoisyDecember 05, 2014Hush
Rebecca RobertsDecember 06, 2014Florine's Canopy
W. D. Ross McClainDecember 07, 2014JELLO
Joseph MurrayDecember 08, 2014The Drifted Inn
Sean AmbrosiaDecember 09, 2014Excerpt from Hit
Jessie FisherDecember 10, 2014Portrait of Valentine
Sajid SarkerDecember 11, 2014Excerpt from No More Sweden
Amelia Blair LangfordDecember 12, 2014The Vessel
Alexander TongDecember 13, 2014Title unknown
Thomas E. DeatonDecember 14, 2014Unknown
Jeff AllenDecember 15, 2014Sandy Beach Winter
Richard HansonDecember 16, 2014Contemplating Thomas Merton (Street Series)
Susan KennicottDecember 17, 2014Petal Fancy
Susan KennicottDecember 18, 2014Reflecting
Sarah CooteDecember 19, 2014Pre Game
Tammy NewcombDecember 20, 2014Untitled
Hamlett DobbinsDecember 21, 2014Winter, Iowa 1997-8
Tamsen NebzydoskiDecember 22, 2014Dogwood
Pamela Bradner OhnemusDecember 23, 2014Ice Covered
Twyla BloxhamDecember 24, 2014Pinecone Arrangement
Dell B. Magnuson-SecorDecember 25, 2014Snow Path
Michael S. Lewis-BeckDecember 26, 2014Snow Fall
Rick ValicentiDecember 27, 2014Irene
Richard FaughnDecember 28, 2014Title unknown
Kathy StrohlDecember 29, 2014Isolation
Frances CannonDecember 30, 2014Pickleweed (Salicornia pacifica)
Yelena M. MassDecember 31, 2014Eagle in Snow Storm
Jillian ChapmanJanuary 01, 2015Dear Hart Series, Untitled
Carol A. WhippleJanuary 02, 2015Church Windows 2
Stephanie A. BrohmanJanuary 03, 2015Sea Anemone, In Purple, Synclastic
Luis Gonzalo Pinilla GomezJanuary 04, 2015Glass Horizonte
GeneviÈve GallantJanuary 05, 2015Quartz Landing
B. Arthur AnthonyJanuary 06, 2015Corn and Youth (part 1)
B. Arthur AnthonyJanuary 07, 2015Corn and Youth (part 2)
B. Arthur AnthonyJanuary 08, 2015Corn and Youth (part 3)
Jeff EasleyJanuary 09, 2015Music Knows No Boundaries
Arjun AluwaliaJanuary 10, 2015Don't Tell Them You Study Art
Erin E. RappleyeJanuary 11, 2015Bait and Switch Brooch
Judith EastburnJanuary 12, 2015Elevator #1, Tribune, Kansas
Judith EastburnJanuary 13, 2015Hedrick Trio, Iowa
Mark HanleyJanuary 14, 2015through it all
Luke HubbardJanuary 15, 2015Gathering
David LeeperJanuary 16, 2015Bug
Eric T. SimsJanuary 17, 2015Hurt
Peter GoinJanuary 18, 2015Title unknown
Jenny L. BraunJanuary 19, 2015Pyramidal landscape
Jolynn ReigeluthJanuary 20, 2015Hair Club For Men
Rachel GoschJanuary 21, 2015A Kiss Haunting: An Adventure on the Thames (part 1)
Rachel GoschJanuary 22, 2015A Kiss Haunting: An Adventure on the Thames (part 2)
Rachel GoschJanuary 23, 2015A Kiss Haunting: An Adventure on the Thames (part 3)
Judith L. MillerJanuary 24, 2015Title unknown
Paula BrandelJanuary 25, 2015The Duster
Debra MusalJanuary 26, 2015Morning Ritual
Lori A. MillerJanuary 27, 2015Blue Mountain Sunset
Lori A. MillerJanuary 28, 2015Pieces of Yosemite
Jim VermeerJanuary 29, 2015Desert Night
Jesse MummJanuary 30, 2015Untitled
Jerry SchmidtJanuary 31, 2015Solvent in Time
Sandra WhiteFebruary 01, 2015Thesis Painting
Janet AhrensFebruary 02, 2015Family Farm
Kevin MollandFebruary 03, 2015Holi Moly
Elizabeth Oshrin ParkerFebruary 04, 2015What beauty cannot have
Larry MendenhallFebruary 05, 2015Bible and Window, from the project "Places of Spirit and Light"
Larry MendenhallFebruary 06, 2015Chair Backs, Yale Methodist, from the project "Places of Spirit and Light"
Brendan N. BaylorFebruary 07, 2015Contested Futures: Ethanol Map
Don DippelFebruary 08, 2015Slowball
Halle SiepmanFebruary 09, 2015Inside
Rachel Z. ArndtFebruary 10, 2015Call it the weird quotidian
Charlotte HamityFebruary 11, 2015Endangered Species
Grant WoodFebruary 12, 2015Portrait of John B. Turner, Pioneer
Grant WoodFebruary 13, 2015Portrait of Frances Fiske Marshall
Luke HubbardFebruary 14, 2015Rose
Gail ChavenelleFebruary 15, 2015Lover
Jo Myers-WalkerFebruary 16, 2015Café Paul
Jo Myers-WalkerFebruary 17, 2015Studio in Rouen
Aaron ButcherFebruary 18, 2015untitled
G.V. de ChoisyFebruary 19, 2015What Poetweet calls my aspirations
Arthur W. AndrewsFebruary 20, 2015A Comfortable Life
Timothy H. SwensonFebruary 21, 2015Forge
Tracy MosmanFebruary 22, 2015Untitled
Gary HoffFebruary 23, 2015Invictus
Pam HoustonFebruary 24, 2015"49. Denver, Colorado" from Contents May Have Shifted, #4-60
Pam HoustonFebruary 25, 2015"50. Mallorca, Spain" from Contents May Have Shifted, #4-60
Cindy SkeieFebruary 26, 2015Mexico Dorstenia
Elizabeth Oshrin ParkerFebruary 27, 2015The Cliff
John PufferFebruary 28, 2015what is it that keeps me
Stuart MorrisMarch 01, 2015Untitled
Daniel MarksMarch 02, 20157th Street Snow
Erin MarshallMarch 03, 2015This Isn't an Appointment (excerpt from a play)
William D. LeeMarch 04, 2015Night Lights
William D. LeeMarch 05, 2015Porto at Night
Lisa Gray GiuratoMarch 06, 2015excerpt from "A Fairy Tale"
Abigail RichardsMarch 07, 2015Possom
Ralph ReynoldsMarch 08, 2015Florence
Kristin Michelle RoachMarch 09, 2015Waxing Waning I-III
Kristin Michelle RoachMarch 10, 2015Waxing Waning II
Andrew SeguinMarch 11, 2015Notes from a Museum Guard
Kelly KunzlerMarch 12, 2015The Squid Amongst His Chaos
Pamela A. HouserMarch 13, 2015Into the Morning
Dave DeVriesMarch 14, 2015Title unknown
Colin SandemanMarch 15, 2015Hotel Concept
Ruben RuizMarch 16, 2015Garden Angel
Jonathan JohnsonMarch 17, 2015Green Scale I
Mesha MarenMarch 18, 2015July 2007 (part 1)
Mesha MarenMarch 19, 2015July 2007 (part 2)
Julie VermeerMarch 20, 2015Spring Colors
Susan TaubelMarch 21, 2015Belief
Sujin LimMarch 22, 2015Napkin rings
Rich HerrmannMarch 23, 2015Atmospheric Pump House
Rich HerrmannMarch 24, 2015In the Grove
Debora L. StewartMarch 25, 2015Traces of a Memory
Terry DooleyMarch 26, 2015Monterey Bay
Mesha MarenMarch 27, 2015August 1988
Lisa JosephMarch 28, 2015heron free-falling
"First Kiss"March 29, 2015<no title>
Diane Michele VolrathMarch 30, 2015Ladies in Pink
Elizabeth Oshrin ParkerMarch 31, 201520/20
Dennis DykemaApril 01, 2015Verdant Land
Dennis DykemaApril 02, 2015Contour Crop
Kendall Kunzler LenschApril 03, 2015Blue Abstraction
MetaStory: A present Iowa pastApril 04, 2015<no title>
Michael PittardApril 05, 2015Chocolate Bunnies
Caitlin RoachApril 06, 2015"steep"
Rebecca LillyApril 07, 2015"The Orchardist"
Ned BalboApril 08, 2015"After Nora Sturges' paintings Marco Polo Watches Blue People and At the End of the Desert, You Arrive at Karkan, Where There Is Two of Everything"
AnonymousApril 09, 2015"Appleseed"
Caitlin RoachApril 10, 2015"bluegills"
Gretchen KlemmApril 11, 2015Boat Vessel
Ann PibalApril 12, 2015Mermaid
Emily MacFarlandApril 13, 2015Small Bowls with Flowers
Diane Blair KunzlerApril 14, 2015Stream with Water Drop
Diane Blair KunzlerApril 15, 2015Leaf Cluster on Stream Bed
Anthony CinquepalmiApril 16, 2015ursa any
Debra MusalApril 17, 2015Timeless
Karen TerpstraApril 18, 20153 Torsos
Gene FloresApril 19, 2015Two Heads
Pamela Bradner OhnemusApril 20, 2015Prairie Sky
Hilde DeBruyneApril 21, 2015Wings of Change
Regan Golden-McNerneyApril 22, 2015Prairie Construct no. 6, from The Portfolio of Lost Plants
Taylor YocomApril 23, 2015Steak and Potatoes
Andrew DeforgesApril 24, 2015Understanding Climate Change
Isaac SullivanApril 25, 2015Greenbelt
Alberto MurilloApril 26, 2015Los Cuervos #1
Robyn L. SmithApril 27, 2015Burst
Anthony CinquepalmiApril 28, 2015ursa any [quatrain & volta]
Jolynn ReigeluthApril 29, 2015Sea of Love
Denice PetersApril 30, 2015Holliwell Bridge-Madison County, Iowa
Halle SiepmanMay 01, 2015Magenta Stairs
Kimberly Leidel-RossMay 02, 2015The Visit #2
Andrew WilsonMay 03, 2015Orange Machine Synthesis
Gary HoffMay 04, 2015New York Spring
Sarah PillmanMay 05, 2015Excerpt from A Day Made For Burning
Mike KunzlerMay 06, 2015Mannequins
Landon BatesMay 07, 2015Barbershop
Lilian M Sanchez GarciaMay 08, 2015Felicity
Christopher LoweryMay 09, 2015Inventory Scroll
Mia Bella ChaymangMay 10, 2015Introduction of My Mom (aka Emily Ha)
Joe LacinaMay 11, 2015The Shopkeeper, installation view from Full-blown Bubble
Kyle PeetsMay 12, 2015Motherly Advice
Heidi Wiren BartlettMay 13, 2015Unit of Work: Migration, White Monarch indoor and outdoor documentation, Drawing performance
M Katie WhiteMay 14, 2015Storage Tanks Carrollton, OH
Leslie-Anne StakeMay 15, 2015Stills from Experimental Compositions: Multiple
Yao-zen LiuMay 16, 2015Garden
Alisa HolenMay 17, 2015Watertower
Dania De Bortoli MosbeckMay 18, 2015Tribute to Jackson Pollock
Jenna HammerichMay 19, 2015Excerpt from Cicely
Amy EnkelmannMay 20, 2015Broom
Sodam LeeMay 21, 2015Never Stop It
Bekah GrimMay 22, 2015Excerpt from Community Service for the Existentially Frustrated
Sarah SmelserMay 23, 2015Mexico #6
Rose MatthisMay 24, 2015Denise in Striped Shirt
Charlotte HamityMay 25, 2015Joy
Emily BuckMay 26, 2015Summer
Christopher MillerMay 27, 2015Summer Sun
Judy BoyleMay 28, 2015Day at the Beach
Sophie RadlMay 29, 2015Summer Lake
Gary FreeburgMay 30, 2015Title unknown
Donna S. EmersonMay 31, 201536 Volumes
Yinxiao LiuJune 01, 2015World of Reflection
Suri HuangJune 02, 2015The Clown
Jianliang (Frank) ChenJune 03, 2015Milky Way
Sodam LeeJune 04, 2015Cultural Richness
Jay P. McGillicuddyJune 05, 2015This Be The Worse
Adam GrosowskyJune 06, 2015Woman with a Hat
