Listening Without Straining

Listening Without Straining, oil on canvas, 48" x 48"

Karen Chesterman earned her MFA from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. Her has been shown extensively throughout the Midwest, and her work is held in both private and institutional collections. She works full-time in her studio in Sioux City, Iowa and is represented by the Olson-Larsen Gallery in Des Moines.

The most immediate element of Karen Chesterman's recent work is vibrant color. Color, which seems both vaporous and dense color that is layered and that suggests movement and directions color that occasionally even suggests bits of images or iconography. As the viewer approaches, more textures and suggestions of shapes become apparent. As the viewer withdraws, color again assumes the dominating role. Chesterman, however, describes different, more complex motives and processes in her current paintings: "I think of them as accumulations of thought and decision-making. I leave traces of what is underneath either by sanding or scraping the layers of paint . . . What is visible on the surface is not always the most important aspect of the art."

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