Steve Shock is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer from Waterloo, Iowa. His TIME Boxes and Letterboxes are both original concepts utilizing mized media collage on ready-made wood boxes. The media used include xerograpy on stock bond and recycled colored papers, acrylic paint, water-based varnish, and pastel.

Mr. Shock begins by applying wood stain to both the exterior and interior surfaces of a box. A glaze of metallic copper acrylic paint and varnish is applied over the interior stain. Letterforms are copyright free and date from between the late 1700s through the 1920s. They are manipulated to achieve a variety of textures. Methods include sanding, scraping, and erasure. They are then printed on paper stock, cut into squares, and applied to the exterior surface. Pastel is scumbled and rubbed over the letter collage. The next step is the distressing of the box and collage. This is done using several tools including hammer, chain, file, and sanding sponge. The collage is then varnished. Next, acrylic paint is applied to the open area of the box's lid. There is some cracking of the paint along with "chipping" and sanding the surface to suggest the effects of time. The lid is then finish-coated with varnish. The entire box is lightly scuffed to reduce shine.

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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