Kojiki, The Story of Ancient Japan

Kojiki, The Story of Ancient Japan, Handmade paper, letterpress printed images and text, 12" x 20", 2018

Kazumi Wilds is a Japanese artist who studied Japanese painting at an art and design university in Japan. She has worked as a children`s picture book illustrator and her illustrated books were published in the US, Japan and Singapore. Her interests are not only in trade books but also Book Art which she can deal with all the process of making books and can concern the quality she wishes to have in her books. She is now a MFA student of Center for the Book, The University of Iowa in the US. Kazumi keeps pursuing her own ideal book.

In her own words:

The "Kojiki" is Japan's oldest surviving written work completed in the early 8th century. It is a book written in three volumes covering the mythology and the establishment of the nation of Japan. The dramatic stories of the myths are continually shared from generation to generation and live on today in Japan.  I created an artists' book using the beginning parts of those stories, "The origin of the islands of Japan" and "Izanagi(God) and Izanami(Goddess)" as a picture book. The images and texts were letterpress printed on my handmade paper that was dyed with natural dye. Every detail of this artists' book is designed to transport the viewer into the world of myths that are spectacular, exotic, mysterious and sometimes comical. I hope viewers will enjoy my representation of a 1,300 year old Japanese classic treasure, not only through the narrative, but also through my imagery and material choices.

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