Yellow Bike

Yellow Bike, digital print, variable dimensions

Karen Strohbeen and Bill Luchsinger have forged an innovative path in taking their limited-edition prints to a new medium.  Their tile works represent a unique way to collect their work, whether that is a single tile or a single image on multiple tiles.

Creating the tiles requires a process called Dye Sublimation.

The tiles themselves are “printed”, but not in the usual sense.  Instead of using pigment and inks as with the works on paper, the tiles require chemical dyes.  These dyes are digitally printed in reverse on special paper and then applied to the pre-glazed ceramic tiles.  Placing the tile and dyed image under 500 degree heated pressure, the chemical dyes turn to gas and are forced into a hardened, polymer surface.

Images can be ordered on tiles as part of their limited editions in 6 inch, 8 inch, or 12 inch tiles.  They also can be created as “multiples”, taking the same image and spreading it out over multiple tiles.

The tiles come with an attached wood block and are ready for easy installation with common picture hangers.  Tiles can also be ordered without the wood blocks for direct installation in conjunction with other residential tile work in kitchens and on bathroom walls, as examples.

Karen and Bill are at the forefront of the digital technology that allows them to create new works in a medium that other artists are just toying with – but their work has a clarity and definition that very few can equal.

text and image from Karolyn Sherwood Gallery

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on November 02, 2005

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