Archive/ Archetype

Archive/ Archetype, mixed media, 37.5" x 26", 2005

Ryan was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1979 and would later earn his B.F.A. from the University of Iowa in 2002. Most recently, Ryan participated in a solo exhibition at the Karolyn Sherwood Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa. Here is a brief overview of his show, "On the Morality of Memory":

"This exhibition is about the construction and continuity of human identity through memory and experience. I am focusing on the disconcerting fallibility of memory as a recording device that is based in “reality”, and I am glancing at the un-navigable paths through the subconscious and the imaginary. These issues become important if one considers their memory and experience to define who they are/were/and will be.

I have divided the exhibition into two sections: Subjective Memory and Objective Memory. The 'Subjective Memory' pieces are divided into three sections that are based on theories of the metaphysical divisions of man. Part I, for example, pits the conception of linear, unfaltering time against the actualities of the human experience. Part III, is identity without memory. The Objective Memory pieces deal with cultural identity and the placement of that in an historical context. I am interested in the subtleties we employ to communicate and universally accept these concepts (identity and narrative), even in the midst of our individual relative knowledge."

text and image from Karolyn Sherwood Gallery

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on September 06, 2005

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