Squander, Found objects, concrete, paint, 31" x 17" x 22", 2017

Nick Lyle Hall was born in 1994 in Waterloo, IA. He received his BFA in printmaking from the University of Northern Iowa in 2017. Although fascinated by printmaking processes, he rarely produces multiples. He is more interested in using these processes as a means of creating marks and effects only achievable through them. Hall's work consists mostly of monoprints, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. He is mesmerized by the conversation that happens between 2D and 3D work as well as the boundaries between the two.

In his own words:

Our surroundings offer infinite creative potential. I grew up skateboarding through urban landscapes, exploring architectural forms and surfaces that beg for creative interaction: stairs, slopes, ledges, curbs, rails, and more. Aspects of these spaces that go overlooked fascinate me. Revisiting the same spaces over the course of years allows me to observe how they erode and change due to time, weather, and use. In my process, I respond to material and space in intuitive ways, drawing from these experiences.  I often use found objects from these spaces, altering their surfaces and functionality. A material's life story changes once taken from its environment and used in my process. This gives the material a new value. Rust, dirt, stains, wrinkles, rips, dents, and scrapes exhibit how all material is ephemeral.

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