Fantastic Constellation

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Fantastic Constellation

Of himself, Daniel Luchman says, "A narrative recipe: I transform personal experiences by layering them with cultural and historic knowledge, distancing them from their source [me] to achieve a more universal dimension- or- highly particular [uncommon] allegorical events monumentalized beneath a mythological disguise.  The work exists within a stylized reality, where rational conventions have been replaced by an absurdist logic, the complex nature of truth and morality are reflected upon with a dark, yet playful, sense of humor and fragile optimism."

Luchman describes Fantastic Constellation as:
1        A fable of a character who falls victim to his own curiosity.  He relaxes caution and is led astray by his sense of wonderment, and then becomes trapped by refusing to question his actions.  It is a complicated and vague moral lesson that warns of the supremacy of injustice in the universe.

2        The character escapes from his duty, tempted by selfishness onto a path of his fantasy, and is trapped by an invisible evil.  The story represents the universal desire to defy our terrestrial limitation; the false hope and impossible ideal of attaining the perfect beauty and order of the heavens.

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