Shallow Stage

Shallow Stage, acrylic on paper, 2003

Chris Fletcher received his B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1993 and his M.F.A. in 1997 from American University in Washington D.C. His works have been included in exhibitions in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Virginia.

As a painter, my chief concern is the unique internal logic of the singular painting. Isometric projection helps me to consider the dual function of any given shape. A shape may function both as a link in a two dimensional design and as a plane in a representation of three-dimensional volume.

Keeping shapes of color evenly modulated helps me to feel the character of the relationships between them better. These relationships include those of part to part, part to whole, part to group, group to group, and group to whole.

The resulting images evoke things like wooden toys or figures, building blocks, architectural frame construction, wood joinery, and stages. These things may serve to embody the tenuous nature of appearances. However, they may also suggest hope and the process of growth.

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on December 13, 2005

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