Todd TurekJune 07, 2015Untitled
Kelly KunzlerJune 08, 2015Ormston drip
Melissa StangerJune 09, 2015Jessicas (Part 1 of 3)
Melissa StangerJune 10, 2015Jessicas (Part 2 of 3)
Melissa StangerJune 11, 2015Jessicas (Part 3 of 3)
Serhat TanyolacarJune 12, 2015Atlas Carrying Turtle Island
Sherri SeggermanJune 13, 2015Wall and Dome from Oaxaca Portfolio
Kyunghi LeeJune 14, 2015Untitled
Bill WohlfordJune 15, 2015Grampa's Violin
Shannon SargentJune 16, 2015Mad Musician
Charlotte HamityJune 17, 2015Steve and Julius
Jane RobinetteJune 18, 2015Palace of the Fields
Therese MurdzaJune 19, 2015blue 1
Laura M. KlausJune 20, 2015Fandance
Nanci ErskineJune 21, 2015Reading the Paper
Michele LauriatJune 22, 2015untitled from the series Phil's Hill
Gemma de ChoisyJune 23, 2015Notes from Interlude for the Obedient Dead
Ruben RuizJune 24, 2015Untitled
Elizabeth Oshrin ParkerJune 25, 2015Angry Like Fear
Debora L. StewartJune 26, 2015Bouquet
Zachary C. CleveJune 27, 2015Memory
Satomi KawaiJune 28, 2015Dynamic Stream Brooch
Daniel MarksJune 29, 2015Cornfield
Denice PetersJune 30, 2015Earth, Wind and Fire
Kathleen HuebenerJuly 01, 2015Lowe Park, Marion, Iowa
Rich HerrmannJuly 02, 2015Iowa Landscape
Denice PetersJuly 03, 2015Light On My Path
Luke HubbardJuly 04, 2015Flag
Ann KlingensmithJuly 05, 2015Sundogs
Jane RobinetteJuly 06, 2015The Mending
Jane RobinetteJuly 07, 2015Imagine Enough for Everyone
Molly CoonJuly 08, 2015Hands and Feet
Andrea A. DeJongJuly 09, 2015Stripes on Stripes
Andrea A. DeJongJuly 10, 2015Brothers Fox
Andrea A. DeJongJuly 11, 2015A Peace Offering
Patrick NavinJuly 12, 2015Title unknown
Amanda MaciubaJuly 13, 2015Untitled Sprawl
Rachel J. SingelJuly 14, 2015Nest
Amy Namowitz WorthenJuly 15, 2015Terrace Hill with Peacock
James R. PetranJuly 16, 2015Untitled
Jennifer HughesJuly 17, 2015Bertha's Curtains
Ashley D. HeberJuly 18, 2015Construct of Reality
Hilary GranfieldJuly 19, 2015Green Edge and Yellow Sky
Robyn L. SmithJuly 20, 2015July Corn
Emily MacFarlandJuly 21, 2015Vase with Blue Flowers
Dylan NiceJuly 22, 2015She Likes You
Dylan NiceJuly 23, 2015Thoughts and Feelings at Twenty-Five
Joseph MillerJuly 24, 2015Configuration No. 088
Evan M. McLaughlinJuly 25, 2015Adobe_Cloud
Jeff MartinJuly 26, 2015Self-portrait
Alea AdigwemeJuly 27, 2015A Conversation with Kerry Howley, an interview
Sodam LeeJuly 28, 2015Should be Thankful
Sodam LeeJuly 29, 2015Heavy Shoulder
Derek HeckmanJuly 30, 2015A Conversation with Bennet Simms, an interview
Ethan MadoreJuly 31, 2015A Confusion of Tongues
Charles E. RomansAugust 01, 2015Cathedra Lounge Chair
Daniel SullivanAugust 02, 2015Title unknown
Leslie-Anne StakeAugust 03, 2015Combined stills from Sad Temporal Type
Lilian M Sanchez GarciaAugust 04, 2015Ripples
Ian BennettAugust 05, 2015Panel from LEAP YEARS by Ian Bennett (ISBN 0-9743147-9-X)
Jay StrattonAugust 06, 2015Rain
Joe LacinaAugust 07, 2015Pile of Time and Energy
Leslie-Anne F. StakeAugust 08, 2015Pedestrian Sign Design Sample
Christina PelenskiAugust 09, 2015Woman in Red II
Lela Margaret Powers BriggsAugust 10, 2015Wilbur Briggs
Lela Margaret Powers BriggsAugust 11, 2015Indian Masks
Lela Margaret Powers BriggsAugust 12, 2015Hot Muggy Night
Lela Margaret Powers BriggsAugust 13, 2015Coming Home
Lee IbenAugust 14, 2015Sunset
Robert SulkinAugust 15, 2015Title unknown
Donald FurstAugust 16, 2015Gray Day
Magda Montiel DavisAugust 17, 2015She Might Die (Part 1)
Magda Montiel DavisAugust 18, 2015She Might Die (Part 2)
Kyle PeetsAugust 19, 2015The Flying Machine
Dania De Bortoli MosbeckAugust 20, 2015Blue Peacock Bee Earrings
Barbara BianchiAugust 21, 2015Who Thought
Kent KapplingerAugust 22, 2015Reroute
Amelia R. SalisburyAugust 23, 2015Fields
Kate E. AllenAugust 24, 2015Untitled #18 From "Evidence Series"
Yi XieAugust 25, 2015Monster Chess Pieces Set
Amy ButcherAugust 26, 2015Reenacting (essay excerpt)
Amy ButcherAugust 27, 2015On The Road To 'The One,' Sometimes, A Rest Stop (essay excerpt)
Christina McClellandAugust 28, 2015Touchstone
Elizabeth M. SchuleAugust 29, 2015Self-portrait (as Romantic Poet)
Steven TatumAugust 30, 2015Title unknown
Mike KunzlerAugust 31, 2015Three Pigs
Jeff AllenSeptember 01, 2015Cedar Ridge Winery in the Fall
Judy J. LongSeptember 02, 2015Acedia
Judy J. LongSeptember 03, 2015Neck Architecture
Serhat TanyolacarSeptember 04, 2015Circus in Town
Rich TylerSeptember 05, 2015Sweet Cola Blues
Gary FreeburgSeptember 06, 2015Title unknown
Rob WallaceSeptember 07, 2015Laetis Coloris Festis
Tom JacksonSeptember 08, 2015Lemonade 2
Dania de BortoliSeptember 09, 2015Dawns Blush: Iowa Song Birds
Gary HamerSeptember 10, 2015Grant Wood Byway
Hannah MorrisSeptember 11, 2015Swamp Heat
William StipeSeptember 12, 2015Coffee in the Diner
Shannon RolleSeptember 13, 2015Self-Portrait
Jake PutnamSeptember 14, 2015Blue
Nick LaPoleSeptember 15, 2015Boy and Elephant
Nick LaPoleSeptember 16, 2015Shame
Michele LauriatSeptember 17, 2015untitled from the series Beyond|Return
Randi MackeySeptember 18, 2015A Moment in Beauty
Jeff McDonaldSeptember 19, 2015Relic
Jonas OlsonSeptember 20, 2015Color Bubbles
John SchirmerSeptember 21, 2015Coffee Break
Pam HarpSeptember 22, 2015Lovely Woodpecker
Diane Blair KunzlerSeptember 23, 2015Fall Leaves
Kristine PollockSeptember 24, 2015Autumn Reflection II
Jose Marentes-GonzalezSeptember 25, 2015East LA, from the series "Batalla de los Chiles"
Yoong-Kyung OhSeptember 26, 2015Yin in the midst of yang
Chin-Tin SuSeptember 27, 2015daily life
Pamela Bradner OhnemusSeptember 28, 2015Early Morning Serenity
Chloe LivaudaisSeptember 29, 2015Locked (Part 1)
Chloe LivaudaisSeptember 30, 2015Locked (Part 2)
Jane RobinetteOctober 01, 2015Tarring & Feathering the Nest (Ogallala Aquifer)
Man Ho (Billy) ChoOctober 02, 2015White Teapot with Construction Base
Timothy H. SwensonOctober 03, 2015Iowa Icon #1
Robert MarchionyOctober 04, 2015Title unknown
John BosleyOctober 05, 2015Layers of Iowa
Sara Springfield SchmitOctober 06, 2015The Ant Killer (Part 1)
Sara Springfield SchmitOctober 07, 2015The Ant Killer (Part 2)
Emily KiewelOctober 08, 2015Lavender Bowls
Kathleen HuebenerOctober 09, 2015Two Men and a Wagon
Justin NostralaOctober 10, 2015Nate, Jeff and Gwen
Jill BelgardeOctober 12, 2015Like the Bird in the Tree
Jill BelgardeOctober 13, 2015Time Machine
Keanan FaruqOctober 14, 2015In Your Shore
Keanan FaruqOctober 15, 2015Dream in Blue
Keanan FaruqOctober 16, 2015Helen's Shore
Amy EnkelmannOctober 17, 2015Untitled
James MaddenOctober 18, 2015Bad Reception
Liza PaizisOctober 19, 2015Tree of Life necklace
Kwok-Pong (Bobby) TsoOctober 20, 2015Moment of "Re"inventing- "Ideally Speaking"
Jan FriedmanOctober 21, 2015Prairie Fire: Regrowth
Louise RauhOctober 22, 2015ribbon bracelet
Louise RauhOctober 23, 2015Autumn Leaves
Lynda SchmidOctober 24, 2015Title unknown
April SwartzentruberOctober 25, 2015Untitled
Christopher ScamehornOctober 26, 2015Whistling Water Vessel
John S. EberhardtOctober 27, 2015Proud Heritage
Jere and Kate HuffmanOctober 28, 2015<no title>
John LangfeldOctober 29, 2015The Quintet
Tom GrossOctober 30, 2015Target
Ignacious R. WentlingOctober 31, 2015Skull and Crossbones
Kathleen SamekNovember 01, 2015Bulb Necklace
Cecelia Marie LockNovember 02, 2015Saggar Vessel with Hickory Lid
Kristian DayNovember 03, 2015photograph taken on the set of Up on the Wooftop
Kristian DayNovember 04, 2015photograph taken on the set of Up on the Wooftop
Caleb VierkantNovember 05, 2015Intruder
Tim AdamsNovember 06, 2015Fowl Play
Jered SprecherNovember 07, 2015Appear
Steve SwalwellNovember 08, 2015title unknown
Shawn WolterNovember 09, 2015Pick Up the Broken Piece
Betsy BlairNovember 10, 2015Some Things are True Before They Happen
Gary HarrisNovember 11, 2015Autumn at Wolf Creek
K. RawsonNovember 12, 2015The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Jeff AllenNovember 13, 2015Late Fall Hay Bales
Derek WoodNovember 14, 2015Untitled
Stacey MummNovember 15, 2015Untitled
Ryan BentzingerNovember 16, 2015Please save your spells and open the door
Ryan BentzingerNovember 17, 2015I realized I had been trafficking children for all of these years
Ryan BentzingerNovember 18, 2015(Exit scene of the new fellowship)
Ryan BentzingerNovember 19, 2015(Devi controls a drop of water)
Einar OlsenNovember 20, 2015Summer Flowers
Jeong Hye KiNovember 21, 2015With Music
Bridget StewartNovember 22, 2015Silences/Bebop
Laura LengelingNovember 23, 2015In Like a Lion
Joseph BrisbenNovember 24, 2015My Short, Happy Life with Humphrey Bogart
Amelia R. SalisburyNovember 25, 2015Stove
Beppie WeissNovember 26, 2015Fall Harvest
Arbe BareisNovember 27, 2015Gourds
Bounnak ThammavongNovember 28, 2015Strands
Julie PurwinNovember 29, 2015'Blue Letter'
Aviva DekornfeldNovember 30, 2015Ephemeral
Jake PutnamDecember 01, 2015Stroll
Ari CravenDecember 02, 2015IC Red Week Poster
Linda YoungDecember 03, 2015Iowa
Joel PeckDecember 05, 2015Untitled
Robert WaldnerDecember 06, 2015Landscape #30
Randi MackeyDecember 07, 2015Waiting
Pam HarpDecember 08, 2015Loren's Lily
Anita Baedke-PluckerDecember 09, 2015Reflections
Jean WeinerDecember 10, 2015Reach of the Rhododendron
