Nature Installation

Intermedia Undergraduate Open House, April 28, 2006

The Daily Palette is pleased to present documentation of the Intermedia Undergraduate Open House held Spring of 2006. Twice a year, the Intermedia Area of the School of Art & Art History opens its doors for a festival of student new media work on campus at the International Center.

Nature Installation, site specific installation, mixed media, and performance

Marissa Siegel's work draws inspiration from the beauty and abundance of nature and how we, as humans, are a part of it. In this room-sized installation, Siegel incorporated soil and flowers, logs, wall-hangings, audio and video of the Iowa woods to create a space of calm and repose that pays tribute to the natural world. In addition, she invited performer-participants to design their own costumes, which developed into fanciful attire, armor for woodland warriors.

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