Salvation in Five

Salvation in Five, poster, 11" x 17", 2004

Born and raised in Iowa and a self-taught, accidental artist, I am now in medical school and spending more and more time in Prague and Olomouc of the Czech Republic. Hanus has received grants from the Iowa Arts Council, exhibited at the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories, and had a one-person show at Legion Arts/CSPS in Cedar Rapids. Hanus works in tile murals, sculptures, watercolors and digital paintings. His tile murals have been placed in Prague and Olomouc, Czech Republic. He is currently working on a mural for Valletta, the capital of Malta. Hanus' work often depicts universal models of meta-identity and supraculture. He also likes to explore arts-infused social mechanisms to elevate public discourse, nurture critical thinking and enrich private/public lives through various cultural events.

Due to my increasing residence in Prague, I have taken the name Hanus of Prague. My signature is a form of art in itself. Hanus was the clockmaker who created the glockenspiel clock for the town square in Prague, many centuries ago. In order to ensure that he did not duplicate his masterpiece for another town, the town elders of Prague had his eyes gouged out. My signature takes the basic H shape of my name. The bar is curved as in a smile but also represents the diacritic placed over the S in Hanus, that gives the pronunciation an SH sound (HA-noosh.) The eyes have been restored but are advanced and evolved, able to give perspective from a number of vantage points. This signature symbolizes the power I believe art has to offer new and insightful perspectives, void in the standard political, academic, religious, corporate and legal discourses that permeate society today.

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