John KloppDecember 11, 2015Edge of Day - Palm II
Sarah Sheets-McKeagDecember 12, 2015Title Unknown
Susan RoverrudDecember 13, 2015Untitled
Emily KiewelDecember 14, 2015Urchins
Kwok-Pong (Bobby) TsoDecember 15, 2015Moment of "Re"inventing- "Distillation"
Christopher ScamehornDecember 16, 2015Stratascape Series- Vase
Jere and Kate HuffmanDecember 17, 2015<no title>
Man Ho (Billy) ChoDecember 18, 2015Double Form Vase
Tim Van GinkelDecember 19, 2015Untitled
Tami SiskDecember 20, 2015Untitled
John SchirmerDecember 21, 2015A Walk in the Park
Jean WeinerDecember 22, 2015Pretty in Pale Red
R.C. DavisDecember 23, 2015Snowfall on Dead Leaves (Part 1)
R.C. DavisDecember 24, 2015Snowfall on Dead Leaves (Part 2)
Kristine PollockDecember 25, 2015Christmas Fox
Daniel AttoeDecember 26, 2015Snow Tunnel
Lesley SepetoskiDecember 27, 2015Untitled
John BosleyDecember 28, 2015Des Moines Umbrella
Mark A. WerkemaDecember 29, 2015Nile (Part 1)
Mark A. WerkemaDecember 30, 2015Nile (Part 2)
Mark A. WerkemaDecember 31, 2015Nile (Part 3)
Stephanie A. BrohmanJanuary 01, 2016Tell me a Tale, Ring
James MaddenJanuary 02, 2016Gotham
Rebecca Jo CrutchfieldJanuary 03, 2016Print Room above South Street
Jan FriedmanJanuary 04, 2016Earth Series: Revisited
Alexis DwyerJanuary 05, 2016Great Sands
John S. EberhardtJanuary 06, 2016Winter Refuge
Rossana SissoJanuary 07, 2016Dear Sirs of the Royal Spanish Academy
Liza PaizisJanuary 08, 2016I Dreamed a Circus
Ben MooreJanuary 09, 2016Untitled
Adam GrosowskyJanuary 10, 2016Winter Portrait
Tiberiu ChelceaJanuary 11, 2016Fjord Cities
Tad RichardsJanuary 12, 2016In the Field
Naomi FriendJanuary 13, 2016Cerulean Grace
Naomi FriendJanuary 14, 2016Maternal
Mary Ann EilerJanuary 15, 2016The poet who couldn't speak for himself
Amze EmmonsJanuary 16, 2016Restricted Airspace
Donald TurnerJanuary 17, 2016Untitled
Karen KarnesJanuary 18, 2016Untitled
Peter BeaseckerJanuary 19, 2016Double Vase
Douglass Rankin and Will RugglesJanuary 20, 2016Lidded Vessel
Michael SimonJanuary 21, 2016Box
Rosemarie Horvath IwasaJanuary 22, 2016Completely Naked Now
Robert ReigerJanuary 23, 2016Trial of the Gladiator II
Felix A. SanchezJanuary 24, 2016Wandering Genius
Donny GettingerJanuary 25, 2016Looking Forward from the series "Rutledge Gun and Dog Exchange"
Tim AdamsJanuary 26, 2016Seahorse
Jason MessierJanuary 27, 2016Chopper Teapot
Cecelia Marie LockJanuary 28, 2016Saggar Bowl with Lid
Ankica MitrovskaJanuary 29, 2016Untitled (detail from a wall installation at Vermont Studio Center)
Mary McMurrerJanuary 30, 2016Window at 914
Mary TraftonJanuary 31, 2016Horn's Trail
Shawn WolterFebruary 01, 2016Safe and Sound
Laura LengelingFebruary 02, 2016Six More Weeks of Winter
Rob Millard-MendezFebruary 03, 2016Traveling Dimhouse
Rob Millard-MendezFebruary 04, 2016Climate Change Plan B Boat
Susan Bradley BuseFebruary 05, 2016"Ragbrai" - definition: Spokes and Souls and Rhubarb Pie
Eleonore LeeFebruary 06, 2016Exit Alicia
Anne SweltFebruary 07, 2016Untitled
JoJo BaccamFebruary 08, 2016Cutting Fruit
Gary HarrisFebruary 09, 2016Castaway
Gary HarrisFebruary 10, 2016Dragons Tail
Rustin LarsonFebruary 11, 2016Why Beauty Lives Above the Sea in the Afterworld
Erin MalleaFebruary 12, 2016Mise en Scène
Lynn WagenknechtFebruary 13, 2016Untitled
Pam HarpFebruary 14, 2016Sunlit Roses
Allison RoshFebruary 15, 2016Blushing
Madeleine BaerFebruary 16, 2016Katie (Part 1)
Madeleine BaerFebruary 17, 2016Katie (Part 2)
Madeleine BaerFebruary 18, 2016Katie (Part 3)
Joellen ArnoldFebruary 18, 2016I am not allowed to hide from my responsibilities
Edgard CamachoFebruary 19, 2016Untitled (Integrated)
Cindy GouldFebruary 20, 2016Journey
Michael ShannonFebruary 21, 2016Woman on Terrace from Oaxaca Portfolio
Cameron YorkFebruary 22, 2016Obvious Child
Cameron YorkFebruary 23, 2016Untitled
Joshua PodollFebruary 24, 2016Stolen by History (#3)
S. Mike MurphyFebruary 25, 2016I Miss Being Cold
Cheri LongFebruary 26, 2016Watering Can
Jason MooreFebruary 27, 2016Miss Fortune
Jean MarchiandoFebruary 28, 2016Untitled
Joanne RibbleFebruary 29, 2016Untitled (Red abstract)
Joanne RibbleMarch 01, 2016Untitled (Seated Clothed Female)
Joanne RibbleMarch 02, 2016Untitled (Seated Woman with Hat)
Joanne RibbleMarch 03, 2016Untitled (landscape)
Joanne RibbleMarch 04, 2016Untitled (Charcoal in blue and yellow)
Vinicius LimaMarch 05, 2016Street table
Wes LockwoodMarch 06, 2016Netherlands
Joseph Richard GoldmanMarch 07, 2016The Two Little Boys (Part 1)
Joseph Richard GoldmanMarch 08, 2016The Two Little Boys (Part 2)
Joseph Richard GoldmanMarch 09, 2016The Two Little Boys (Part 3)
Joseph Richard GoldmanMarch 10, 2016The Two Little Boys (Part 4)
Tiberiu ChelceaMarch 11, 2016Black Hole Sun Explosion (with Restart)
Taryn Maureen McMahonMarch 12, 2016Their Wondrous Transformation and Peculiar Nourishment
Shumpei YamakiMarch 13, 2016Tea Pot
Thomas PayneMarch 14, 2016Portsmouth, Iowa
Ingrid FabiansonMarch 15, 2016A Summer Outing
Alexis DwyerMarch 16, 2016Concealed
Barry SharpMarch 17, 2016Sutliff Bridge
Donny GettingerMarch 18, 2016Chores / Recreation from the series "Rutledge Gun and Dog Exchange"
Matthew McConvilleMarch 19, 2016Untitled
Beppie WeissMarch 20, 2016Spring Orchard
Roy R. BehrensMarch 21, 2016Flight of Ideas
Ankica MitrovskaMarch 22, 2016Untitled (An Ugly & The Subjugated)
Jeff AllenMarch 23, 2016Northeast Iowa Hills
Charles TrimbergerMarch 24, 2016Antique Camera
Lianne WestcotMarch 25, 2016Swept Away
Julia LeonardMarch 26, 2016al pha bet
Simon LevinMarch 27, 2016Two Mugs
Marcia WegmanMarch 28, 2016Tomorrow's Dreams
The Daily PaletteMarch 29, 2016<no title>
John E. EvansMarch 30, 2016Sharp Curve in the Frost
John E. EvansMarch 31, 2016Rural Summer
Yvonne TomekApril 01, 2016Snow Globe
Tyler W. CochranApril 02, 2016Table, Chairs (rendering)
Philip LaberApril 03, 2016Portrait of Norm Weil
Pamela Bradner OhnemusApril 04, 2016Midday
Pamela Bradner OhnemusApril 05, 2016Blue Flags
Bonnie Larson StaigerApril 06, 2016Stressed/Unstressed
Heather KindtApril 07, 2016Implied Movement
John LangfeldApril 08, 2016The Quintet
Rita LambrosApril 09, 2016Interior
Joseph PrescherApril 10, 2016Mad Dali Sun
Kathy GruenewaldApril 11, 2016Cactus Flower
The Daily PaletteApril 12, 2016<no title>
Aviva DekornfeldApril 13, 2016September 11th
Larry WeloApril 14, 2016A Place in Western Iowa
Linda YoungApril 15, 2016Serenity
Wing-kay LawApril 16, 2016Lamp
Patrick LallyApril 17, 2016Bottle
M Katie WhiteApril 18, 2016Silica Sand Hills Prairie du Chien, WI
Josh MeierApril 19, 2016Maquoketa Caves, Maquoketa Caves State Park, Iowa
Kimberly Baxter PackwoodApril 20, 2016Queen Anne's Crows
Alexis DwyerApril 21, 2016Ocotillo Cactus
Andrew DeforgesApril 22, 2016Climate Change Interactive Infographic
Christopher LahtiApril 23, 2016Proposed Development 2
Ada MedinaApril 24, 2016Anima
Grant William ThyeApril 25, 2016Early Morning Autumn
Regan GoldenApril 26, 2016Prairie Reconstruct no. 19, from The Portfolio of Lost Plants
Halle SiepmanApril 27, 2016In Iowa's Landscape
Thomas C. JacksonApril 28, 2016American Slice 31
Diane Blair KunzlerApril 29, 2016Spencer Flood
Sandra Louise DyasApril 30, 2016Jesus, Crafted for Your Craving, Highway 218, near Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Alexis C. DwyerMay 01, 2016Forest and Prairie
Erin MalleaMay 02, 20161,085 Palms by the Order of Napoleon #2
Joseph Richard GoldmanMay 03, 2016The Miracle of Volodsk (Part 1)
Joseph Richard GoldmanMay 04, 2016The Miracle of Volodsk (Part 2)
Joseph Richard GoldmanMay 05, 2016The Miracle of Volodsk (Part 3)
Joseph Richard GoldmanMay 06, 2016The Miracle of Volodsk (Part 4)
Justin QuinnMay 07, 2016Water Game
Katherine RheeMay 08, 2016Bag
Justin BaileyMay 09, 2016Polyp Lamp
Allison RoshMay 10, 2016Persistent
Derek L. BlackmanMay 11, 2016Space Available
Rachel Z. ArndtMay 12, 2016To technical support "Bob"
LaMar BarberMay 13, 2016MasterPeace
Wen-Shu LaiMay 14, 2016Geometry Drawing 2
Charles PompiliusMay 15, 2016Woman in Blue Blouse
Marty MitchellMay 16, 2016Morning, Abbe Creek School
Edgard CamachoMay 17, 2016The Astronauts
Rosemarie Horvath IwasaMay 18, 2016Change in the air
Judith EastburnMay 19, 2016Birch Trees, Wisconsin
Douglas LangMay 20, 2016The Picture
Michael TeresMay 21, 2016Flying Nude
Terry RathjeMay 22, 2016Pagoda Trellis/tent frame
Nancy ThompsonMay 23, 2016Shades of Blue
Nancy ThompsonMay 24, 2016Rotation
Diane Blair KunzlerMay 25, 2016Turquoise Line
Kendall Kunzler LenschMay 26, 2016Abstraction with Earth Palette
Marcia WegmanMay 27, 2016Yosemite - Below Yosemite Falls
Tommy TaylorMay 28, 2016untitled
Melissa NewmanMay 29, 2016Untitled
Ariel MinerviniMay 30, 2016Fixin to Smoke
Julia KottalMay 31, 2016Provence no. 10
John LangfeldJune 01, 2016Awake your senses, that you may the better judge*
Anita K. PluckerJune 02, 2016From My Kayak: Trumball Lake
Sandra Louise DyasJune 03, 20161957 Red Chevy Bel Air, Clarence, Iowa
The Daily PaletteJune 04, 2016<no title>
Ray SpicerJune 05, 2016Title unknown
John PrestonJune 06, 2016Sunbather
John PrestonJune 07, 2016A photograph of Sunbather on location at the Des Moines River.
