Relationships, digital photography, 2006

Cammie Toloui currently resides and works as a creative photographer in Iowa City, Iowa.  She holds a degree in photojournalism from San Francisco State University, where she also taught photography. Her work as a documentary photographer has taken her to Russia, inside ambulances, strip clubs and other public/private worlds and has shown in New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art, San Francisco's Camerawork Gallery and the Wight Art Gallery in Los Angeles, among other places. Her latest work focuses on street scenes, the fleeting glance and odd moments.

Of her work, Toloui says, "I aspire to capture quirky moments that expose some kind of truth about a person or a place or a fleeting moment. Sometimes the moment is ambiguous or playful. Occasionally I stumble upon an odd or alarming scene, the photos I take like question marks and exclamation points, always odd, with a dash of irony maybe, or a slight smirk. I live for these moments. "

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