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Shawn works with his wife Sarah Nelson at their family business, The Rhythm of Color, in Iowa City, Iowa.

Shawn's enjoyment comes from the creative energy he puts forth while creating glass art. The world of glass has allowed him to combine his love for individualism and creation. He hopes you will take pleasure in his work and find it equally as captivating to own.

Shawn became a Lampworker quite accidentally. He was working in the Heating and Air industry installing ventilation when he moved from his birthplace of North Carolina to Colorado. He began installing ventilation for various Lampworkers on the west coast, and became enthralled with the art form. He soon began to trade ventilation installations for glass art lessons and apprenticeships. His excitement comes in utilizing his artistic and technical mind to create beautiful pieces of art for other's enjoyment.

Shawn's specialty is Borosilicate glass. It is the most durable and purest form of glass in the world. Due to its strength, Borosilicate can be crafted directly in the open flame of a torch. After he creates each piece, it is placed in the kiln for proper firing and finishing, thus ensuring the art piece will be enjoyed for years.

Glass offers Shawn a constant challenge. He combines ancient techniques, with a modern influence to offer you his own unique style of craftsmanship. he continues to hone his talents and skills as he works on new techniques and products for your future enjoyment. He feels a great sense of accomplishment in his work and is proud to share it with you.

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