Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan, walnut, red oak, padauk, purple heart woods, 12" in diameter

JK Creative Wood is the creative outlet of the Brokaw family, based out of Kalona, Iowa. They create many wooden pieces including mouse pads, serving trays, cutting boards, and quilt racks. Joel and Karma Brokaw, the patrons of the family, both have many years of woodworking experience. They are helped out by their sons, Justin, Jeremy, Jordan, and Jackson, and their three daughters Keilah, Kidron, and Kaylin.

About their work and how their family fits into their business, the Brokaws had this to say, " The children have all just grown up with it. We've always taken them to art fairs where they've gotten to meet other artists' kids... Each piece [of woodwork] is individually designed. I don't want to know how long it takes to put one of these things together."

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on October 14, 2005

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