The Daily Palette Vintage

Memory Lapse

It is easy to forget
how perfectly birds fit
on the branches of trees

June snowstorms
of cottonwood seeds
parachuting towards earth

that slow thunder
when icebergs are born
their adagio splash to sea.

Roads cannot remember
directions they're going.
Even rain can fail to fall.

Certain cemeteries seem larger
than the towns they spring from.
Some graves bear bones nobody knows.

Why we are in these particular bodies
must be something we've forgotten.
If only we knew what it was.

The Daily Palette Vintage

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This poem originally appeared in Volume 5, Number 1 of 100 Words, a journal published by the University of Iowa's International Writing Program between 1993 and 1998. Each piece in the journal had to be 100 words or fewer, and each issue had a theme. This issue's theme was "On Memory."

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on August 22, 2018

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