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Margin (mar.gin) n-s 1. The space on a page
beyond the main body of the text. 2. A pause
in the thought process between the seen and
the sensed. 3. The edge of vegetation that
extends from the pine barrens to the tidal flats,
a wetland the eye is hesitant to enter; its nature
to remain separate from Nature, its guiding
intelligence a step beyond the physical reality
of so much salt marsh: the sun, a shadowy
white against the green tussocks of cordgrass,
the flight-dragging feet of the egrets, and
the sagging planks on a spindly pier; sameness
in a sinuous maze of stalks and blades: the heat
seething with insects, a glittering swarm;
numberless fiddler crabs scuttling down identical
holes; dull hunks of gurgling mollusks in gleaming
muck; so much seepage that a stream curves,
and cuts through the silt to the sea, a shimmering
expanse. 4. The broad surface of an observed
phenomenon from which an inference is drawn:
Science assumes a subject in fact and form,
but its origin remains half-hidden in the margin.

The Daily Palette Vintage

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Warren Slesinger was a university press editor for several years. In 2003, he received the South Carolina Poetry Fellowship. His poems and "definitions" have appeared in numerous publications. 

"Margin" appears in the current (Spring 2008) issue of The Iowa Review, a literary magazine based at the University of Iowa. Founded in 1970, The Iowa Review has been edited by David Hamilton since 1978.

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