Cultivate, mixed media installation

Megan Berner is a photographer, video, and installation artist from Reno, Nevada. She graduated from the University of Nevada Reno with a BA in Photography and Spanish. She is currently a MFA student at the University of Iowa, Intermedia program. Mainly working with photography and video, she explores themes of identity, memory, being a twin, mapping, and the use of narratives and storytelling. Other media that she uses include drawing, collage, and installation. Communication, process, community, and contradiction are all things that she thinks about when making her work.

"Cultivate" is an installation including live grass, grow lights, video, and photography. The installation centers around themes of growth, process, and creation. In conjunction with the gallery opening, visitors were invited to participate directly in the creation of a community garden by planting seeds. The participants were then given a card with their plant number on it and the address to a website where they can track the growth of their plant and the progress of the garden.

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on April 24, 2007

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