Potato Cellar Installation

Intermedia Undergraduate Open House, April 28, 2006

The Daily Palette is pleased to present documentation of the Intermedia Undergraduate Open House held Spring of 2006. Twice a year, the Intermedia Area of the School of Art & Art History opens its doors for a festival of student new media work on campus at the International Center.

Potato Cellar Installation, site specific installation, potatoes, dirt, yarn, drawings

Olga Balema is a BFA sculpture student at the University of Iowa. She often makes work in which animals or objects infest a space, sometimes subtly, sometimes colonizing it in obvious ways. She is interested in things that exist below the surface, away from sight. Here, potatoes emerge from the crawl space under a University building into a basement room where the concrete floor has disappeared beneath a layer of earth, and the potatoes themselves suffer from yarn growths.

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