Body Beasts

Iowa at 30 Frames per Second

Highlighting the efforts of Iowa's video artists, "Iowa at 30 Frames per Second" features work streamed direct to your computer. The link below the thumbnail will launch a streaming video.

Body Beasts, Video, 2006

Body Beasts is a multimedia investigation into the uncanny nature of dust mites. The surreal, six minute film depicts used sweaters that are manipulated and sown into shapes of grotesquely enlarged bugs. The abject creatures traverse the landscape of the human body as well as domestic environments and provide jarring relationships through shifts of scale and contexts. We see them fly through the air, crash to the floor, analyzed in labs, vainly vacuumed, and given back massages. The video examines our instinctual repulsion for the millions of creatures that live, eat, and sleep with us in a continuously symbiotic relationship.

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