Untitled, oil and latex house paint on canvas, 6' x 11', 2018

Eliza Reinhardt attends the University of Iowa and will receive her BFA in painting this May 2018. She started painting in the spring of 2016 exploring how to visually express the after effects of brain trauma.

In her own words:

This work searches for selfhood and a reclamation of lost memories resulting from a traumatic brain injury. Explosive painting sessions collage imagery of past relationships and feelings. The sedimentary addition and subtraction of paint functions both as a literal and metaphorical archaeology of memory. The figures are partial, fragmented, broken, and hidden; ambiguous, but sincere, reflecting my own abridged sense of self. A violent collision between my own physicality, paint, and image, the resulting canvases house a rich eruption of painting a record of my re-genesis of self.

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on May 02, 2018

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