Split Stream

Split Stream, coffee, ink, oil pastel, 20" x 15", 2006

Catherine G. Wagley has studied art at DePaul University and Grinnell College. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Catherine is seriously considering returning to Iowa after pursuing an MFA in Drawing. She has participated in student shows on the DePaul Campus and in Grinnell.

She says this about her art: "I've wanted my art to discuss interactions, whether between people or between individuals and their experiences, intending to visually narrate the dynamics of such relationships. But responding to the characteristics of my materials has led to a freer narrative quality. My current images work through experiences and relationships reactively. Instead of descriptively rendering figures, I respond to what happens on paper. Often, I start to work with a specific observation, memory or narrative in mind, but I have a lithe process. Once a drawing is finished, I read into the interactions that have occurred. This working method is new to me and exhilarating."

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