The Boat Parade

The Boat Parade, event, PedMall, Iowa City, IA, March 3rd, 2006

The Moving Crew art collective believes in a constant exchange of critical, confusing, exciting, or redundant thoughts on transition, transformation and transfer-mation of persons, places and things, both locally and globally.

The Moving Crew launched a regatta of hand-made cardboard boats, ships, and canoes with the help of participating public. All sightseers, vacationers, pirates, pleasure cruisers, colonizers, conquistadors, explorers, warriors, refugees, nomads, shipwreck survivors, captains, sailors, navy soldiers, drifters, fishermen and other boat experts were invited to join in, assemble boats on the spot and participate in moving them around the city, inventing their own boat narrative. Messages have been collected in the bottle on the spot and by mail or e-mail during and prior to the event.

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