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Ring, Old and beautiful, Brass, found stone, dry ginkgo fruit, 1.7" x 4.2" x 1.2", 2018

Ekaterina Korzh, a second year MFA student in Jewelry & Metal Arts, received her first masters in Socio Economic Geography at the University of Northern Iowa and Saint-Petersburg State University. Her first steps in jewelry making happened in Colombia where she took her first jewelry classes with Francisco Jose Pineros. This year she took a second place at the International Art & Design Competition in Florence. Her works were also chosen by Artistar Jewels Committee in 2017 to be presented at Milan Fashion Week. Also, she showed her works in "The Fourth Iowa Metals Guild Exhibition: Iowa+Taiwan" at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (CRMA) in 2016. Ekaterina travels a lot and devotes her pieces for this never-ending geography practice.

In her own words:

My work is about creating micro landscapes by combining metal work with found stones and objects. These images evolve from my random visual experiences, and are my reflection of surrounding world. It can be a site that I have seen once during my travels, or the scene of flowers mounting up from the snow that I remember from somewhere, or any other pleasant image that arise in my mind. These scenes are like little stories which I then put into micro landscapes or objects which later are mounted on a piece of jewelry, mostly rings. I believe that rings work the best for my purpose serving as a kind of pedestal for my imaginary performances. These images which then live in the
jewelry pieces are valuable and nostalgic for me because they are pieces of which my history and myself are built. My work is something more about sensitivity than explicability, rather than depiction of some particular memories.

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