David Dunlap is a member of Walnut Farms Interspecies Artists Collective who guarantee you in the SWEETNESS of time all the love in the world.  He asks "Please help me. Recently I have been diagnosed with a rare form of Tourette's Syndrome in which I am compelled to draw burning crosses and swastikas."

David Dunlap has followed Uptown Bill's (Bill Sackter) story and will follow it to the Framery, 2203 F Street (behind Walgreens on First Avenue and Muscatine), part of The Extend The Dream Foundation where his, Jordan Acker, Kangying Guo, Twyla Bloxham, Harold Van Beck and Lee Johnson will exhibit their work (opening 5-9 p.m., November 15, 2006) in support of extending the dream of Bill Sackter, Martin Luther King jr ("I may not get there", ABW Gallery, January 11-19, 2007).

David Dunlap asks Cody Geiselmann about her appearance at Intermedia Open House which produces a story about Mark McCusker which leads to "An Inquiry About Obscenity" (Jill Baker, Jenn Meyers, Katherine Parker, Mark McCusker, Darrell Taylor), Drewlowe Gallery, November 17-December 1, 2006 which leads toward "The 2007 Obermann Humanities Symposium: OBSCENITY, March 1-4, 2007 including "Figure 97, Without Sanctuary: OBSCENITY" , Media Theatre, ABW, April 26-March 4, 2007.

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