Tad RichardsJune 08, 2016Unidentified Poem
Beppie WeissJune 09, 2016Porch Gone, Grass Mowed
Beppie WeissJune 10, 2016Windy Pines Greenhouse
Silvina SicoliJune 11, 2016Confrontation
Daniel SullivanJune 12, 2016Title unknown
Rex DukeJune 13, 2016Gossamer Goats (Part 1)
Rex DukeJune 14, 2016Gossamer Goats (Part 2)
Heather KindtJune 15, 2016Beauty and Peace, Art Journal, inspired by Tina Berning
Roy R. BehrensJune 16, 2016Dorado
Kirk HovengaJune 17, 2016Reflective
Neva SillsJune 18, 2016Forest Flyers
Benjamin SpeareJune 19, 2016Untitled
Denice PetersJune 20, 2016A Summer's Welcome
Marty MitchellJune 21, 2016White Roof, Summer
John DeasonJune 22, 2016Selling Lemonade on the Fifth Principal Meridian, Durant, Iowa
Judy BoyleJune 23, 2016Fireworks Flowers
Takusuke KawasakiJune 24, 2016Summer Clouds
Qiaochu ZhangJune 25, 2016Color Study NO.10
Tammy NewcombJune 26, 2016Untitled
Gene HamiltonJune 27, 2016American Waterfall No. 4
Einar OlsenJune 28, 2016Meditation
Kimberly Baxter PackwoodJune 29, 2016Corn No. 51
Rustin LarsonJune 30, 2016Space Travel
Marcia WegmanJuly 01, 2016Summer Pasture
Yoko NoguchiJuly 02, 2016Origami Teapot
Jan LuchiniJuly 03, 2016Caution - Wet floor
Arden R. HendrieJuly 04, 2016Untitled
Lori A. MillerJuly 05, 2016Grant's View
Nancy CramerJuly 06, 2016My Iowa Grandmother (Part 1)
Nancy CramerJuly 07, 2016My Iowa Grandmother (Part 2)
Larry WeloJuly 08, 2016A Road Less
John MartinekJuly 09, 2016Self Portrait
Abigail SandbergJuly 10, 2016Swept Under the Rug
Amanda M BarrJuly 11, 2016When It Rains
Jeffrey FlugJuly 12, 2016Teapot 7
Elisabeth MaurlandJuly 13, 2016Lidded Bowl with Mackerel
Emily MacFarlandJuly 14, 2016Small Bowls with Flowers
Jose SierraJuly 15, 2016Entre Tejida (series)
Frank J. WickJuly 16, 2016Fish
Liu KwanchunJuly 17, 2016The one, The Two, and The Many
Regan GoldenJuly 18, 2016Prairie Reconstruct no. 11, from The Portfolio of Lost Plants
John SchlueJuly 19, 2016Typhon
John SchlueJuly 20, 2016Mirror 2
Kelly KunzlerJuly 21, 2016Hare
Alexis C. DwyerJuly 22, 2016Everette Casey
Nathan MortonJuly 23, 2016Digital Warrior
Derrin PiggJuly 24, 20161996 calendar
Doug RussellJuly 25, 2016Remnant 08 (Fallen Page)
Jiha MoonJuly 26, 2016Skyscape
Hans LillegardJuly 27, 2016Going Somewhere (Part 1)
Hans LillegardJuly 28, 2016Going Somewhere (Part 2)
Hans LillegardJuly 29, 2016Going Somewhere (Part 3)
Ruth Ann B. OlsonJuly 30, 2016Marbles
Steve MoonJuly 31, 2016A Representational Iowa Boulder Field
Anita K. PluckerAugust 01, 2016One
Grant William ThyeAugust 02, 2016Yellow Tree
Ariel MinerviniAugust 03, 2016Kesha
Diane Blair KunzlerAugust 04, 2016Amana Lily Pond
Diane Blair KunzlerAugust 05, 2016Hoover's Stream
Michael RyanAugust 06, 2016thesis painting
Michael SmithAugust 07, 2016Teapot with cups
Elizabeth Rhoads ReadAugust 08, 2016V-Zip-It
Jennifer LawlerAugust 09, 2016Amethyst and Peridot Sterling Silver Trapezoid Ring
Douglas LangAugust 10, 2016Used Man
John PrestonAugust 11, 2016Quiet
John PrestonAugust 12, 2016A photograph of Quiet on location at the Des Moines River.
Ming-Che LaiAugust 13, 2016Woman
Mark E. NeuCollinsAugust 14, 2016Blade
Robert ReevesAugust 15, 2016Untitled in Red and Gold
Deb StewartAugust 16, 2016Illumination
Jane BanningAugust 17, 2016Solace
Julia KottalAugust 18, 2016Provence no. 2
Betsy BlairAugust 19, 2016Jean Valjean
Robert SardellAugust 20, 2016Open Letter
Qiaochu ZhangAugust 21, 2016Culture NO.3
David WhannelAugust 22, 2016Equinox
Halle SiepmanAugust 23, 2016Finding Structure in Iowa
Abigail CooperAugust 24, 2016State of Mind
Jane RobinetteAugust 25, 2016Tarring & Feathering the Nest (Ogallala Aquifer)
Aaron ButcherAugust 26, 2016untitled
Terry RathjeAugust 27, 2016Tree Tea Table
Benjamin SpeareAugust 28, 2016Untitled
Sarah MarshallAugust 29, 2016Undermining Boundaries
Madeleine BaerAugust 30, 2016By the Sea (Part 1)
Madeleine BaerAugust 31, 2016By the Sea (Part 2)
Diane Blair KunzlerSeptember 01, 2016Pastel Leaf in Stream
David OstromSeptember 02, 2016Starry Sky
Michael TeresSeptember 03, 2016Yesterday
Tommy TaylorSeptember 04, 2016Scenic Attraction
Susan PutmanSeptember 05, 2016Untitled
Thomas C. JacksonSeptember 06, 2016American Slice 34
Kirk HovengaSeptember 07, 2016Cut Fields
Kirk HovengaSeptember 08, 2016Winding Stream
Joleen DentlingerSeptember 09, 2016Lewis Home
Christopher LahtiSeptember 10, 2016Intercepted Fruit
Silvina SicoliSeptember 11, 2016Untitled
Alfred ThomasSeptember 12, 2016Still Life with Fruit
Regan GoldenSeptember 13, 2016Prairie Reconstruct no. 15, from The Portfolio of Lost Plants
Katherine C. ParkerSeptember 14, 2016Woodland Constellation
Agnes ApicellaSeptember 15, 2016Sonoma Lake Sail
Kyle EspinosaSeptember 16, 2016Queen's Legs
Sarah MarshallSeptember 17, 2016Word Stalks
Neva SillsSeptember 18, 2016Yellow Spectacle
Grant William ThyeSeptember 19, 2016Missing Fences
Peter FeldsteinSeptember 20, 20161165
John SchlueSeptember 21, 2016Echo of Bells
Peter ThompsonSeptember 22, 2016Caravan II
Alexis C. DwyerSeptember 23, 2016Ledges
BJ GrimmerSeptember 24, 2016Favorite Snowscape
Simon LevinSeptember 25, 2016Spaghetti Jar
Barry SharpSeptember 26, 2016Winter's Coming
Halle SiepmanSeptember 27, 2016Remembering Iowa
Kelly KunzlerSeptember 28, 2016Millicent
Larry WeloSeptember 29, 2016Autumn Leaves
Josh MeierSeptember 30, 2016Wildcat Hill, Wildcat Den State Park, Iowa
Janelle KrauseOctober 01, 2016Nugatory
Alice M. PhillipsOctober 02, 2016excerpt from the novel The Eighth Day Brotherhood
Brandi PowellOctober 03, 2016The Fox
Mary F. CoatsOctober 04, 2016Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
Josef LlewellynOctober 05, 2016Remembering Iowa in American Sentences
Mel DoroOctober 06, 2016Origin
Casey KasparekOctober 07, 2016Beverwijk
Hayley BarkerOctober 08, 2016Pedestrian
Philip PortogheseOctober 09, 2016Being and Becoming
Kevin KopelsonOctober 11, 2016Meet Miss Subways, Part 1
Kevin KopelsonOctober 12, 2016Meet Miss Subways, Part 2
Kevin KopelsonOctober 13, 2016Meet Miss Subways, Part 3
Kevin ChamberlainOctober 14, 2016fading away
Jeremiah R. ArnesonOctober 15, 2016Yellow
Patrick CaseyOctober 16, 2016With Sympathy
Wang HuiOctober 17, 2016Setting out at Dawn on an Autumn River
Suzanne Araas VeselyOctober 18, 2016<no title>
Lil PicardOctober 19, 2016Drawing of Faith Ringgold on New York Cultural Center Program
Glenance GreenOctober 20, 2016Worst Secret
Vero Rose SmithOctober 21, 2016Untitled
Jong Youn ParkOctober 22, 2016Corn
Vakhtangi DarjaniaOctober 23, 2016Luna Coffee Table
Grant WoodOctober 24, 2016Daughters of Revolution
Grant WoodOctober 25, 2016American Gothic
Grant WoodOctober 26, 2016Parson Weems' Fable
Grant WoodOctober 27, 2016Young Corn
Grant WoodOctober 28, 2016Spring in Town
Stephen W. EvansOctober 29, 2016The Second Day
LaMar BarberOctober 30, 2016Installation view of The Mis-Education of the Black American
Mario KorbelOctober 31, 2016Black Angel
Hannah HÖchNovember 01, 2016Zeichnung ("Illustration")
Rita McCordNovember 02, 2016
Barry SharpNovember 03, 2016Prairie Sunset, Solon IA
Victoria JohnsonNovember 04, 2016
Maxine Payne CaufieldNovember 05, 2016Prayin' the leve'll hold
Frank BurnhamNovember 06, 2016Aktaion at the Temple
Michelle EdwardsNovember 07, 2016Winter Song
Jenny GringerNovember 08, 2016Our Last Hope: Bat Pig
David HerwaldtNovember 09, 2016Barn Near Greene, Iowa
Sayuri Sasaki HemannNovember 10, 2016A Voucher. ~A promise is a promise~
Jackson AllenNovember 11, 2016Texas Tea
Carla M. HeathcoteNovember 12, 2016Fairway Prayer from Searching for Balance series
Nataliya LauxNovember 13, 2016Castle out of Rain
Dennis PattonNovember 14, 2016In Transit
Deborah MasuokaNovember 15, 2016Haymarket Rabbits
Jim CampbellNovember 16, 2016Swirl
Norman SchanzNovember 17, 2016Iowa's Largest Walnut Rocking Chair
Mustard-In-LawNovember 18, 2016Awkward Portal
Anna HaglinNovember 19, 2016I require assistance
Mary Katherine WhiteNovember 20, 2016Dad
Christopher Merrill and Marvin BellNovember 21, 2016After the Fact: Scripts & Postscripts, #37–42
