Untitled (In the Doing series)

Untitled (In the Doing series), performance art, 2017

Marcelina Weaver was born in San Antonio, Texas. She moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa in 2015 to study at the University of Northern Iowa. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art in the Fall of 2017. She plans to pursue a Master's of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at San Antonio with an emphasis in Painting/Drawing. Marcelina has exhibited works in a variety of exhibitions such as Palo Alto College's Juried Student Art Exhibition in 2015, UNI's Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition in 2017, In The Doing: A Solo Exhibition, at UNI in 2017, the Cedar Valley Biennial in 2017, and had multiple works exhibited at the Dickinson Law Firm's exhibition, Iowa Artist on Display. In 2018, she and her fellow artist collaborators (Taylor Hansen, Anastasia Chloe, Dylan Eigenberger, Michelle Patrilla, Shannon Williams) received the Merit Award from the University of Northern Iowa's Art Department for "Car Wash", a performance video.

In her own words:

I find comfort in rhythm; the underlying beat of an orchestra of happenings: breathing, walking, doing. I work in cycles of repetitive motion that result in remnants, permanent or fleeting. A mass of threaded text becomes a tangle of indistinguishable words. Breath behind a shower liner becomes brief fog, then condensation. These actions, materials ,and remnants, act as metaphors for internal/external conflict, frustration, discovery, and identity. I use common materials, things that people understand, and take them out of context. The viewer can connect to the familiar materials while the materials become allegorical as well as the accompanying actions. Through familiar materials, the audience is able to connect, sympathize, sometimes empathize, with the experience being shared. People will apply a meaning to the makings of the performance and that will be the baseline connection. When they make the association between the materials, actions, and the artist, that will be the story.

Photograph by Kirby Davis

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on May 11, 2018

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