Sock Rock

Sock Rock, performance/ interactive installation, 2005

I am a BFA student in Intermedia Art at the University of Iowa. I am also a Journalism Major and a student producer for AM 910 WSUI's Weekend America Iowa Edition. My artwork has appeared at Intermedia open houses and in the International Building where the Intermedia Department is located.

Sock Rock was my last open house piece. It consisted of a room iconicly split between good and evil. People were encouraged by me, the evil announcer on the PA to come in and sock wrestle which consists of getting on your hands and knees and trying to take the opponents loosely worn sock off their foot. The first person to snatch the others sock won. The combatants had to choose whether they wanted to wrestle for the Good or Evil side. Before they could compete they had to complete initiation rituals for their side. This project was about melodramatic perception. How what began as a simple narrative form has slipped into our realities and is considered real. It was over the top and loud in order to jolt people out of their black and white/ good and evil mind traps.

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on October 15, 2005

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