Subjective Memory Part II: Proof Set 2

Subjective Memory Part II: Proof Set 2, digital print, polyeurathane, 14 1/4" x 24 1/2", 2005

Ryan Clark is an Iowa native. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002.

He says this about his work: "Conceptually, my works are a grab bag of metaphysical premises without the necessity for conclusions that one would find in philosophy. The freedom to float between opposites in the discourse of art allows me the therapy of sifting through an otherwise unmanageable collection of thoughts. I try to come up with concise, visual metaphors that encompass an idea and might, perhaps, function as a kind of philosophical shorthand. No concept is graspable outside of metaphor. All art is metaphor.

"I work primarily with digital media, both video and two-dimensional. I abstract my imagery, often beyond recognition through degradation of the image or through hyper-real detail. I work with many other multimedia materials in order to manipulate the images and to emphasize the handmade. I realize that philosophy is a risky subject matter to tackle in art. I say this, because I feel, that in order to create good conceptual art one must try to float between the ambiguous (subjective but indecipherable) and the obvious (objective but contrived). I can only hope that I have avoided these traps, but I will at least be rid of a few thoughts."

text and image from Karolyn Sherwood Gallery

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