Roadside, chromogenic color print, 20" x 24", 2004

Andrew Crooks is an Iowan artist who earned his B.F.A. degree in Fine Art Photography at the University of Northern Iowa in the Spring of 2005. He is represented in the permanent art collections of Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center and Rod Library, UNI. Crooks will enter graduate school in the Fall of 2005 to pursue an M.F.A. in Photography at the University of New Mexico.

"When a person encounters a photograph, they often think of it as an impartial record of fact.  It is my belief that, even when the photograph seems to show unequivocal truth, it’s purpose or meaning can be shaped by the photographer.  Things may not be as they seem.  I express this idea by mixing painted backdrops, three-dimensional props, and real life subjects.  The backdrops act as a synthesized reality, juxtaposed with real-life objects and people.  The organic, human presence in these photographs provides contrast to the synthetic backdrops, pulling your eyes back and forth between natural and contrived elements.  The sober expressions on people’s faces contrast my overt, sometimes hokey props and brightly colored backdrops.  Unlike some images that try passing a contrivance off for truth, I amplify the contrast between the two worlds.  By mixing reality with fiction, I highlight the maker’s power to shape an image, and ultimately create a new reality."

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on October 17, 2005

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