Story Tellers

Story Tellers, installation with ironing boards, covers, drawings

Connie Herring was born and raised on a farm near Iowa City, Iowa, and now lives and works full time on her sculpture in Larchwood, Iowa. She earned a Master of Fine Art degree in sculpture from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, in 1985 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska, in 1974. Ms. Herring was Assistant Professor of Art at Dakota State University at Madison, South Dakota, until 1990 when she moved to Larchwood. She received a Project Grant for "Circle of Hope," a multimedia installation, from the Iowa Arts Council, and has received an Artist Fellowship Grant, as well as a touring arts grant for "The Clearing," a multimedia installation, from the South Dakota Arts Council.

Of her installation Story Tellers, Herring says, "Story Tellers is an installation made up of ironing board sculptures, their covers, and a book of drawings. Recycled ironing boards are stained, painted, drawn on , and/or burned with an iron. Found objects are added along with distressed copper sheeting, gold or silver leaf to tell a story of human spirit and myth."

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