Fleeing II

Fleeing II, Milk paint on handmade paper, 13.5" x 19", 2018

Stephen W. Evans is a native Philadelphian, which is where he received his BFA in painting and drawing from the University of the Arts, and is a recent MFA graduate in painting and drawing from from the University of Iowa. He currently lives in Iowa City, Iowa with his wife, Lauren, and their two-year-old daughter, Agnes. Stephen also teaches painting and drawing at Kirkwood Community College and runs his own house painting company year round.

In his own words:

The work, as it is, consists mostly of paintings at the moment, that attempt to deal with a certain kind of interiority of a person, namely me. Themes that run throughout the work are fear, faith, doubt, and death. Most of the works come from my own personal experiences as they are intertwined with bits and pieces of culture (e.g. film, literature, paintings, etc.), and take a somewhat subliminal approach in their picturing. Things I as myself are: Who am I? Where have I come from? What am I doing with this brush in hand? What am I afraid of? What was that feeling? What was that place and is it more real to me now that I have painted it? These questions tend to permeate throughout my work in general, and stand to resemble way sin which I feel I have experienced both life and death as a unified and an encapsulated thing.

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