Untitled, oil

Francis Zaander was born on a hog farm in Montana, and then moved to Pennsylvania at the age of 13 where he worked at a sawmill.  Eventually he came to Iowa City and became a student of art

Of his work, Zaander writes,"'And I'm telling people they can be part of and in a sense, are citizens of the omniverse, That's true.' -Sun Ra

Everything that has and will happen is completely predetermined.  There is nothing that I can do that will change the course of how things will happen in the future, this being said it doesn't behoove me to lay in bed all day because I have no control over my life, this is not a functional way to understand the fatalistic nature of the universe and should not lead to passivity.  Similarly I ultimately paint purely for my own personal exploration but creating art is not an activity that it is not functional outside of making objects designed an audience."

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