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The Daily Palette is pleased to feature "Iowa Vlogs," a new category designed to spotlight the video blog, an emerging media type. Traditional blogs (short for web log) provide online commentary, news, or personal journals. Vlogs expand this use to include time-based videos and media. Clicking on the still will take you to the featured artist's personal vlog.


Seth Diehl is in his last semester as an undergrad at the University of Iowa and will be graduating with a major in Film and  a minor in Theatre arts in May. As a result of his experience here, Diehl's  interests have grown to include non-fiction and experimental film as well as in story telling. He plans to travel and make films, work for PBS or similar, or maybe be a river raft guide in the mountains. He currently calls Iowa City home.

Of his work, Diehl says, "My Videoblog page is currently going by the title String Swords. I created the blog for a class last semester with weekly posts and like many of my classmates I have continued posting on it, letting it exist as a creative outlet. There is something curious about putting together quick small videos of art or whatever and then making them available for anyone around the world who has an internet connection to watch them. I find it inviting."

Seth Dieh's Vlog

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