Vespers (from the Divining Series)

It's Time We Talk

It's Time We Talk was a performance art exhibition held at Public Space One in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday, April 14, 2018. Curated by Melissa Airy, a group of 9 female performance artists came together to use live actions and storytelling to speak about their personal experiences as women that they had previously kept private to the world.

Vespers (from the Divining Series), performance, audio recording, 2018

Caitlin Mary Margarett is a Midwestern artist, born and raised between Minnesota and Iowa. She is currently working across disciplines, pursuing a BFA in performance art and a BA in art history from the University of Northern Iowa. In addition to art, Caitlin Mary Margarett researches ethics, theology, and gender studies as she tries to make sense of feminist spirituality and systems of flourishing and suffering in relation to the body and spirit.

In her own words:

Taking a phenomenological approach, my work and research asks after the meeting place between the metaphysical, divine, and singular self. Here, I created a vignette that articulated a desire for a holistic spiritual life by performing the private act of prayer. The star motif on the ceramic tiles were inspired by basilica ceilings, referencing houses of worship and my own private desire for a dwelling place with god. My repetitive act of kneeling down to pray was drawn out to the point of discomfort and pain while the accompanying audio spoke of a feminine divine, revering something eternal and safe in a female heritage. In my gestures to this history of womanhood, I hope to draw a correlation between my performative action and the religious practices women before me may have pursued to obtain relief from the suffering in their own micro and macrocosms.

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