Christopher Merrill and Marvin BellNovember 22, 2016After the Fact: Scripts & Postscripts, #37–42
Christopher Merrill and Marvin BellNovember 23, 2016After the Fact: Scripts & Postscripts, #37–42
Harold I. CarlisleNovember 24, 2016Thanksgiving Aftermath
Claire KortynaNovember 25, 2016Bobcat Hearted
Russell ThomasNovember 26, 2016Iowa Figure
Gay RogersNovember 27, 2016Grasshopper, Insect I
Naoki IzumoNovember 28, 2016_404_
Storm Shearer, Erica Fisher, and Eloisa RobisonNovember 29, 2016Break Through You
Kalena MeyerNovember 30, 2016Klexos
Andrew ChuppDecember 01, 2016Anecdoche
Shannon Mulligan, Asa Crowe, Ethan Kline, and Jasmine WooleryDecember 02, 201610.13.16
Nicholas HillDecember 03, 2016Chicken Boy
Linda KingDecember 04, 2016Caged Lizards
Suzanne Araas VeselyDecember 05, 2016<no title>
Steve ReddellDecember 06, 2016A Peculiar Family
Ellen WagenerDecember 07, 2016Tangled Oaks
Kimber FiebigerDecember 08, 2016Wide Open Mind
Roberta WilliamsDecember 09, 2016Northwest Iowa Beans
Frances LernerDecember 10, 2016Still Life V
Renee JensenDecember 11, 2016Still from Divination Rituals performance
Emily Sieu LiebowitzDecember 12, 2016A Wait to Be Found
Lisa WellsDecember 13, 20161989
Michael KienzleDecember 14, 2016They Must Be Flowers
Lisa WellsDecember 15, 2016"Poetry Man"
                 after Phoebe Snow
Leslie WilliamsDecember 16, 2016Kneelers, from the Oaxaca portfolio
John SchulzeDecember 17, 2016Silent Land
Rick ValicentiDecember 18, 2016Toes
David MacDermottDecember 19, 2016Going Home
R. Bruce HoustonDecember 20, 2016Untitled (Waterpiece)
Sean PierreDecember 21, 2016Okay or Better
David LuckDecember 22, 2016Mirror
Anne Krohn GrahamDecember 23, 2016Traveling Set
Charles HixDecember 24, 2016Sculptured Jar
Eve Drewelowe (Van Ek)December 25, 2016Christmas Card
Gary GnadeDecember 26, 2016Nine Kings
Patricia ConradDecember 27, 2016Shades of Difference
Emmanuel Okechukwu OditaDecember 28, 2016Untitled MFA thesis painting
Martha WetmoreDecember 29, 2016Studio
Harold VellineDecember 30, 2016Untitled
Linda IzumiDecember 31, 2016Round Window, from Oaxaca
John WinschJanuary 01, 2017A Happy New Year to You!
Gerald SwiggerJanuary 02, 2017Reflections
Douglas Norman HansonJanuary 03, 2017Were One
Bruce Allen BienemannJanuary 04, 2017Title unknown
James Allen DashcundJanuary 05, 2017Blue Sky
Lynn CurtisJanuary 06, 2017Approaching the Creative with Two Hearts
Linda Morgan BrownJanuary 07, 2017Still from I Sing, Sing, Sing
David RubrightJanuary 08, 2017Still from Scream Walking
Ann PillayJanuary 09, 2017A Type of Space
Mary J. GirschJanuary 10, 2017Untitled
Edward RushtonJanuary 11, 2017Trilogy
John O. SmithJanuary 12, 2017Time
Jennifer SaporaJanuary 13, 2017Juggle on the Lake
John PufferJanuary 14, 2017Well the Little Gals
Kathleen R. JonasJanuary 15, 2017Pot
David A MiddlebrookJanuary 16, 2017Ceramic Sculpture #2
Charles A. Jr. FachJanuary 17, 2017Ceramic Sculpture #4
Carla R. JohnsonJanuary 18, 2017Moby-Dumpty, The Idiot-Quixote, Much Like a Man
Paula ShuckJanuary 19, 2017Tonal Chord
E. Moore AndersonJanuary 20, 2017Before the Storm
David BergJanuary 21, 2017Portrait of a Shirt
Robert BarrettJanuary 22, 2017Perception #1 (MUFF)
Wilbur Thornly BruceJanuary 23, 2017Untitled III
Serge BeldaJanuary 24, 2017Female Landscape #3
Cheryl DoeringJanuary 25, 2017Fall
Richard JacobiJanuary 26, 2017Untitled
William J. HavlicekJanuary 27, 2017Spring Chant
Susan LichtensteinJanuary 28, 2017Tale of the Lent Pencil
Gary MedovichJanuary 29, 2017Shanana
Justin HydeJanuary 30, 201711:38 p.m. in the halfway house
Maia Coven-ReimJanuary 31, 2017Title Unknown
Aaron KellyFebruary 01, 2017The Blue Line
Deborah WhartonFebruary 02, 2017Coffee Black
Rustin LarsonFebruary 03, 2017<no title>
Jamie EvrardFebruary 04, 2017The Next Morning
Andrea GreenquistFebruary 05, 2017Palette Table
Zachary Tyler VickersFebruary 06, 2017Finkle, Frigup (Part I)
Kevin Van WinkleFebruary 07, 2017Krater Vase
Zachary Tyler VickersFebruary 08, 2017Finkle, Frigup (Part II)
Emmy BorthwickFebruary 09, 2017Thesis Work III
Zachary Tyler VickersFebruary 10, 2017Finkle, Frigup (Part III)
Ingrid HarperFebruary 11, 2017Tea Mugs
Terry P. GeiberFebruary 12, 2017Egg Jar
Stephanie RobertsFebruary 13, 2017Tying the Knot
Rebecca RobertsFebruary 14, 2017Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Stephanie RobertsFebruary 15, 2017Le Lis Lyrique
Sean PierreFebruary 16, 2017My Own Private Beach Resort
Nicholas HillFebruary 17, 2017Kyoto Calligraphy Triptych 3
Grant WoodFebruary 20, 2017Parson Weems' Fable
Caitlyn RoachFebruary 21, 2017morning hymn
Kevin Van WinkleFebruary 22, 2017Sodium-fired Jar
Ingrid HarperFebruary 23, 2017From the River
Rebecca RobertsFebruary 24, 2017Cut Fruit
Josh EklowFebruary 25, 2017PSTron
Lisa GoergenFebruary 26, 2017Five Dolls
Janelle KrauseFebruary 27, 2017Letter #16
Garrett NobbsFebruary 28, 2017Apples
Mary F. CoatsMarch 01, 2017Trapgold
Mel DoroMarch 02, 2017Dreamcatch
Casey KasparekMarch 03, 2017Be Series—Ava
John EngelbrechtMarch 04, 2017shutter
Susan ShapiroMarch 05, 2017Storage Sheds
Ellen WagenerMarch 06, 2017From Cyclones, The Great Gig in the Sky
Tom StancliffeMarch 07, 2017Harvest
Dave DuganMarch 08, 2017Detail, David Bowie/Egon Schiele large format comic cover
Michelle BenoitMarch 09, 2017Weights and Measures
Maxine PayneMarch 10, 2017Maua Bakari Muhamedi and Mariam Bakari Muhamedi
Angela RegasMarch 11, 2017Untitled
Brian PrughMarch 12, 2017Endlessness (Winter)
Erina HarrisMarch 13, 2017Hades: Witness Statement, On The Disappearance of Kore
                              (For Jae Choi)
Dennis PattonMarch 14, 2017Woman's Head
Anna HornsbyMarch 15, 2017Untitled
Jacob WarehimeMarch 16, 2017the gloaming
Emma SchlabachMarch 17, 2017Fingers Like Ours
Terri L. WarpinskiMarch 18, 2017From Happy Islands—18 Images
Eileen DeutschMarch 19, 2017Dresser Top
Barry SharpMarch 20, 2017Desert Waves
Marc MoultonMarch 21, 2017Prairie Engine
Roberta WilliamsMarch 22, 2017Corn Harvest
Josh MeierMarch 23, 2017Mystic Palisades
Aidan O'DriscollMarch 24, 2017A Trip to Derry, 1971
Bruce CarterMarch 25, 2017Safe Place
Dan BeckerMarch 26, 2017Untitled
Jamie EvrardMarch 27, 2017Shining in the Air
Mitch StevensMarch 28, 2017Waiting
Carroll MichalekMarch 29, 2017Prairie Sun
Laurie ZaigerMarch 30, 2017Mixed Messages
Rachel PoeMarch 31, 2017Red Window
Ju-Pong LinApril 01, 2017Gift of Love
Frank MitchellApril 02, 2017Koan 1
Ania SpyraApril 03, 2017Beep-Beep-Beep Poverty Haunts
Ania SpyraApril 04, 2017Martisor
Ania SpyraApril 05, 2017Traces of the Revolution
Sam MitchellApril 06, 2017Pipe Dreams Necklace, photo credit Aubrey Griffin Johnson
Judith EastburnApril 07, 2017Grass and Clouds
Justine ZimmerApril 08, 2017Fertility Dress
Nathan HaenleinApril 09, 2017TI-TO
Amze EmmonsApril 10, 2017Modern Popular Movement
Thomas PayneApril 11, 2017Floyd, Iowa
Angela BattleApril 12, 2017Garter, Lined
Robert ReevesApril 13, 2017The Big Umbrella
Claes OldenburgApril 14, 2017Crusoe Umbrella
Chris MortensonApril 15, 2017Wild Prairie 2
Ellen M. SiebersApril 16, 2017The Egret
Ellen WagenerApril 17, 2017April
Lucia HolteApril 18, 2017Lungs
Greg DickinsonApril 19, 2017Cookie Medley
BJ GrimmerApril 20, 2017Barn with Windmill
Rebecca BuseApril 21, 2017Christmas 1936
Cherie SampsonApril 22, 2017Habitat
Dean AdamsApril 23, 2017Ruby-Scrotum Red Poker
RDG Planning & Design and Travis RiceApril 24, 2017Lift
RDG Planning & Design and David B. DahlqistApril 25, 2017The Greatest Story Never Told
Edward (Ned) SmythApril 26, 2017Balance of Life, detail
Dale ChihulyApril 27, 2017Zephyr Blue Persian Set with Tangerine Lip Wraps, photo by Pat Beck, 2011
Susan Chrysler-WhiteApril 28, 2017Giardini
Anne SullivanApril 29, 2017Trinity of Ascensions
Mary SaundersApril 30, 2017Hard Days
Devin HanggiMay 01, 2017DFTBA
Zebedia (Zebby) WahlsMay 02, 2017Cecilia Payne
James GalvinMay 03, 2017On the Sadness of Wedding Dresses
Rachel KauffMay 04, 2017Graphite Claw Hammer
