Untitled (bathroom no. 1, from Going Home series)

Untitled (bathroom no. 1, from Going Home series), digital photograph, 2018

Anastasia Chloe (b. 1995) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on themes of coming of age and memory. She is currently working to attain her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography, a minor in Art History, and a concentration in Museum Studies from the University of Northern Iowa. In the Fall of 2017 she had the opportunity to work with the UNI Permanent Art Collection and curate an exhibition, entitled Fringe Theory: An Exploration into The Blurred Margins of Mainstream Art. Her personal work has been exhibited in a variety spaces, both before and throughout her time at UNI. Most recently, three of her pieces have been on display at the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition in the UNI Gallery of Art - two of which received formal recognition. After graduation she is planning on finding a job within the museum and art gallery field, as she feels very passionate about building and maintaining bridges between the art world and the general public.

In her own words:

In my work I explore notions of interior and exterior personal spaces which dance the lines between the tangible physical world and that of memory and emotion. I look to examine my own personal narratives whilst intertwining them with memories of lives before me. I explore these themes through mediums ranging from digital and analogue photography to performative and installation based works. The majority of what I create has a quiet softness to it often balanced by a curious playfulness. I am excited by used and overlooked objects, usually within the domestic sphere or items which are considered outdated and obsolete. I pull inspiration from family keepsakes and heirlooms, specifically those passed down from the women in my family, such as cookbooks, dollhouses, candlesticks, and wedding dresses. While searching in the attics of my own familial past I hope to discover a more universal truth about our shared present moment.

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