Humechanicsform II

Humechanicsform II, monoprint, 2006

Erin Maurelli was born Minneapolis, MN in 1970. She received her BFA degree from Carnegie Mellon University in  Pittsburgh, PA and her Tamarind Master Printer Certificate from the Tamarind Institute ing Albuquerque, NM. She is married and lives with one amazing two-year-old.

Of her work, Maurelli says, "If I were to sum up my life in a short phrase, I would recognize that my life, my experiences are in no way unique.  The hardships and the trials that I have encountered come to everybody; in their own time and in their own way.  I think what makes me unique is what I do in the face of adversity.  As a woman, and now as a mother, I have found huge wells of strength to draw upon, that I did not know for certain were there until I needed them.  These are the things that fuel my work."

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