Michaela MahadyMay 05, 2017River of Milk, detail
Lance EdmondsMay 06, 2017Untitled 1
Kristen NecessaryMay 07, 2017"Mid" from Landlocked tryptich
Douglas LangMay 08, 2017April Snow
Natasha V. LauxMay 09, 2017Veiled Emotions
Kyoto YoshidaMay 10, 2017Of Being an "American Writer" (Part 1)
Kyoto YoshidaMay 11, 2017Of Being an "American Writer" (Part 2)
Kyoto YoshidaMay 12, 2017Of Being an "American Writer" (Part 3)
Eve GranickMay 13, 2017Untitled
Erin MaurelliMay 14, 2017Mother's Milk–Night
Lori A. MillerMay 15, 2017Nature's Energy
Brad PectorMay 16, 2017Blue Cross, Green Shield
Bethany Laranda WoodMay 17, 2017(Don't) Let Go
Brian ParrMay 18, 2017Pasture Study #1
Lianne WestcotMay 19, 2017Home for Harvest
Craig TevisMay 20, 2017Untitled
Robbie SteinbachMay 21, 2017Imogene and Leslie
Ava GrippMay 22, 2017Angeles Crest
Red Cedar Chamber Music and Michael ZahsMay 23, 2017Still from "India" and "Egypt" performance
Denice PetersMay 24, 2017Holliwell Bridge, Madison County, Iowa
John E. EvansMay 25, 2017Country Road, Winter
Ryk Weiss and Pam DennisMay 26, 2017Sandbar
Jesse AlbrechtMay 27, 2017It Isn't Funny
Arjun AluwaliaMay 28, 2017I Threw Your Drawings In The Fire
Louise RauhMay 29, 2017Fire Poppy
Lydia M. DiemerMay 30, 2017Rabbit (detail)
April KatzMay 31, 2017From
Wendy S. RolfeJune 01, 2017The Hush of Heaven
James RenierJune 02, 2017Second Chances
Chris MartinJune 03, 2017Dragonfly Floor Lamp
Chuck RichardsJune 04, 2017Rollercoaster
Anonymous Incarcerated WomenJune 05, 2017detail from Women of Strength mural
Kate JochumJune 06, 2017One More Thing Before You Go (Ars Poetica)
Terry RathjeJune 07, 2017I Felt Like a Moth
Dale PhelpsJune 08, 2017Dr. Einstein, My Inner Advisor #1
Gerry EskinJune 09, 2017Shaman Urn
Judy BalesJune 10, 2017Maryland Avenue Bicycle Bridge, Phoenix, Arizona
Melinda TheismanJune 11, 2017Ascent
Dan FerroJune 12, 2017pink: from the "cooked" series
Marvin BellJune 13, 2017Heading Home (from Port Townsend, Washington)
Will HildebrandtJune 14, 2017Palace Baths
J.R. CambellJune 15, 2017Antonplant Kimono
Dan AttoeJune 16, 2017Indiscriminate Love
Peter ThompsonJune 17, 2017Table at Connally's
Len JoyJune 18, 2017Driving Lessons and How I Saved the YMCA
Suzanne B. AunanJune 19, 2017Old Capitol
William Elliot WhitmoreJune 20, 2017Black Iowa Dirt
Matthew KluberJune 20, 2017Firewire Picture: Deeper Into Movies
Ina LoewenbergJune 21, 2017from the From Farm to Subdivision series
David DahlquistJune 22, 2017Arabidopsis Genomic Rug
Judith EastburnJune 23, 2017Levens Hall, Cumbria
Bunny McBrideJune 24, 2017<no title>
Sue HettmanspergerJune 25, 2017Chimera series
Daniel WeissJune 26, 2017Reader
Tom StancliffeJune 27, 2017Dikhotomia (work A and work B)
Jay ChestermanJune 28, 2017Untitled color photograph
Gail ChavenelleJune 29, 2017Con Brio
Alex BrownJune 30, 2017Castle
Michael GroesbeckJuly 01, 2017Web of Life
Gillian Brown and Inga FrickJuly 02, 2017each/other
Mary Kline-MisolJuly 03, 2017The Lady and The Dragon
Luke HubbardJuly 04, 2017Flag
Marcia Joffe-BouskaJuly 05, 2017Auriferous
Jill J. JensenJuly 06, 2017Buzzin' In
Jane RobinetteJuly 07, 2017Imagine
David KammJuly 08, 2017Pages from a Small World
Robbie SteinbachJuly 09, 2017Angel on the Ponte Vecchio
Emily MartinJuly 10, 2017Slices
Marilyn AnninJuly 11, 2017Striving for Perfection
Karen ChestermanJuly 12, 2017Lotus
Jan Zelfer-RedmondJuly 13, 2017Notebook VII
Jill SchriftJuly 14, 2017Homage to Anhur II
Mark PetrickJuly 15, 2017Sidewalk Poster Display, Ram Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 1999 from the series an India -- Photographs by Mark Paul Petrick, 1998-2002
Robert AtwellJuly 16, 2017Sat, Aug 23, 2003, 12:32PM
Terri Parish McGaffinJuly 17, 2017Chicago
Laurayne RobinetteJuly 18, 2017Waterways
John PrestonJuly 19, 2017Broken Storm
Sara Slee BrownJuly 20, 2017Three Bottled Treasures
Deanne Warnholtz WortmanJuly 21, 2017(K2H) or The Song Of The Woman In the Red Dress
Marie C. CookJuly 22, 2017Silhouettes by Marie #1
Denis RousselJuly 23, 2017Detail 3, Blood Experiment 1
Chris FletcherJuly 24, 2017Spaceship Workshop
Hanus of PragueJuly 25, 2017untitled (signature logo)
Teresa PaschkeJuly 26, 2017Detritus: Composition III
T. J. LechtenbergJuly 27, 2017Circle Teapot
Paula BrandelJuly 28, 2017redformhorn
Julia LeonardJuly 29, 2017Fifty-two words
Robert ButlerJuly 30, 2017Unintended Likeness of La Virgen de Guadalupe
Jeanine Oleson and Ellen LesperanceJuly 31, 2017Off the Grid (Florida VII)
Ingrid LilligrenAugust 01, 2017Dee's Sniffer
Nichole MauryAugust 02, 2017How I Learned My ABCs: W is for Waterlogged
Brandon BucknerAugust 03, 2017Presents
Aaron WilsonAugust 04, 2017Worser
John BeckelmanAugust 05, 2017Narrow-Necked Bottle
Elaine BeckAugust 06, 2017still from the video Flat Black
Astrid Hilger BennettAugust 07, 2017Seeking Scarlet
Jason MooreAugust 08, 2017An Offering
Belindah MutukuAugust 09, 2017Mother, Worker, Educator
Mary Merkel-HessAugust 10, 2017Kalo
Sandra DyasAugust 11, 2017Maya, Rolly World, near Bellvue, Iowa
Darrell Taylor / Habeas CorpusAugust 12, 2017A History of Yes
William PerglAugust 13, 2017Boat Buoy Island
Annadora KhanAugust 14, 2017Moonlight
Jim ShrosbreeAugust 15, 2017TWN TWR (detail)
Thomas KnauerAugust 16, 2017four inches of ego: or why everyone should be more like me [the only soldiers would be toys]
Ingrid LilligrenAugust 17, 2017Canned Ham
Lily MichaudAugust 18, 2017Untitled
Missy FauserAugust 19, 2017Somatic Foot
Dan PowellAugust 20, 2017Untitled
Kristin QuinnAugust 21, 2017Begin the Beguine
Aaron TuckerAugust 22, 2017Libery is Glass
Jeffery ByrdAugust 23, 2017Raft of the Medusa
Jon WinetAugust 24, 2017The Globe
Bill Luchsinger and Karen StrohbeenAugust 25, 2017Green Bridge and Black and White with Flowers
Henry HigginbothamAugust 26, 2017Untitled
Huangyuying ZhengAugust 27, 2017The Stolen Child
Jennifer LongtineAugust 28, 2017Rain
Sophie IsaakAugust 29, 2017Escape Plan
Jillian MooreAugust 30, 2017Blaobilicus
Jeff AllenAugust 31, 2017Boxing Gloves and Lemons
Michelle EdwardsSeptember 01, 2017A Hat for Mrs. Goldman: A Story about Knitting and Love
Maria Elisa Mandarim de LacerdaSeptember 02, 2017Vento Light Fixture
Andrew CastoSeptember 03, 2017Diagramatic #6
Robin HemleySeptember 04, 2017They Have Forgotten Many Things, Pt. 1
Robin HemleySeptember 05, 2017They Have Forgotten Many Things, Pt. 2
Robin HemleySeptember 06, 2017They Have Forgotten Many Things, Pt. 3
Pamela S. DouglasSeptember 07, 2017Bosc Pears on Magenta Cloth
Barry SharpSeptember 08, 2017You Are Not Born with Racism
Nathan MortonSeptember 09, 2017Hard Body/Soft Body
Aaron A. LurthSeptember 10, 2017Untitled
Philip GustonSeptember 11, 2017Shoes
Tiberiu ChelceaSeptember 12, 2017Thermal Test #4
Jenna SorensenSeptember 13, 2017Sleep Apnea
James WinesSeptember 14, 2017BEST Indeterminate Façade
Alexis DwyerSeptember 15, 2017Prairie Composition
Amanda R. JohnsonSeptember 16, 2017Untitled
Yang MengSeptember 17, 2017Linking
Amze EmmonsSeptember 18, 2017Diplomatic Reception
Dave DuganSeptember 19, 2017Ben Lo Shoots the Tiger
Denice PetersSeptember 20, 2017Long Lonesome Highway
Julia FranklinSeptember 21, 2017Remaining Reminders
Moberg + Reynolds Design TeamSeptember 22, 2017Porch Swings and Fireflies
Amber O'HarrowSeptember 23, 2017Sea Urchin
Aruttapol RuangkanjanasesSeptember 24, 2017Untitled (The Bong)
Ken DubinSeptember 25, 2017Memoir: Life and Living, 1975 / 2017
Philip PortogheseSeptember 26, 2017Gloaming
Peter Balestrieri and Natasa DurovicovaSeptember 27, 2017Things to Do with Words
Molly Burt-WestvigSeptember 28, 2017Skin Deep
Ingrid LilligrenSeptember 29, 2017It's Not Neither
Laura IancuSeptember 30, 2017Untitled
Jonathan JohnsonOctober 01, 2017Medicine Cabinet III
Nathan MooreOctober 02, 2017Untitled (Ballerinas no. 1)
Pat Bradley BereskinOctober 03, 2017Paris Rain
Michael JohnsonOctober 04, 2017<no title>
Hilde DeBruyneOctober 05, 2017Listen to the Wind
John SchlueOctober 06, 2017Belly of the Whale
