Three Steer Skulls

Three Steer Skulls, cotton, abaca, and flax handmade paper, 20" x 11" x 4", 2006

Molly Kafka is a recent graduate from Grinnell College where she received a
bachelor's degree in English. She is currently applying to graduate
programs in book and paper arts. She grew up on a farm in southern South
Dakota, which influences her creative process.

"At the core, my art is really about communicating and connecting with
people both thematically and personally.  Having once grappled with
the disconnection I felt in growing up on a farm in South Dakota, my
art seems to map my personal and creative processes in realizing and
communicating my upbringing's positive influence on the artist I am
today.  In attending to these themes of home through sculpture and
paper making, I am able to understand and appreciate where I come

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on February 03, 2007

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