Our Taboo

Our Taboo

"I was born, raised and educated in Upstate New York where I earned a MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA from Syracuse University.  I also lived in Cincinnati OH, Southampton MA, the Los Angeles CA basin and Ithaca NY prior to settling in Mt. Vernon IA with my husband and two sons in 1997.  As a resident of Iowa, I have been awarded Iowa Arts Council grants, a Ragdale Foundation artist residency, and several Cornell College faculty grants where I have taught part time for the art department since 1999.  My work has been exhibited throughout the Northeast and Midwest and reproduced in several journals."

Janet writes about her work, "My current work, involving handmade books, photographs, drawings and occasional objects, reflects the overarching theme of mortality.  The work also addresses materials and process.  I am currently creating digital photographs from x-rays films, merging a dying scientific process with contemporary practice.  I have also photographed the human cadaver, skeletons, and cemeteries, incorporated vintage photographs as direct xerographic transfers, and created related mixed media objects and works on paper.  Regardless of technique, my work explores various levels of intimacy between the subject and the viewer as well as various means for addressing the subject of death: poetic, euphemistic and naked statement of fact.

Although the subject matter is timeless, I find it particularly apt during wartime."

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