Pegan BrookeOctober 07, 2017Franz Marc, Three Blue Horses
Michael KrellOctober 08, 2017Untitled
Kendall Kunzler LenschOctober 09, 2017Primary Abstraction #6
Kelly KunzlerOctober 10, 2017Girl with Arrow
Michael KienzleOctober 11, 2017Devil's Workshop
Josh SorrellOctober 12, 2017Hollow
Laura FellemenOctober 13, 2017Post-Election Hyper-Helpfulness
Susan ColemanOctober 14, 2017Light Breather
Daniel McCabeOctober 15, 2017Black Augustus
Michael ZahsOctober 16, 2017Saving Brinton
James Walker HenryOctober 17, 2017Pandora Box
Melynda Van ZeeOctober 18, 2017Centering Within
Scott Charles RossOctober 19, 2017Blood Eclipse, Harvest Eclipse, and Blue Eclipse
Sarah GrantOctober 20, 2017Middle
Carla AurichOctober 21, 2017Garden of Love
J. Carlos FergusonOctober 22, 2017Untitled
Jen P. HarrisOctober 23, 2017The Wind Blows Where It Wants
Diane Blair KunzlerOctober 24, 2017Megan's Lake
Julia KottalOctober 25, 2017Provence no. 7
Kathleen HuebenerOctober 26, 2017Garden, Ames, Iowa
Duane WoodOctober 27, 2017M in Repose
Kathleen Grace McGowanOctober 28, 2017Candyland
Justin AngelesOctober 29, 2017Pictabet
Donny GettingerOctober 30, 2017Prized Pup
Megan McFaddenOctober 31, 2017Terror Manifesto
Ellen WagenerNovember 01, 2017November
Kim GroningaNovember 02, 2017Soup Spoon
Justin HydeNovember 03, 2017harold jackson brings my grandmother daffodils
Jordan Acker AndersonNovember 04, 2017Red-Winged Blackbirds in a Field
Joshua HaringaNovember 05, 2017The Clap
James OchsNovember 06, 2017Tet, 1968
Christopher B. BennettNovember 07, 2017A Veteran's Prayer for Eternal Peace
Brannon Monument Company and Straka Johnson Architects, P.C.November 08, 2017Veterans Memorial Plaza
Ray "Bubba" Sorenson IINovember 09, 2017Freedom Rock
Tom MobergNovember 10, 2017Sails of Color
Charmaine BanachNovember 11, 2017Memory Foam Bed
Josh BlackNovember 12, 2017Caps
Fidencio Fifield-PerezNovember 13, 2017No One Touches the Nopal Until It Bears Fruit
Mary ZeranNovember 14, 2017Joining the Sunshine Circus
Ingrid HarperNovember 15, 2017Meadow Larks
Erin MaurerNovember 16, 2017Teeny Bops
Dennis KowalskiNovember 17, 2017Chicago
Daniel WildbergerNovember 18, 2017from My Dreaming
Chieko AraiNovember 19, 2017Gifts from the Sea
Kevin Van WinkleNovember 20, 2017Teacup
Maxine PayneNovember 21, 2017Making Pictures: Three for a Dime
Nicholas HillNovember 22, 2017Kyoto Triptych I
Nancy CrovettiNovember 23, 2017Uptamom's
Stephanie RobertsNovember 24, 2017Reflection
Delbert JacksonNovember 25, 2017Nebula
Lisa ParkerNovember 26, 2017Turkey-lurkeys Gossip
Lianne WestcotNovember 27, 2017Vista Road Farm
Sheena GroveNovember 28, 2017Porcelain Memory: Chapter II
Anna HornsbyNovember 29, 2017Untitled digital photograph
Janelle KrauseNovember 30, 2017Overextension
Joseph PatrickDecember 01, 2017Roadside: Viva Mexico!
Emily Ann BowserDecember 02, 2017Solitary/Solitaire
Karen TerpstraDecember 03, 2017Greek Horse
Connie GrossDecember 04, 2017Earth Layers Triptych
Linda SykesDecember 05, 2017Lines of Nature 33
Nancy EarlyDecember 06, 2017Deep Forest
Tara MoormanDecember 07, 2017Holy Moments
Meg GuttmanDecember 08, 2017Chicago Doorways #2 (The Girls)
Brian AlvesDecember 09, 2017The Heart Is Like a Fist
Robert DeHoetDecember 10, 201711><
Julia WhickerDecember 11, 2017At the Drag Ball in My Mind You Are Wearing Blue Organza
Doren L. WalkerDecember 12, 2017The Peace out of the Heart
Jeff HuffmanDecember 13, 2017Maiden with Waterfall
Ray LaBelleDecember 14, 2017Portrait of Marilyn Monroe
Ron HaughtDecember 15, 2017Motorcycle with Rider and Brother
Jason UrbanDecember 16, 2017Two Astronauts
Gary WahlDecember 17, 2017Prayer Conveyor
Bill HildebrandDecember 18, 2017Portrait of Merle Haggard
Pete MendozaDecember 19, 2017Rooster
Julia WhickerDecember 20, 2017Gravity Pick Lottery Machine
Barbara UntiedtDecember 21, 2017A Ride Upriver
Karen AustinDecember 22, 2017Abandoned 2
Kara FellowsDecember 23, 2017Untitled
Allison HoldenDecember 24, 2017Bicycle Design Concept
Christian PetersenDecember 25, 2017Julegranen: Angel
Gina KirschbaumDecember 26, 2017Funky Chicken
Julia WhickerDecember 27, 2017One Such Was
Aaron LurthDecember 28, 2017Brighton Crack
Aaron LurthDecember 29, 2017Lunch with Gulls
Grant JohnstonDecember 30, 2017Bubble Gum
Karina Cutler-LakeDecember 31, 2017Model Farm
Jeong Hye KiDecember 31, 1969Inside a Room of Water
Meenakshi Gigi DurhamJanuary 01, 2018Hunger Pangs, Part 1
Meenakshi Gigi DurhamJanuary 02, 2018Hunger Pangs, Part 2
Meenakshi Gigi DurhamJanuary 03, 2018Hunger Pangs, Part 3
Meenakshi Gigi DurhamJanuary 04, 2018Hunger Pangs, Part 4
Elizabeth SchockJanuary 05, 2018Pirouette
Carol CarterJanuary 06, 2018Factory #4
Erin E. RappleyeJanuary 07, 2018Pants on Fire face mask
Douglas J. Paul and J. B. BarnhouseJanuary 08, 2018Man on a Bench
Cathy PalmerJanuary 09, 2018Only Way Out Is Through
Nell ReganJanuary 10, 2018Iowa City Sestina
Ross KoonJanuary 11, 2018Contraption
Lonnie GrahamJanuary 12, 2018Living in a Spirit House
Caleb GentryJanuary 13, 2018Yek 2
Laurie HallJanuary 14, 2018Self-regard (Domesticity)
Lonnie GrahamJanuary 15, 2018Common Ground
Peter CloughJanuary 16, 2018Battle Cave
Nell ReganJanuary 17, 2018Lieder
Cornelis RuhtenbergJanuary 18, 2018Seated Young Woman
Michael BrangoccioJanuary 19, 2018Act 3
Sandra DyasJanuary 20, 2018Red and White Trailer, Green Island, Iowa
Jenny GringerJanuary 21, 2018End of Triumph
John KrizanJanuary 22, 2018Labyrinth: Purple
Jan DuschenJanuary 23, 2018Nostalgia
Nell ReganJanuary 24, 2018Mist at Dusk
Cameron E. YorkJanuary 25, 2018Oh, You Nasty Huh
Jonathan SimsJanuary 26, 2018Snack Attack I
Estera M. PollockJanuary 27, 2018Untitled
Justin QuinnJanuary 28, 2018Nature mort avec idée
Victoria HerringJanuary 29, 2018Des Moines Art Center
Pete MendozaJanuary 30, 2018Tree of Life
Margaret RossJanuary 31, 2018Dissolution
Philip YeomanFebruary 01, 2018Cat or Mouse?
Daniel LuchmanFebruary 02, 2018OHRIA___PECHES
Genevieve LawrenceFebruary 03, 2018Crying Avatar
Joyce HoFebruary 04, 2018Father
Marshall McTaggartFebruary 05, 2018Milk Truck
Jill AllanFebruary 06, 2018Photo Abstraction
Margaret RossFebruary 07, 2018Personal Life
Erin SmithFebruary 08, 2018Red Noodle with Black and White Stripes
Keum-Taek JungFebruary 09, 2018in-N-in
Adrienne BaytonFebruary 10, 2018First Form with Shadow
Jordan GadapeeFebruary 11, 2018Enough, 9:58 p.m.
Dale ChihulyFebruary 12, 2018Untitled, from the Seaforms series
Margaret RossFebruary 13, 2018Responder
Gae Sharp RichardsonFebruary 14, 2018I Love Chocolate!
Terry van HoutenFebruary 15, 2018Our First Date
Selwyn PritchardFebruary 16, 2018"In The Woop-Woops"
Joshua AndersonFebruary 17, 2018Bindings Performance
Thomas Joseph LechtenbergFebruary 18, 2018Cameron's First Teapot
Thomas ColbertFebruary 19, 2018Untitled
Fidencio Fifield-PerezFebruary 19, 2018Surge
Melynda Van ZeeFebruary 20, 2018Unraveled Fears
Josh SorrellFebruary 21, 2018Emerge
Dallas MillerFebruary 22, 2018Small Grandfather Clock
Judith EastburnFebruary 23, 2018Winter Pines
Elizabeth A. DavenportFebruary 24, 2018Creepy John
Matthew J. BorgerFebruary 25, 2018Mobile Distress
Lauren TucciFebruary 26, 2018Kharon (Three Sisters)
Victoria HerringFebruary 27, 2018Colorful Wall in Cartegena
Janelle KrauseFebruary 28, 2018Silent like Snowfall
Ali HvalMarch 01, 2018Failed Escape Attempt 1: Rhinestones Unintentionally Caught The Guards' Attention
Angela WaseskukMarch 02, 2018All the Good in the End
Elizabeth HonlMarch 03, 2018Washing Hands 1
Josh BlackMarch 04, 2018Stacked
Claire WhitehurstMarch 05, 2018A Sunbeam
Mandey LundMarch 06, 2018How to be Caressed by the Clouds
Estephania GonzÁlezMarch 07, 2018Nova
Anna KilzerMarch 08, 2018Dalina
Jeffery ByrdMarch 09, 2018Symphony
Henry HigginbothamMarch 10, 2018Masses
Israel DavisMarch 11, 2018Expeditionary
Frances CannonMarch 12, 2018Poetry Comic: This piece is after the work of Ayana Mathis.
Frances CannonMarch 13, 2018Poetry Comic: This piece is after the work of Charles D'Ambrosio.
