Trouble, embroidered hand-bag

A longtime Iowa City resident, Nobles has recently moved to Texas. She has exhibited nationally and internationally for many years, most recently at Hibberd McGrath Gallery (Breckenridge, CO); Mobilia (Cambridge, MA); Thirteen Moons (Santa Fe, NM) and the SOFA in Chicago. She has been awarded artist residencies at Ragdale Foundation and the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

“I see the work approaching the question from many angles—serious and funny, searching and observing, cutting and reassuring, from memory and conjecture. The lessons are coming from women—elders, family, and friends, real role models and fictional ones—and sometimes from a melding of several sources. Needlework seems to tell the story well, as it is the expression handed down through our family, from great-grandmother to grandmother, to mother to me. I have difficulty writing and I sure can’t tell a joke, but through these pieces, I become an author and storyteller. I create characters and a setting, and devise a narrative, which may or may not be discernable in the final piece. Lately, I’ve been thinking more deeply about narrative structure. This has lead to greater attention paid to the development of characters in my pieces. With my three-dimensional pieces, I’m trying to make the actual structure of the piece further the story.”

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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on November 04, 2005

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