It's Time We Talk

It's Time We Talk was a performance art exhibition held at Public Space One in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday, April 14, 2018. Curated by Melissa Airy, a group of 9 female performance artists came together to use live actions and storytelling to speak about their personal experiences as women that they had previously kept private to the world.

Emptiness, performance, audio recording, 2018

Tian Liu was born in Ganzhou, China. She moved to Shanghai when she was eight, and moved to Portland, Oregon, when she was fifteen. She germinated her interest in photography when she was still in high school, so she decided to gain more experience through higher education. Tian is currently studying Journalism and Mass Communication and Art at the University of Iowa.

In her own words:

The question, "What is meaningful for life?", is usually answered with success and self-achievement. In school, success comes through grades and building a resume. Students study hard in school in order to gain good grades. These good grades lead to internships, scholarships and jobs. A good job is vital to earn a good salary which allows us to survive in society. We define life without hard work as being empty. Where does this emptiness actually come from? Is there any way to get rid of the emptiness? Are all of these things people spend their time on actually meaningful? Maybe they are just pennies in the black ink.

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