Battle Cave

Battle Cave, digital ink-jet print on high-gloss paper, 28.5" x 40 in", 2006

Peter Clough received his BA from Grinnell College in 2006. At Grinnell he mounted three solo exhibitions of video and digital print work in the college's student galleries and won awards in four Student Art Salons for video work in the college's Faulconer Gallery. Since leaving Grinnell, Peter has designed lighting and scenery for the Northfield Arts Guild Theater in Minnesota and hopes to enter an MFA program in sculpture or new media in the fall of 2007.

Update, January 2018: Peter went on to earn an MFA at NYU Steinhardt, New York, NY in 2009, and has since participated in dozens of exhibitions in America, Asia, and Europe!

My work employs the traditions of history painting, surrealism, illustration and pornography toward an interrogation of personal and collective fantasies.  I am concerned with curating images from the dregs of popular culture—vacation advertisements, porno pics, self-help videos—and (re)presenting them as fetishized objects of reverence.  In this way my work becomes a collision of cognitive experience, a testimony to the potency of imagination, an homage to ecstacy and exuberance, and an exploration of beauty.

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