Desdemona, mixed media, 20" x 16"

Paula Grady works in a variety of media, most notably graphic design, with an occasional pastel drawing or collage worked into her designs. She has twice won the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival design contest. Her work has also been on the covers of the Cedar Rapids Symphony programs and in promotions for Riverside Theater and Theater Cedar Rapids. Her interest in masks stem from her work as an actor, as well as her love for African mores. "What's fun and intriguing is that each mask, as it evolves, takes on its own, unique persona."

She has recently expanded into the areas of weaving and knitting, blending it with her talent in assembling collages. She loves vibrant colors and rough earthy textures. She is a self professed pack-rat and strongly believes in recycling any material possible as part of her art. "One man's excess is another man's ornamentation."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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