Form III

Form III, wire, 15" x 15", 2004

Wonjae Lee is in his first year of MFA Program in the Design Department at the University of Iowa. His current works explore the spaces and forms that could be captured within his cultural background, East Asia; temples, traditional costume, dance movement, music, etc. He also is engaged with lighting design. Since light is one of the strongest elements for recognizing a form, you should not put it aside when you create a form.

"The lines from Life Drawing inspired this piece. Every object and space is created by endless numbers of lines, which create surface. The lines created by wires illuminate the spaces between wires. It is simple form, however, shadow created by the light adds the existence of space even stronger. People recognize spaces by contrast of dark and light shadows or the objects juxtaposed each other. That is why a certain object or space is pleasing to one’s eyes when it has an appropriate relationship with surroundings. I call it 'Communication'."

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on October 23, 2005

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