Arm Farm

Arm Farm, wood cut print, 18'' by 24''

Of herself, de Kok-Mercado writes "I am a third year Art Education and Spanish major.  Last semester was my first semester in a printmaking class, and I've found it really suits my taste in imagery.  Before this relief printmaking class, I considered myself mostly a painter, where now, I find myself leaning more towards the printmaking medium.

I was born in Puerto Rico,  and lived in the Netherlands for four years after the age of seven.  My family ended up in Ames, Iowa when I was in fourth grade, and I graduated from Cedar Falls Iowa, after my parents' divorce.  I've been lucky to have been able to travel back three times since having moved from the Netherlands, and twice on those trips I have also been on exchange to Italy, and traveled around England, France, and Germany with my father and brother. "

Of her work, de Kok-Mercado says, "I guess this is where my imagery with the pots began.  The idea of feeling 'stuck' in a place after you've been there for a certain amount of time.  Should we allow ourselves to feel stuck? Should we allow ourselves to be 'planted' in one place, either by another person, or worse, ourselves? This was my question.  This is already my third year in Iowa City, and though it's not a 'permanent' move like other places have been for me in the past, I'm already starting to feel anxious, and looking to where I'll end up next.  Which, is in actuality, very, very, exciting."

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