titanium jewelry

"My art career began in the late l980's while in college at the University of Iowa. The last two years I took a number of metalworking classes. One of the attributes of this study was that the homework was marketable. By the last year in school, my jewelry was selling regularly at shops and art fairs around Iowa. Perseverance, determination, hard work, and resourcefulness resulted in my work being displayed at various high quality galleries and art fairs nationally.

The most appealing aspect of this profession is experiencing creativity. Inspiration for my jewelry comes from details of natural and technological objects. Different parts, shapes, and angular movements of an industrial building, for example, can be quite inspiring. The manner in which the individual components flow and contrast with one another, completing interesting geometric patterns, is much the feel of my work I find similar inspiration by looking at the sky. A focal point might be the moon. Captured in and around the celestial body are many shades, unique forms, and interesting cloud formations that intermlate with the surface. Each piece of jewelry expresses a detailed esthetic that looks as if it has purpose and function.

Within each piece of work, the majority of parts are hand-sawed. I cut intricate shapes and pierce lines almost as if the saw blade were a pencil. Cutting is done in the interior by piercing a small hole and inserting the saw blade. Care is taken not to pass outer dimensions. I always work from a design, each component is specifically made, and I do not use found objects."

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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on September 04, 2005

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