untitled wooden tea tray

untitled wooden tea tray

STICKS makes a wide range of heirloom-quality furniture painted in bright colors and incorporating text. It is the ultimate in family-friendly art. Each STICKS piece is a little bit different, but incorporates themes and icons from a list the group has put together. There are also several color families.

The process involves constructing the furniture from scratch out of regulation lumber, and then a sequence of drawing, wood burning, staining and painting the designs. Last come the final touches such as hand painted knobs and a final coat of polyurethane. Designs are derived from a series of themes, icons and color palettes that galleries or clients may choose from, making STICKS furniture easily customized. Customers can also add their own text or image ideas to custom orders.

Because of their ability to deliver joyful, custom-designed pieces, STICKS furniture has become a national phenomenon. Founder Sarah Grant-Hutchison, the creative mastermind behind the decoration, is a Des Moines resident and a graduate of the University of Iowa. Jim Lueders coordinates the furniture construction portion of the business.

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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