Frances CannonMarch 14, 2018Poetry Comic: This piece is after the work of Lydia Davis.
Frances CannonMarch 15, 2018Poetry Comic:This piece is after the work of Wayne Koestenbaum.
Frances CannonMarch 16, 2018Poetry Comic: This piece is after the work of Wayne Koestenbaum.
Jill KambsMarch 17, 2018Boyfriend #18
Yoko NoguchiMarch 18, 2018Air in Aix-en-Provence
Louise FisherMarch 19, 2018Inside the Camera Obscura
DontÉ K HayesMarch 20, 2018Afrodisiac
Andrea Van WykMarch 21, 2018The Merchant's Arch Staircase
Ella FengMarch 22, 2018Flowing Tray
Julia WolfeMarch 23, 2018We Sell
Jennifer MyersMarch 24, 2018Still from a couple stones and some stories video number one
Barbara JK NwachaMarch 25, 2018Th Wheel of Fortune
Mary Claire BeckerMarch 26, 2018Parlour Bramble (Pigeon Year)
Alexandra GabrielMarch 27, 2018Somehow They Existed
Sarah ShoemakerMarch 28, 2018It's Just Hair
Kassandra PalmerMarch 29, 2018Untitled (Tree Shadow)
Neva Nadine Nobles-AlderMarch 30, 2018Salticidae
Paula BrandelMarch 31, 2018Okayed by cece
Karen BlommeApril 01, 2018Disengage
Carley CullenApril 02, 2018sorry
Thomas AgranApril 03, 2018Burial
Elise HansonApril 04, 2018The Blue Room II
Lauren Frances EvansApril 05, 2018Sphincter Law 3
Tyus ThompsonApril 06, 2018Temptation
Michael HagerApril 07, 2018Catastrophic measurement
Nancy SamotisApril 08, 2018Migration
Jennifer VessApril 09, 2018Untitled
Hanna SeggermanApril 10, 2018She Was Black and Blue
Amanda BollingerApril 11, 2018Allowa
Stephen W. EvansApril 12, 2018Fleeing II
Nina KintsurashviliApril 13, 2018Crash II
Sandra Louise DyasApril 14, 2018Catholic Girl
Angela RegasApril 15, 2018Untitled
Ekaterina KorzhApril 16, 2018Ring, Old and beautiful
Ivy WernerApril 17, 2018Floating Tea Party
Eden HallApril 18, 2018Flood
Kazumi WildsApril 19, 2018Kojiki, The Story of Ancient Japan
Marina RossApril 20, 2018My Pleasure (Forever Yours)
Lance EdmondsApril 21, 2018Moon
Tealia EllisApril 22, 2018Hotel Complex Grounds
Sara RiegerApril 23, 2018Help(me)et
Caitlin Mary MargarettApril 24, 2018Vespers (from the Divining Series)
Kylie GavaApril 25, 2018E Agora? (Now What?)
Tian LiuApril 26, 2018Emptiness
Melissa AiryApril 27, 2018Untitled from It's Time We Talk series
Maxine Payne CaufieldApril 28, 2018Arliss
Erin JacksonApril 29, 2018American Television
Anastasia ChloeApril 30, 2018Untitled (bathroom no. 1, from Going Home series)
Eliza ReinhardtMay 02, 2018Untitled
Nick Lyle HallMay 04, 2018Squander
Laren LelandMay 05, 2018Pass Twice
Belindah MutukuMay 06, 2018Woman as Mother
Rachel ConnellMay 07, 2018#ThisBody
Asa CroweMay 09, 2018The Mother
Marcelina WeaverMay 11, 2018Untitled (In the Doing series)
Anindita DuttaMay 12, 2018Brick Coffin
Michelle AcuffMay 13, 2018Bed
Abigail LivingoodMay 14, 2018White Wings #2
Meiji ZhangMay 15, 2018Organic World II (scene 5)
Lisa RobertsMay 16, 2018Perfect
Won Jae LeeMay 17, 2018Standing Sculpture
Gene AndersonMay 18, 2018Kinetic #13
Kate E. AllenMay 19, 2018Untitled #1 from Evidence Series
Yang MengMay 20, 2018And/or
Sarah MarshallMay 21, 2018Word Stalks
Matthew DercoleMay 22, 2018Illustration 5 from The Story of He
Sheila SimonMay 23, 2018May I Take Your Order, Please
Justin SchortgenMay 24, 2018Untitled
Taylor YocomMay 25, 2018White Man Ruins the World
Robert CaputoMay 26, 2018Pizza x 5
Tiffany KunklerMay 27, 2018Untitled Necklace
Cindy GouldMay 28, 2018Journey
Nicole T. BormannMay 29, 2018Lost Believer
Jay HoplerMay 30, 2018Mèditation Malheureuse
Cristiane Paganelli CunhaMay 31, 2018The Typewriter
Noah DoelyJune 01, 2018from the series "The Man and the Moon " diptych
Jenny L. BraunJune 02, 2018Untitled
Jaime KnightJune 03, 2018An Unfortunately Accurate Account
Hannah MorrisJune 04, 2018Swamp Heat
Kelli SpenglerJune 05, 2018Work-Shift
Ann ZerkelJune 06, 2018Symmetry
Derek AndesJune 07, 2018Lunar Seas Safety Drill
Terry RathjeJune 08, 2018How Can You Be Serious?
Heidi Wiren BartlettJune 09, 2018Rut
Jared WilliamsJune 10, 2018Laser Cubes
Kyle PeetsJune 11, 2018The Flying Machine
Youngjoo YooJune 12, 2018The Laurel ship
Amy MattsonJune 13, 2018Popcorn
Stephanie A. BrohmanJune 14, 2018Pearl Necklace
Annadora KhanJune 15, 2018Dream Riddle
Amy GoldsmithJune 16, 2018Cosmic Minis
Ashley D. HeberJune 17, 2018Untitled
Joe LacinaJune 18, 2018The Shopkeeper, installation view from Full-blown Bubble
Rachel PoeJune 19, 2018Menagerie
Marcia Jolene SmithJune 20, 2018The Choice
Amelia R. SalisburyJune 21, 2018Hot Cashew Installation
Hamlett DobbinsJune 22, 2018Testing, Testing
Emily Ann BowserJune 23, 2018Erasure: for S.G.
Carrie MethenyJune 24, 2018Mountain Girl Sculpture
Colin SandemanJune 25, 2018Hotel Concept
Alyss M. VernonJune 26, 2018Untitled
Mario DuarteJune 27, 2018After the Rain
Rachel L. LivedalenJune 28, 2018Announcing the Annunciation
Karen LogosJune 29, 2018Mapping Awareness
Allison WelshJune 30, 2018Untitled
Ryan CaseyJuly 01, 2018Umbrella
Rebecca RobertsJuly 02, 2018Florine's Canopy
Brendan N. BaylorJuly 03, 2018Contested Futures
Warren SlesingerJuly 04, 2018Margin
Rachel Anne LundbergJuly 05, 2018Presentation of the Flag
Emily KiewelJuly 06, 2018Urchins
Rachel BroeckJuly 07, 2018Rotated
Katie HargraveJuly 08, 2018If every part of George Washington"s Axe has been replaced, is it still George Washington"s Axe?
Cindy SkeieJuly 09, 2018Mexico Dorstenia
Janie Breggin BravermanJuly 11, 2018Dark
Erica DammanJuly 12, 2018Deer Stand/Bird Cage
James Allen DashcundJuly 13, 2018Blue Sky
Shawn ReedJuly 14, 2018The Cosmic Dream
Katherine C. ParkerJuly 15, 2018Horse Constellation
W. D. Ross McClainJuly 16, 2018JELLO
Abigail SandbergJuly 17, 2018Feel II
Lance LarsenJuly 18, 2018from "A Feeling in Your Head"
Vinicius LimaJuly 19, 2018Wall Structure #20
Ann PillayJuly 20, 2018A Type of Space
Jessica C. WhiteJuly 21, 2018Hellfire
Diana BehlJuly 22, 2018New Wishes
Alexander TongJuly 23, 2018Title unknown
Heidi CastoJuly 24, 2018The Comfort Tug of War
John BirkbeckJuly 25, 2018Dual Citizenship
Kwok-Pong (Bobby) TsoJuly 26, 2018Distance: Connected Pressure
John DeasonJuly 27, 2018Selling Lemonade on the Fifth Principal Meridian, Durant, Iowa
Ken WalkerJuly 28, 2018Print kit #1
Sang-Jin KimJuly 29, 2018The Red Guardian 2
Halle SiepmanJuly 30, 2018Magenta Stairs
Andrew DeforgesJuly 31, 201890 Degree N Pop-up Book
Victoria SprowAugust 01, 2018The Angel Project
Zach CollinsAugust 02, 2018Thunder in The Sand 3
Joe HallAugust 03, 2018Untitled, Intermedia: live and on tape
Elizabeth A. DavenportAugust 04, 2018Soft Animal
Sonya NaumannAugust 05, 2018The Dunce Series: The Call
Jo Myers-WalkerAugust 06, 2018Studio in Rouen
Jill BakerAugust 07, 2018The Formation
Bernadette HallAugust 08, 2018Picnic at Hinden
Kathleen Grace McGowanAugust 09, 2018Salvation! Salvation!
Mary LaubeAugust 10, 2018A Burial at Sea
Joshua DosterAugust 11, 2018Untitled
Lawrence RobinsonAugust 12, 2018The March 8th 1993 Series 4
Paula BrandelAugust 13, 2018The Duster
Christiana ByrneAugust 14, 2018Precious Connections
Han KiAugust 15, 2018First Memory
Erin E. RappleyeAugust 16, 2018Stage 5 Clinger Bracelet
Elise KendrotAugust 17, 2018The Occasion
Samantha MitchellAugust 18, 2018Macaroni Couture
Megan BernerAugust 19, 2018Pillow Wallow
Mary LaubeAugust 20, 2018A Burial at Sea
Andrea A. DeJongAugust 21, 2018Kneel with Patience
Connie SandersonAugust 22, 2018Memory Lapse
Ian EtterAugust 23, 2018Satellite
Danielle RanteAugust 24, 2018Fall, Land (Float)
Mark E. NeuCollinsAugust 25, 2018Circle Walk
Naomi FriendAugust 26, 2018Maternal
Alexander J. HansonAugust 27, 2018Yellow Stripe
Jillian ChapmanAugust 28, 2018Dear Hart Series, Untitled
Dan TroxellAugust 29, 2018drowning, alive again
Eric L. MooreAugust 30, 2018Untitled
Cristina IorgaAugust 31, 2018Travelling Inward 10
Twyla BloxhamSeptember 01, 2018Contemplation
Andrew D. MoellerSeptember 02, 2018Top 47 Friends
Jason L. RenaudSeptember 03, 2018get low
Jaime KnightSeptember 04, 2018Untitled (courtship)
Sandra McPhersonSeptember 05, 2018The Firefly
Lisa SchoenfielderSeptember 06, 2018Driver
Kelli SpenglerSeptember 07, 2018Featherbath
Joshua HaringaSeptember 08, 2018Classroom Study
David DunlapSeptember 09, 2018Wanna Play?
Lauren TucciSeptember 10, 2018Directions
Joe LacinaSeptember 11, 2018Post Truth
Laurel SnyderSeptember 12, 2018Was a woman
Michelle AcuffSeptember 13, 2018Shelter
Sunghee YoonSeptember 14, 2018Nest
Dan FerroSeptember 15, 2018pink: from the "cooked" series

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