Space Experience #1

Space Experience #1, Foam board and glue, variable dimensions

Vinicius Lima was born in Brazil in 1982. He received a Bachelor in Architecture and Urban Planning Degree in July, 2005 at Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He is currently a first semester Graduate Student at University of Iowa School of Art and Art History where he is studying in the Design Graduate Program. While an undergraduate student, he did an internship time with many architecture and urbanism projects, including apartment buildings, street renovations, and interior design. His current work at University of Iowa has been based on exploring the geometry as a tool to make design. He uses medias like wood sticks, foam board paper and computer software.

This piece comes from a constant search for beautiful spaces. He is interested in creating spaces that have a lot of visual quality using design skills. Items like the background, the views from interior spaces, light, shadow, and color are items he always tries to put together in his work.

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