Fine Line

Fine Line, pastel, 22" x 30"

Dedicated and restlessly searching, Jack Wilkes is a teacher, painter, and explorer in concrete images and abstract ideas. After studying at the Cleveland Art Institute, Jack finished his BFA in Art Education at Drake which included a Certificate in Art Therapy; and he was both painting and teaching before he completed work for his MFA in painting from Drake in 1983. Teaching at Simpson College, Iowa State University, serving as Artist-in-Residence at the Des Moines Art Center, then Drake, he exhibited the first of his series of paintings and served in residencies, special projects, and workshops, some as far away as New Smyna Beach, Florida and Verenna, Italy. Now painting full time, Wilkes heads an active family and participates in school/community affairs when he isn't in his studio.

As Wilkes summarizes: My work . . .has revolved around sign, symbol, allegory, and architecture. I gravitate to historical, social, and spiritual references in both object and architecture in trying to understand the power these objects . . .possess and provide.

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