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Flood, medium format film photo, resin, sand, rocks, cast aluminum, hemp rope, 2018

Eden Hall is a second year MFA student in Jewelry and Metal Arts at the University of Iowa's School of Art and Art History. She graduated with honors and a BFA in photography from the University of Iowa in 2016, and an extensive coursework in fisheries and wildlife biology at Oregon State University. Inspiration for her work comes from a lifestyle tied to the land and home, as well as a lifetime of environmental work and concern. Her sculptural works combine bronze casting, natural materials, traditional metalsmithing, photography, concrete, and large scale metal fabrication. She uses these elements in installations as well as stand alone pieces. Her work has been exhibited locally and throughout the Midwest.

In her own words:

My work continues to explore how humans shape their natural environment, and how their environment shapes them. I use the transformative process of lost wax bronze casting to humanize natural phenomena into immortal bronze. I like to play with textures found in nature and apply them to sculpted forms in man made materials. I work both large and minute in hopes that my art has both scope and intimacy. Specifically, my work addresses genetic mutations found in fish, siltation of our rivers, flooding, and pros and cons of mass agriculture, and the personal impact of harvesting food directly from the land I live on. On a simpler level, making art is my way of carving out an interpretation of life and its ever changing events.

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