untitled kaleidoscope

untitled kaleidoscope, stained glass

"Raised on an Iowa Farm and being involved with 4-H gave me an appreciation for different crafts. I briefly studied arts and crafts at Iowa State University and then followed my longing for the mountains by moving to Colorado.

Since 1978, stained glass has been my medium for artistic expression. I began designing stained glass windows, lampshades and other items. Kaleidoscopes, remember the fun you had with them when you were a child? Well that 'fun' has once again entered my life. By 1981, the intrigue of capturing a rainbow had won my heart. It still seems like magic when viewing through a newly made scope and finding that spectrum of color inside. My newest scopes reflect my enjoyment of wildlife and of the outdoors with the addition of decorative 'filigree' and 'scratchings' to the scopes exterior.

My father, Ed Freund, is instrumental in helping me craft my scopes by machining all the metal mechanisms for the wheels. From hand threading and cutting the brass pieces to machining the washers out of a solid rod, truly make my scopes hand made."

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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on October 10, 2005

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