Spring '06 II

Spring '06 II, mixed media drawing with gold leaf, 38" x 24"

Priscilla is co-owner of Campbell-Steele Gallery in Marion and teaches printmaking at Coe College. Originally from New Jersey, Priscilla moved to the area to complete her graduate work in printmaking at the University of Iowa. She has a strong regional exhibition history and co-founded the Marion Arts Festival in addition to serving on several art boards and committees in the Cedar Rapids area.

Priscilla Steele, a printmaker and mixed media artist from Cedar Rapids, is well known in the region for her figurative work, however, she also works with flowers as a subject matter. Priscilla's take on flowers isn't "pretty" in a classical sense but there is an unusual beauty in the large-scale Amaryllis and Day Lily Suites. Perhaps it is the beauty of power through size. The 48 x 48-inch drawings demonstrate how delicate petals and stems become forceful under a magnifying glass. In her smaller mixed media works of amaryllises, Priscilla uses gold leaf, a traditional medium as background color for her contemporary drawings.

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